2015 Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash Giveaway!


Hi everyone!

I hope you enjoyed the first week! We have RJ Scott on the blog tomorrow, today unfortunately life happened so I’m going to run a contest instead of the scheduled guest!

So tell me, what is your favorite birthday memory?

Winner will be awarded an Audible code for Cookies for Courting: Tales of the Curious Cookbook. So answer the question and enter to win, and join us tomorrow for RJ Scott!

Edited to add: As always you can request your prize switched to an ebook of Amber’s. Since I know not everyone does audio. 🙂

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61 thoughts on “Birthday Bash Giveaway!

  1. Having a big dress up birthday party for my 12th Birthday…. and Mum making a gingerbread house filled with lollies for the cake!

  2. My first birthday party “on my own”. I organised this big birthday party in my first year at University… I was seventeen and I thought I was so mature… Go figure! 😀

  3. My favourite is always the ones from when my mum was still alive, she passed when I was 18, she would hunt for the present that I want that year and then she’d buy several (sometimes lots) smaller ones, I never wanted a party so she’s make the presents into a treasure hunt just for me, I remember still finding small presents weeks after my birthday. 🙂

  4. Does it count if I use my memory of someone else’s birthday? I’m not really much for celebrating myself, so the most memorable for me are usually memorable for the negative reasons. However, my daughter’s 21st birthday was pretty memorable. She lives 3000 miles away so we don’t see each other much and I flew out to celebrate with her and the boyfriend. The trip was a lot of fun (she’s a planner so there were quite a few activities).

  5. Last year I had my birthday celebration early and got yo see Adam Lambert and Queen in Nottingham. Which is fortunate because the actual day was extremely sad, as I lost my mum the day before. Good and bad memories together.

  6. My favorite birthday was my 65th birthday. My mother and my sister were still alive, my children my grandchildren, my great-grandchildren, all my nephew s and nieces and various cousins gathered for a huge meal. Since my birthday is Dec. 20th, it was like having two Christmas dinners in one week. My younger daughter always makes a banana pudding for my present at my request. Good times.

  7. My favorite birthday memory, well there have been so many lol. One of the most resent ones would be a couple of years ago my family bowls on a league. When we got to the lanes the man that runs the league had a small birthday cake for me. He is such a sweetheart and one of my favorite people. So it was a good birthday that year.

  8. I do not have any good birthday memories as a child, but I made sure my children do. I loved seeing their faces.

  9. My favourite memory is of when we were little kids my Nana would buy us new jammies and bubble bath for Christmas Eve so we could be all clean and new for Santa coming. At nearly 42 i still carry this on with my now 17 year old son. We all have a bath. New jammies and sweets to settle down with on Christmas eve.

  10. My dad explaining to anyone who asked, that I kept him from the opening day of deer hunting season when I was born. Mom went into labor at 4:00 am that morning and had me at 1:20 pm. I was also three weeks early. He always had a smile on his face during the explanation, even when he was asserting that I did it on purpose! 😀

  11. Being a triplet I’ve always shared a birthday with my two sisters. Now that we are adults it’s hard for us to be together on our birthday. My favorite birthday memory is from a few years ago when the three of us went on a cruise for our birthday. Just being able to spend that time together uninterrupted was wonderful! I’m hoping we can do it again for our 50th birthday!!

  12. In the early 80’s I lived in central Florida and my mom in south Fl, I would drive down to her place. Spend the night then the next day drive but up to Epcot for the day. Then take her back down south and go back up to central Florida. I did this for several years. These were my favorite birthdays memories as my mom has since died.

  13. My favorite birthday will always be my first girl-boy party in elementary school. I remember feeling like such a big girl. Like I was really, finally growing up. Lol!

  14. Back in 86, coming home after 1st assignment in Germany and all my family celebrating my birthday

  15. Probably my favorite would be when be my oldest first birthday. I know I was probably supposed to pick one of mine. LOL

  16. My favorite was having my husband and kids celebrating together. I pick where to go to eat and even though they might not like the place they go. Having all of them there is special to me. Family

  17. I guess my favorite was only a couple years ago. We were on vacation and that day we went horseback riding.

  18. My favorite Birthday memory is of my Mom, Grandma (we called her Momo, because she was way to young to be a grandma she said) and my Brother at Disneyland. We grew up in Anaheim CA. My Brother and I are 4 years and one day apart, so we celebrated on the day in between our Birhtdays. Momo had a good friend who worked on Main Street at the candy shop, so we used to get bags of candy (broken suckers and the like), 2 books of tickets (yeah, I’m that old) and free admission. I have only one picture of Momo and it’s at Disneyland with her on the merry-go-round. It was a lot of fun!

  19. My son’s last birthday….. after every present he got he would say “you got this for me, this is what I always wanted” then would hug me. He is 5 but so sweet.

  20. There are so many, but probably my favorite was when I was able to travel abroad ( a luxury!) on my birthday. I was able to see so many new sights and eat so much good food. 🙂

  21. My Mother took me out to a big girls dinner at my favorite restaurant. I still remember the shrimp I had seems like I have never had any better.

  22. My favorite memory was when I turned 21. I wanted to go to the casino to see what the big deal was. My mom took me and my older boyfriend at the time. I had my ID all ready and was prepared to show it and they never asked to see mine but they carded my boyfriend. Priceless……

  23. Double birthday party with my sister…..it was a pool party. It is the only birthday party I remember having as a child.

