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Hello! In celebration of Amber’s Birthday Bash, I’m doing a brief interview with Jordan from “Superhero”. Jordan, what’s your favorite birthday memory?

My birthday always falls in the middle of wrestling season. Last year, Owen’s team, the University of Wisconsin Badgers, had a big match in Minneapolis. Owen and I drove separately so we could spend the weekend. The match was a lot of fun.  I sat with a bunch of fans and Owen’s family on the bleachers and Owen won all three of his rounds. Afterwards we had an interview with a newspaper because Owen is still one of the only ‘out’ college wrestlers.

That night, Owen took me out to dinner at an old mansion called Forepaugh’s. It was super romantic. We had a private table in a nook with a fireplace. It turned out the cook was a wrestling fan, and he knew about Owen. He sent out a large piece black forest cake and champagne for dessert and everyone was so nice. After we got back to the hotel, well, let’s just say Owen definitely believes in spoiling me for my birthday. God.

The only problem is, I have no idea how I’m going to top that for his birthday. Any ideas?

Hmmm. Possibly I could think up some ideas for Jordan. Feel free to help us out!


I have two books coming out in November. “How to Walk Like a Man” is the sequel to “How to Howl at the Moon”, set in the town of Mad Creek where a secretive group of dog shifters live. The new book features Roman, who was a military dog.  The second book is “Midwinter Night’s Dream”, my Christmas novella for 2015. It’s a contemporary romantic comedy featuring Micah, who was Hank’s brother in “Unwrapping Hank”.

You can find the covers and excerpts on my site here:  http://elieaston.com/


30 thoughts on “Welcome Birthday Guest Eli Easton!

  1. Thank you Eli Easton for stopping and sharing with us Amber fans. I look forward to reading some more of your work, what I did read on your sight has intrigued me. So once again thank you.

  2. Wow! I guess it is going to be really difficult to top Owen’s birthday surprise for Jordan… I’m sure Eli can help with that, though 😉

  3. oooh I’m looking forward to How to Howl at the Moon’ sequel, ever since I read the book I’ve been hooked, now I’ll keep my eye out for How to Walk Like a Man

  4. I don’t read a lot of YA romance, so it’s saying a lot when I say that Superhero is my favorite. I think that Jordan should draw something special for Owen for his birthday. Thanks for the ficlet that takes a further look into Jordan and Owen’s life after Superhero.

  5. How about a seaside trip on a nicely appointed boat? A little romance, candles, fresh fish and hot man loving? I am definitely going to be reading Superhero and looking for the 2 new ones coming out!!! Thanks Eli!!

  6. Hi Eli, I’m really looking forward to your new especially “Walk Like A Man” it sounds so good.

  7. Great news about the new books. Looking forward to them.

    Birthday treats – one of the best I arranged for my husband was to tell him I was taking him out for the day and we would be leaving very early. We stopped for breakfast at a nice hotel and I gave him his card. Inside the card were tickets to Rome for 5 days. I had secretly arranged with his work for him to have time off. And the night before I got his friend to take him out for the evening so I could pack and put the suitcases in the car! That was one of my best birthday treats for him.

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