158 thoughts on “Amber’s Birthday Contest #10

  1. Good aliens or bad aliens? Bad aliens I’d show them the door and say “don’t let it hit you in the ass as you leave”.
    Good aliens hmmm well is show them our beautiful art.

  2. I think I would show them a Stradivarius violin or a Steinway grand piano before taking them to a concert where those instruments would be played.

  3. It depends whether they’re good or bad… Bad: business end of some major weaponry. Good: The Pyramids and the African wildlife. They would know there is more to this planet than the overpopulated Western civilization and it’s digital life.

  4. I would show them Area 51, and when they see the others he will say, Harry! that’s where you went. Harry will say, here waiting for a ship part Lol.

  5. Go to one of the islands in the Caribean like Villeques and show them how there are places in which people and the earth live well together without causing harm in the name of progress.

  6. Wildlife – I think they would be schocked how large Eath’s biodiversity is. For life to evolve in so many ways it is just amazing.

  7. Depends on the aliens, bad ones every bit of fire power I could muster! Good ones, a crash course in human culture so they know not all humans are bad and not all humans are good.

  8. anime and literature. First thought was food but behind that came the thought of allergen considerations.

  9. I would ask them what they wanted to see because if they are smart enough to space travel they have probably all ready see the world and would have a better idea than I would

  10. Well, as they probably saw the planet as they orbited it, I’d take them to The National Museum of Cardiff (it’s close) so that they could learn about the history and art of humans.

  11. i would want them to see the beauty of being human.. so that would be the kindness, determination and creativity of our species. i would ask them what they would want to see first.. our music, art. i would have to look for a place for them to see our heart.. our kindness..

  12. First, I would show them to my kids because my kids would love to see aliens and they might be entertaining to the aliens. Then, I would show the aliens Kauai and Key West – two of my favorite places to spend time.

  13. I would introduce them to Starbucks for coffee and then a trip to the Subway station is in order.You can learn a lot about the human species people watching on the train.

  14. The sound of babies laughing, I don’t think there is a better sound than that. And fruit, love me some fruit 😉

  15. well probably a computer cause that would be easiest way to see anything and everything that catches their interest

  16. The Keukenhof gardens in full bloom; the tropical forest; the children playing; the mountains; the reef life; a gospel choir; the Fushimi Inari Shrine and a zen garden; the Korakuen Japanese Garden…

  17. With all honesty I’d probably scream & pass out. Lol….but when I woke up probably movies all different kinds.

  18. I’d show them all the things that our world had and ruined and tell them not to do that to their world and them ask them if they had the technology to help us repair or world before it got worse.


  19. That depends are the friends if so then the mountains of my home Montana and the wonderful outdoors we have.
    If there not friends then Area 51 lol

    1. Misread the question – read it as “what you like the aliens to know first”

      Show them? Kindness of strangers.

  20. Find out what kind of things they know about, then I would show them something they don’t know. Definitely our foods.

  21. I’d like to show them the television so they watch and see how other people talk and live on this planet.

  22. I would take them on a tour of Powells, the Japanese Gardens, and a trip to Mary’s Peak and the coast.

  23. Ii would like to show the Aliens all interesting parts of history of the various nations and the world, including music and literature while showing them the many many different types of awesome food and drinks

  24. Guess I would show them the Great Smoky Mountains, so they could find a place to hide when the government comes to get them.

  25. Well the best Ice Cream Shop possible, assuming they are good guys, a Jellied Eels shop if they aren’t LOL

  26. If they made it to earth, they’d have to be more advanced than us. So I’d pick something in nature. Maybe the Grand Canyon.

  27. Hmmm, my sense humor has me wanting to say “well, it depends on what they look like”, but then after I stopped smirking at my sense of humor, I think I would like to take them on a sightseeing tour.


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