Amber’s Birthday Contest #18


Up for grabs, a signed copy of End Street Vol. 1!

Are you a dog or a cat person? Or more of bird or lizard person?

And don’t forget there is a new contest every hour with all entries also going towards a Grand Prize of a Kindle Paperwhite at the end of the month

165 thoughts on “Amber’s Birthday Contest #18

  1. I love both feline and canines myself, would love to have a dog but am in rented flats do not allowed so made up for it by having three kitties instead lol

  2. I would say dog out of the choices u gave but more then a good I’m a horse person. I love most animals though the only one on the list I haven’t owned was a lizard

  3. I have 2 cats and 1 dog. I was a cat person because they are so independent. But neither of mine are! Just my luck.

  4. All depends on the animal. I’ve met a few cats I didn’t like same with dogs and I had a great bird once. Right now I have a wonderful Boxer mix and slightly senile old cat both are great company.

  5. I’m gonna have to go with dog. My cat Aries doesn’t seem to care one way or another if I leave and come back unless her food bowl is empty. But my dogs Athena and Artemis act like you left them for a year if you take the trash out.

  6. Love dogs and the big cats (tigers & lions) but for a pet the big dogs are a must even though I have to clean every day and take allergi medicine there worth it just doing loved by them

  7. I have a dog right now. But I love all animals. I’ve had birds, fish and lizards live in the desert that surrounds me.

  8. I’m looking at getting a dog at the moment. I also have three snakes and a leopard gecko. 😊

  9. I’m allergic to cats so I’m a dog person. My hubby and I have 2 dogs and mini schnauzer and a mini shih tzu.

  10. I’m definitely a dog-person in a cat-family. Oddly, our cats turned out to be very dog-like. So that kind of works for all of us.

  11. At one point my family were the proud owners of 1 dog, 1 salamander, 2 turtles, 2 snakes, 2 cats and 5 hamsters, 6 goldfish

  12. I’m more of a Cat person. We have a 6 year old rescue cat, chocolate brown and 15 lbs. named Hershey. Lol. I do like snakes also.

  13. More dog person, but allergic. Definitely not a bird person, like snakes, and fish as pets are useless.

  14. I am generally an animal person. I welcome any animal I can and love them all the same. I currently have two dogs, two cats, and a turtle. They are my perfect companions.

  15. I am an all animal person… I do have 2 cats and my baby girl puppy dog passed away a year ago…. still tears my heart in two when I think about her. Love all animals though

  16. Cats. Aquariums are cool also, but we don’t have fish at the moment. We like our birds outdoors, so we have a variety of feeders for different species.

  17. I have 2 cats a dog 21 chickens and when I was young I had a lizard. I would say I’m a animal person. I love them all.

  18. A cat person. Without a doubt. I love dogs, but there has always been a hesitation in adopting one. Whilst I have had several cats! Also, white tigers are truly amazing, and tigers in general are the most majestic animals alive imho.

  19. I like cats, dogs and lizards (not birds so much), but if I have to choose one, I’d go with cat since I have always had at least one cat my entire life.

  20. I have a Chihuahua named chico i’ve had him for 14yrs and he’s gone though a lot with me in that time. Yeah definitely a dog person here.

  21. I’m a farm girl.I love them all. There were always dogs,cats,horses,cows,chickens and turkeys,ducks and geese on occasion. But I hated and still hate geese,they can pinch welts the size of golf balls.

  22. Dogs and cats equally..I have a golden retriever who is super sweet and two cats, who are only sweet when they sleep, which lucky for me is most of the time.

  23. I love dogs (my favorite breed is the dachshund). I also like most other animals other than insects and spiders.

  24. I’m more of a human person but if I must choose another species to hang out with it would be a bird.

  25. Considering the purring as I write this, I will have to go with cat. Bless the phones that moved quick typing like this out of cat range or I would be having a lot of trouble right now.

  26. Dog person … In 41 years of marriage we now have our 4th dog. Everyone of them was a rescue.

  27. Dog lover to the point that even though I tested positive that I was allergic to them I still kept my babies until they past away.

  28. Definitely a cat person. Or else I don’t know how I would cope with my two kitten (2 month old) I have now… I named them Tama and Maya…Would have been better Tornado and Hurricane…

  29. I have 9 cats, 3 dogs and 2 tortoise. We have never been with out animals. This time last year we had 12 cats. All rescue. I love all animals.

  30. More like an animal person, or mammal person tbh. I like fluffy animals (and birds, that are not mammal but…)

  31. I’m an air plant person. A few spritz a day, they’ll survive a few days if I forget… yup. Currently, though, we’ve got a blind, 12 y.o. rescue wandering about the house.

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