Amber’s Birthday Contest #3

For a coveted and awesome Keys Tote Bag, a print copy of Keys…and an awesome Amber dragon.


Out of Amber’s series which series would you like to go on and on forever?

And don’t forget there is a new contest every hour with all entries also going towards a Grand Prize of a Kindle Paperwhite at the end of the month.

178 thoughts on “Amber’s Birthday Contest #3

  1. Hmmmm I would like some more of the series “fanged love” (only one in there so far).
    But if you are talking about books that already have more than one: Dragonmen!

  2. aww man do I have to pick just one?? cause really I’d say all of them!

    okay, okay I’d pick Club Soulfinder, (which were the very first ones I read of Amber’s then Moon Pack)

    but I would love the Dragonmen to go on too and then Banded Brothers which I know has ended then Dragons of Seattle, Thresl, Wizard’s Touch etc etc 😛

  3. I miss Banded Brothers, I really enjoy(ed) Mercenary Love, but I guess my answer would have to be Moon Pack.

  4. I love them all but if I had to choose it would be moon pack I can hardly wait for when a new one comes out I buy it right away and within a couple hours have it read and am waiting for the next one.

  5. im not big on continual series. I get bored of them quite easily but I’d love more from Mixed Mates 😉

  6. It’s a toss up between Dragonmen or Club Soulfinder. I love the others too, don’t get me wrong, but these 2 are my favourites. Ah damn, hmm, well I’ll have to say Club Soulfinder. I love this series. Amber you did promise me that there would be more, I know I’m just impatient, lol. 🙂

  7. I’d like to say all of them, but I can’t, can I? Well, I love the Thresl Chronicles, Banded brothers and obviously Dragons of Seattle.

  8. Just one! That’s tough, like a lot of people here, Moon pack was the first I read by Amber, but I love them all, including Keys! I feel like I should have game show music for my final answer…..Dragon Men!

  9. Too hard to choose. I love the Moon Pack, for sure, but I also love the Under Wolves and End Street.

  10. This is a hard decision I couldn’t pick just one so in no particular order A Wizard’s Touch, Banded Brothers and Moon Pack.

  11. Larson’s Legacy and the Threshold books. I have many more I would love to see continue, but those 2 jump out to me.

  12. My favorite Amber Kell book is Matchmaker Matchmaker, I would love to read more about these three men and their mating, and to have it go on forever would be awesome.

  13. It’s hard to choose just one. But if I had to it would be the Hidden Magic series. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read that series.

  14. i absolutely loved Unexpected Alpha and really want more! i so want more of My Man Declan. I would love more of the End Street Detective Agency!!

  15. Moon Pack Series, Keys, and A Wizard’s touch series. If Quentin Heart would also be a series, I would totally want it to go on too. Demanding alpha vampires (okay, wolves too) and Kickass Wizard couples are just too amusing with all the bickering, you see.

  16. The Thresl Chronicles!! to see what Saint can keep getting up to, maybe see Kreslan and Vohne have a kid.. that be fun!! 🙂

    ps Id live for Quentins Heart to never end also just saying I’m addicted to it

  17. I’d like to see the Dragons of Seattle go on forever you have a lot of characters to find mates for.

  18. Tough question…I am going to go with the Wizard’s Touch series, since I really like the different paranormals who keep appearing in them. 🙂

  19. I’m still working through the series, but of the couple that I’m caught up on, I really loved the Dragon Men and would have liked to have more of that world.

  20. Such a difficult question….If I have to pick just one, Blood, Moon and Sun or Dragon Mates, or The Larson series. Ok, I give up I can’t pick just one!

  21. All of them! It would keep Amber off the streets. Okay fine, End Street (them we keep both Amber and RJ off the streets)

  22. its not a series but I would so like it to be, just stories about my man Declan and how they both work together to solve what ever the problems are, have read that book so many times and always the first I reccamend to friends

  23. Wow, go for the tough choices….I love the Moon Pack, The Thresls, The End Street Detectives and the Submissives (all of them), but I truly adore The Larson Legacy and the Wizard Touch. Would also like to see more for the Dragon Groomer world and the Wandmaker.

  24. I would definitely want Moon Pack to continue on forever. I can’t see myself easily letting go of Anthony, Silver, or any of the pack really.

  25. This was a hard one and I couldn’t pick between these three: Dragonmen, The Larson Legacy or A Wizards Touch series. Love love love these.

  26. Dragomen if I had to choose, but I love seeing new stories in every series(especially a Wizards Touch and Larson Legacy!).

  27. I have only read a few, but I would say either A Vampire’s Kiss series, or the Unconventional series.

  28. I wanted more of the Larson Legacy and really want more of A Wizard’s Touch or even a spin off series with the new pack with the kids.

  29. Banded brothers/ dragons of Seattle as there are so many dynamics within these series, followed closely by tam and family causing untold mischief between them.

  30. So many choices to pick from, but I have to pick my first series the Thresels which made you one of my favorite authors!

  31. Hmmm, for me it would be End Street Detective Agency or The Thresl Chronicles (though I do have to admit I can’t think of a single series I don’t want to go on forever ).


  32. Wow…I cannot wait to see more of Keys. I think it was a top notch fantasy novel all other things aside. But I am kind of invested in End Street as one of your regular series.

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