  24. My best birthday memory… Is when my little one was cured and we got two weeks celebration in the keywest for my birthday. We loved kayaking, swimming and the pool /beach party .

  25. My favorite birthday memory was when my mom got me out of school and took me to the San Diego Zoo. Spider-Man was there!!! It was so awesome. LOL

  26. My 12th birthday party. It was the first year celebrating with my new best friend, Phyllis. I never really liked birthday parties, mine or others, or parties in general. But in 1977, I met the new girl that moved in across the street. We found out that we have the exact same birthday–month, day and year. We celebrated together for the next 8 years until she moved out of state after HS graduation. We are still friends 38 years later.

  27. My 23 or 24 birthday it was at Disneyland my first time there had a blast over the 3 days just being a kid again.

  28. When I was eight. After my party I was allowed to ask one of my friends to hop in the back of my daddy’s VW Bug and we would go to the Atlanta Speedway. On the weekends the public were allowed to drive around the speedway fast. That’s what we did.

  29. My tenth birthday, I got to finally have my own birthday party. Sharing a birthday with your sister sucks!

  30. I was actually in my 30’s, when my sister and friends actually had a birthday cake for me. There were 13 kids in my family so cakes were a luxury, but we had fun growing up.

  31. Two of my favorite birthday memories are also pretty recent. It was very special for me to celebrate my birthday in the US for the first time, after we moved here 5 years ago. First of all since it was my first birthday after my youngest was born and our family was complete, but also because of the holiday spirit and fireworks. My birthday is July fourth. It was pretty amazing.

    Last year/this year (depending on whether you think in calender years or school years) I celebrated my birthday with my parents in France. Since I see them once every two years, that was very special and nostalgic for me as well.

    I am sure I had a lot of great and fun birthdays as a kid and teen, but those two jump out to me.

  32. Growing up my family didn’t do anything for birthdays and I’ve never really thought much about my birthday.

  33. My husband, who don’t like tattooes, gave me a gift certificate for a tattoo. Really a big surprise.

  34. When I was 11 my mom took me to a Japanese steakhouse. Hibachi style. The chef flipped a shrimp at me and I was unprepared for the attack. I immediately through the shrimp back at him. The whole table laughed. I think it was at my expression. It’s funny Now.

  35. Maybe not my most favorite one but definitely memorable. I was in my early twenties and had to open the present of my then boyfriend. He actually made a wheel of plaster and I had to open it with a saw. I was so mad, a real bitch :). Out came 23 kinderüberraschung eggs and a plan with instructions for a treasure hunt. It ended in our real scary cellar at four winter wheels for my car. Acutally quite generous but I was too mad to really appreciate it. Guess who is my husband today?!

  36. On my 30th birthday I had a big party with lots of friends. I’m pretty sure it lasted until about 6:00 am. If only I could still last that long.

  37. i suppose this is several memories… My mum made my birthday cakes when i was younger. She made puss in boots, an 8 which was a car track with an over pass, a little miss piggy (my favorite), and others. i was always a treat.

  38. Not my birthday but one year we surprised my friend with a trip to Colonial Williamsburg. We told my her we were going to check out a big yardsale and managed to make it 3/4’s of the way before she realized that we weren’t headed to to where we said we where. We had an awesome day checking out the sites, shopping and eating at the Williamsburg Inn.

  39. Between 7 and 12, every year I was asked what I wanted to do for my birthday. Every year I wanted to go to the zoo. My parents must have been so sick of the zoo, but they took me every time.

  40. One of my favorite birthdays was when I turned 14. My dad had to attend a professional meeting every year, and it was always the week of my birthday. EVERY YEAR. So when I was 14, all I asked was that he be there on my birthday. Instead of skipping the meeting, my mom, my brother, and I got to go with him to the meeting. (And my brother and I got to take a week off school, even though we had makeup work). The meeting was in D.C. that year, so we got to do all the traditional tourist stuff, like the Monuments and Memorials and Ford Theatre and the Smithsonian (more than once for that) and the National Zoo. We practically memorized the subway system! The only thing I remember missing was the Folger Shakespeare Library, which was closed that week for some reason. Anyhow, I had a great time, learned a lot, and got to be with my dad on my birthday. So it was my most memorable birthday / birthday week ever.

  41. My best present/surprise was 30. My sister wouldn’t tell me what we were doing, but had me clear the day. She and some friends wouldn’t tell me where we were going, we just got on the highway and headed south. As we were nearing Boston (from Maine) they told me we were going to shop and play for the day. That would have been awesome, but then we went to Fenway for a Red Sox v. Yankees game! It was amazing, best surprise ever!

  42. I had my twelfth birthday in the Czech Republic, while my mom was there on a choir tour. I got to see the cathedral in Prague, along with several museums, which was an awesome birthday experience.

  43. I don’t usually celebrate my birthday…I guess my favorite was the one three years ago. My niece was born 4 days before my birthday and I was just ecstatic to finally have a niece

  44. I would say my best birthday memory was the one where we (husband, son and I) traveled to Europe for a week. I actually woke up in Switzerland, then traveled to Germany and spent the day in Fussen. It was a wonderful trip and spending time with the ones you love is the best gift of all!

  45. On my 42nd, my father handed me a piece of paper that was a receipt for the brand new iPad. He bought one for me before he bought one for himself.

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