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Hello everyone. I’m here to help celebrate Amber’s birthday. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have an amazing day. Anyway, a few days ago, I sat down to have some tea with Herb and Chuck from Why I Love Geeks. I mentioned this celebration then we got chatting about our favorite birthdays. This is what Herb said.

* * * * *

Herb: “My favorite birthday was when I was nine. My parents were out of the country at some conference and I had stayed at the boarding school in Switzerland. They’d sent me there because I was so far advanced than the other kids in my elementary here in the States. This one had an accelerated science program.”

Chuck: “You mean your parents dumped you in a boarding school? They didn’t even come see you for your birthday?”

Herb: (leaning over to pat Chuck on the hand before smiling at me) “He just doesn’t understand how my family works.”

Me: “Of course he doesn’t. His family has to know every little detail of each other’s lives. None of them get that not every family is like that.”

Chuck huffs in annoyance, but Herb and I share a smile.

Herb: “As I was saying, it was my ninth birthday and one of my mathematics teachers actually knew it. I don’t think I mentioned it to anyone since I assumed no one would really care.” (shrugs) “Guess I was wrong. He threw me a party with cake, guests and presents. To be honest, I don’t remember who was there. I didn’t really make a lot of friends at any of the schools I attended. Also, the gifts didn’t really stay in my mind, but I do remember how happy I was for a little while. I mean someone remembered me. That was a big deal.”

Chuck reaches out and tugs Herb from the chair, pulling him onto his lap. “You will never be forgotten again, honey. Not as long as I live.”

They kiss and that’s my sign to go.

* * * * *



Amber Quill

Chuck Davidson’s a homicide detective in Boston, and it’s put a damper on his relationships. It’s hard to find a guy who will put up with his crazy hours. Plus, Chuck has an aversion to modern technology. He likes sports, beer, and classic cars instead. How is he to know that planning the impending death of his newest phone will bring him in contact with a cute geek who just might have a thing for rugged, “slightly out of touch with the newest gadgets” older men?


Herbert Pommerest has never been on a date or even kissed a man before. Oh, he knows he’s gay. He did all the experiments to ensure it was true, didn’t just go through a rebellious phase or a knee-jerk reaction because women scared him to death. For Herb, it’s easy to hide himself behind his research and daydream about what having a boyfriend would be like. But saving an expensive phone from an early demise brings him in contact with a street-wise mature detective. Suddenly Herb wishes he knew how to flirt because he’d love to take some lessons of the sensual kind from the sexy Chuck Davidson.


Can a geek and a detective find common ground between their vastly different worlds before one of Chuck’s cases threatens to put Herb in danger from a ruthless killer?


Leave a comment and I’ll pick two winners to send an ebook of their choice from my backlist.  Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to wish Amber a happy birthday.

38 thoughts on “Welcome Birthday Guest T.A. Chase!

  1. OMG Herb! I’m so happy you shared a snippet of Herb and Chuck, in fact Why I love Geeks was the first T.A. Chase book, I own all 3 Why I Love books in the series (Why I Love Waiters & Why I Love Bodygaurds), will there be more in the series??
    After Why I Love Geeks, I grabbed and read Stealing Life, Soothe the Burn, and so on from there, I have a lot of you books, and I always enjoy them so much.

    Can’t wait to see what book is next released

  2. I love Herb and Chuck, as well as the other 2 books in the series. Please tell me that you will do more in the series. These have to be my favourite books of yours, I’ve read them so many times. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the birthday memory interview. It was both sad & sweet. Why I Love Geeks sounds good – going to go add it to my TBR list.

  4. Chuck is a man after my own heart. I got laughed at the other day because I couldn’t figure out my flip phone. O.O sigh

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