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Amber’s Birthday Contest #4

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So since Amber is away enjoying her birthday, I want to say not only does she write amazing stories, she’s a genuinely nice person, and despite the gossip RJ Scott spreads, someone I’d have on my Zombie Survival Team. Happy Birthday Amber! You rock! -Sheri

So question number 4, for another $10 ARe gift card, or you can choose 3 of Amber’s ebooks:

What game from your childhood, would you play in a giant live version? Ex. Candyland, Chess, Checkers

And don’t forget there is a new contest every hour with all entries also going towards a Grand Prize of a Kindle Paperwhite at the end of the month.


185 thoughts on “Amber’s Birthday Contest #4

  1. Hands down – Candyland! My oldest nephew is crazy about it right now (age 5) and his brother (age 3) is learning it. They would get a kick out of a large live version!!

  2. I didn’t have board games, at break in school my friends and I would pretend to be Pokémons and their trainers… Lol

  3. Based on the number of versions I have as adult, I’d have to go with Monopoly. (I don’t have kids, but I have Minions monopoly, Princess Bride and have Monty Python and the Holy Grail on my wishlist!)

  4. Discworld – I used to have the cd rom game when games still ran in DOS (God I feel old LOL) I would love to be able to go into the game and look around the Discworld in person.

  5. Monopoly has always been my favorite board game. It’d be amazing to go to each street (property) but not to go to jail. 🙂

  6. Shoots and Ladders. I never really played it as a child, but my son and I have lots of fun with it now.

  7. As an only child I didn’t play many board games but I did play cards. I have dealt in a casino so I guess I already played the life size version of blackjack.

  8. We didn’t play many board games when I was young we mainly played card games, actually that would fun to play with people dressed as cards!

  9. i use to pretend that my little collie was a sled dog and that we were exploring the unknown.. would love to actually learn how to manage a dog sled and go for a real trip.. not alone and not to the isolated frontier.. but for like a long weekend camping trip with friends. Instead of canoeing and camping, we could sled and camp. Now that i am much older.. it would be very cool if the camp was setup and the food was prepared by a good cook.

  10. Game of the Generals or Snakes and Ladders. If it’s not limited to board games though, I’d pick Final Fantasy (I definitely wouldn’t mind having a handsome knight or gunslinger on my team even if there were demented clown villains as enemies) or Mario Brothers.

  11. Game id live in for real life? Err we played outside a lot when I grew up. We built snow forts and tumble weed forts, playing like we’d be exploring far off planets.
    I guess I’d like to explore for off planets.

  12. Clue. Would love to have live version in an old castle and figure out who is the suspect and what weapon they used in what room.

  13. My favorites were Parcheesi, and Scrabble, so either one although I think Parcheesi would be easier with a live version, lol!

  14. Most of the games I played as a child were things like skipping, elastics, higher & higher and two balls (and when I got good enough three balls). None of which really work as adult live versions. As for board games I played scrabble and ludo which have the same problem.

    Guess I’l have to join in someone else’s games instead 😀

  15. Solarquest (a monopoly like game set in space where you buy the planets and moons). Or for a more we’ll know game, Mousetrap.

  16. I would go with Monopoly, I had such great childhood memories with that game. I hope I would get to be the banker though, dealing with real money.

  17. I recently saw someone playing a live version of Hungry Hungry Hippo with laundry baskets and little colored balls. I can’t remember what they were laying on but someone else was pushing/pulling them by their legs. It looked like so much fun, lol.

  18. Really depends on my mood. If I am feeling physical, Chutes and Ladders. If I want the mental challenge, Head of the Class.

  19. I used to be mostly outdoors when I was a kid. Was always playing variations of native life of Chinese warrior, indian warrior or a princess from India. So I guess to have a game based on those characteristics would be awesome

  20. When I was seven I’d have said snakes and ladders. I had a plastic ‘board’ that was as big as a picnic blanket and played with it all the time. But now I’d have to say either Monopoly or Chess… As long as the chess pieces aren’t as destructive like in Harry Potter.

  21. soccer – apparently tho we might be playing a large, human version of Hungry Hungry Hippo’s this Family Christmas party – could be fun

  22. Mousetrap would be hilarious.
    But there’s an old computer game called “Afterlife ” that would be awesome. It’s like Simcity the Heaven and Hell, that would be awesome

  23. Chess would be a lot of fun, as long as it wasn’t too violent (and I wasn’t playing my older brother, since he always won).

  24. My Grandmother had one of those old tin Chines Checker sets. I would love to see the colorful board recreated in a large size.

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