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Sorry, I’ll stop shouting now. I always enjoy being a part of Amber’s birthday month, so thank you for letting me stop by.


Today I’m going to talk to a new characters. His book won’t be out for pre-order until Dec. 15th. It can be early downloaded on the Pride site Dec. 29th and will be available everywhere on Jan 26th. For the ‘gift’ I will be giving someone an eBook copy of Vegas Sin when I get my author copies. 

Now on to Harrison. I’m going to talk to him about a birthday memory.

“Hello, Harrison. Thanks for chatting with me.”

Harrison looks around as if trying to find an escape route.

“Um, Yeah. Okay.” Harrison tugged at his collar.

“I’m not going to bite. Just relax. We’re here celebrating Amber’s birthday so I figured I’d ask you about one of your memories.” I pat Harrison’s knee.

“I can do that.” He looks back and I see Owen standing in the door giving him silent encouragement.


“You mean, now?”

“Yeah, go ahead. Tell us about a memorable birthday.”

“All right. Um… it was a few years ago. Is that okay?”

“It sure is.” I lean forward ready to hear about his best memory.

“I had been in the military for a few years and there was a group of MPs I was good friends with. Ethan, my best friend and his boyfriend Mac.”


“Well, yeah, but it wasn’t widely known. DADT was still in place at the time. Anyway, We’d been out in the desert..” Harrison held out a hand, “Before you ask, yes, overseas. The sandbox. Whatever you want to call it, we were there. Had been for months. I didn’t really have the best home life. I was happy to be out of there and on my own.”

“Wait—and this is you best memory?”

“Am I telling this or are you?”

“Sorry. Sorry. Okay, I’m listening.”

“Usually I don’t do much for my birthday. It really is just another day. Up until this point no one had ever made a big deal out of it. I came in from a patrol. Ethan was with me and Mac wasn’t on rotation this time. We walk into the mess hall they have set up and the whole platoon of MPs start singing happy birthday to me. See, Mac and Ethan rounded them all up and got them to donate goodies they’d received in care packages so I could have a good birthday. I smiled for days after that. It was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for me. Well—until I met Owen.” Harrison got a special smile on his face that I’m sure was reserved for Owen.

“Wow. Thank you for sharing that and thank you for serving our country.” I got up and hugged him.






Totally Five Star: Vegas Sin
Sex, weddings and gambling hold a backseat to kidnapping and murder in the city of sin…

Owen Carpenter sets aside one night each month to relax at the Totally Five Star, but a case has just landed on his desk that has those nights disappearing for the foreseeable future. Someone is kidnapping women in Las Vegas, and Owen needs to stop them before the women end up dead.


Harrison Boone is head of security at the Totally Five Star. He notices a man who comes in once a month and he wants to know more about him. When Owen introduces himself, there’s an instant attraction between Harrison and Owen, but they are interrupted by a kidnapping—at his hotel. After leaving the military, the hotel is his life, so Harrison will do anything to keep the hotel out of the news and protect its reputation.

Can Owen and Harrison find love in Sin City, or will the case of the disappearing women crush what might be the best bet the men have ever placed?

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  1. Wow thanks for stopping by and sharing your newest character and story blurb, I will be waiting patiently for the book to come out so I can get lost in Harrison and Owen’s story.

  2. That’s a different birthday memory… although a very sweet one. Thank you for stopping and sharing your new characters with us, Jambrea! 😉

  3. Hi sounds like it is going to be a great book look forward to reading . And really enjoyed the glimps into the new people in your book with the birthday memory 😀

  4. I am praying that you turn Quentin Heart into a book like you did Dragon Groomer. For some reason I stopped getting the blog alert and I’m soooo far behind that I cried. I still love your work beyond any author so far!


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