Amber’s Birthday Contest #13

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For a $10 ARe GC or three of Amber’s ebooks:

What was the first book of Amber’s that you read? Or which book hooked you in and that you recommend to everyone?

And don’t forget there is a new contest every hour with all entries also going towards a Grand Prize of a Kindle Paperwhite at the end of the month

184 thoughts on “Amber’s Birthday Contest #13

  1. Attracting Anthony – I was going through the free books on amazon. I have found so many great authors that way. I bought the rest of the available books in the moon pack series that day. Then I started moving onto other series. I’m currently reading the Endstreet books.

  2. Hmm, looks like first book/story was: Convention Confusion by Amber Kell in Unconventional at Best in 2012 but I’d swear I have older books from her. Her Moon Pack has me hooked too, & I’ve checked out other series from her as I have the funds.

  3. The 1st Amber book I remember reading was the 1st moon pack but it wasn’t until the dragonmen series that I was hooked to all things Amber 🙂

  4. I thought it was Attracting Anthony, but later I realized I had read The Vampire King’s Husband before that….and have re-read them both, several times!

  5. Jaynell’s Wolf was the first book of Amber’s that I read and the book that hooked me into reading the rest of Amber’s books.

  6. Is it bad that I don’t remember? I have been hooked so long. Maybe from Pack to Pride or Attracting Anthony?

  7. A Gamma’s Choice – it’s still probably my favorite of all her books, though I do love the Moon Pack and the End Street series.

  8. Both first editions back before cover pretties; Vampire Kings’s Husband but the Moon Pack Series hooked me.

  9. Attracting Anthony, and I have been hooked ever since. Had to go back and read everything every written.

  10. The first book I read was the free story about silver and Anthony and I was hooked bought all the series that was out at the time in the Moon pack series. That and the keys book would be what I would recommend first.

  11. I think the first was Attracting Anthony and then I went a got all of the other ones by Amber that I could find. 🙂

  12. I believe it was Jaynell’s Wolf although I did read stories from her before that publication although I think they are lost somewhere in my physical book library which I have yet to reorganize.

  13. Attracting Anthony, it was recommended to me on Amazon, I took a chance and I’ve been hooked ever since!

  14. Attracting Anthony, I got addicted to Anthony as he was so different to any other Alpha Mate I had read about, and I loved the attraction between Anthony and Silver

  15. Attracting Anthony in February 2015. Then I had to read the rest of the Moonpack series up to Marking Mikel that month. Great series. Now awaiting O impatiently.

  16. Blood signs in MP3 in 2012, I love it so much, that I went and found all the books you had out, and bought all I could and been a fan since.

  17. I see that I match a lot of others, also first read Attracting Anthony, I loved the Moonpack Series 🙂

  18. Really tough question! My favorite books are My Man Declan which i bought when it came out in Feb or this year and fell in love with the writing.. i also love The Changing Years and the totally creative way of looking at dragons in the Dragon Groomer.

  19. According to my book file I read Jaynells Wolf on the 2010/11/02 followed by Attracting Anthony a couple of months later.

  20. It was either Kissin Orin or Attracting Anthony just happen on it after that I looked. Had to wait 4 years fir Zheng’s Heart but it was worth the wait.

  21. Attracting Anthony was the first book of Amber’s that I read. It not only hooked me on the series but the entire genre.

  22. The Vampire King’s Husband was the first I read and I loved it. It was one of the first m/m books I read also

  23. Attracting Anthony. I hooked me on Amber and switching from solely fanfiction (m/m of course ), to buying books for my e-reader.

  24. I can’t actually remember what my first one was, I just know I was hooked and haven’t looked back

  25. My first book was Matchmaker Matchmaker. Loved the book – still do actually – and I hope it will be a series one day😉 It was also my first m/m book so it was a double as a first(s).

  26. Blood Signs was my first with Amber. Haha didn’t mean for it to sound that dirty but I’ll go with it.

  27. Attracting Anthony was my first one. I tend to recommend The Moon Pack or Dragon Mates to paranormal lovers and Thresls Chronicles or Planetary Submissives to sci fi readers.

  28. I first read Amber’s books back in 2009 and I can’t remember whether the first book was Attracting Anthony or Mate Hunt. Either way I’ve loved them all and have been reading them ever since.

  29. I think it was one of the Moonpack books but the one that got me hooked was ‘From Pack to Pride’ series.

  30. I’m pretty sure it was Saving Valor from many years ago. I still enjoy re-reading it to this day!

  31. Attracting Anthony (I was done after that… she had me hooked and now I need all of the MP series) 🙂

  32. I’m not sure (both because it was so long ago and because I bought 2 books at once), it was Vampire King’s Husband and Vampire Wanted. They were the first ebooks I ever bought and I’ve been stalking Amber ever since. I literally own every slash book Amber has written, including some that aren’t available anymore for what ever reason.

  33. The first book I read of Amber s was Attracting Anthony from the Moon Pack series. I’ve been hooked since.

  34. The first books I read (bought same day) were Attracting Anthony and Wooing Master Jones.WMJ still my all time favourite and love all the Moon Pack books. This was back in 2011.

  35. Jaynell’s Wolf. It got me hooked on Ambers books. They are all on my automatic buy list.

  36. First book I ever read was the 1st book in the Moon Pack series, Attracting Anthony, from their I continued to read the series and all the other series made.

  37. It was attracting Anthony I read the rest of the books which was two more at the time and I have been here ever since

  38. Soldier Mine and the Wizard & the Werewolf. I bought both of them on Oct. 2, 2012 then by 10 days later I had 25 more Amber books. I was hooked.

  39. I honestly can’t remember which was the first, but I know I haven’t stopped since, my only brakes are when Amber is writing something new and I have to wait

  40. My first book by Amber was Pack to Pride. I have been hooked since and have recommended Amber’s books to at least 15 friends. I await each book with bated breath.

  41. Attracting Anthony was my first. I remember because one of the moon pack books won a contest against a favorite author and I wanted to read the book that thought it could be as could as my favorite book. So I saw it was part of a series and the 1st was free. Half way through I stopped and bought all of the moon pack books. Love Amber!!

  42. I *think* Blood Signs might have been first, but I’m not positive. Twisted Rose was definitely a book that drew me in, but then so did they all. I’m seriously enamoured of The Underwolves series but I had been reading Amber for a long time before that came out.

  43. I’ve no idea honestly, but the ones that kept me hooked… Trials of Tam, To Have a Human, William’s House… pretty much all the backlist really

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