Amber’s Birthday Contest #6



Ready for another End Street Vol. 1 giveaway! To enter, answer this question:

What is your all time favorite movie? Do you have a movie that is so bad, yet you LOVE it?

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163 thoughts on “Amber’s Birthday Contest #6

  1. Princess Bride for favourite movie. For one that is so bad, but I love it anyway that would have to be the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, lol.

  2. The Last Unicorn. I’ve loved this since I was a kid, and my kid loves it too. I can still sing all of the songs.

  3. If we are talking about bad movies that I love dearly, then it has to be ‘three nuts for cinderella’ (drie nusse fur Aschenbrödel), à Tsjech-German version of the Cinderella movies. It is awesomely bad, but my sister and I watched it every year on German television (we are Dutch). Now that we live in the US, I haven’t been able to see it for five years, and it feels like a part of Christmas is missing for me. So this past year I bought the DVD on Amazon, and I look forward to be able to watch it again during Christmas break. This time with my kids 🙂

  4. For the film I love the most beauty and the beast . And for the film I love even if it is bad is evil dead the original one makes me jump every time even if I have seen the bits before 😂😂

  5. That’s a tough one cause I am a movie buff and like just about all movies, yes, even the corky B movies. What? Sharknado is cool. lol

  6. My favourite movie at the moment is “Paul” with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost it is so corny and funny at the same time.

  7. My all time favorite movies are Rocket Horror Picture Show, Strangeland, The Labyrinth (sorry for spelling it the David Bowie one), and Lost Boys.

  8. i love Rambo 111. Ya i know.. but i love the horses, love the beautiful men and the scenes in the cave are amazing. Yes i own a copy… lol

  9. My all time favorite is gone witj the wind and the worst(even though its an old one and its a classic )is Dracula.

  10. Princess Bride – I love that movie! Although, at this time of year, all the classic Christmas ones – Miracle on 34th Street (original), It’s a Wonderful Life and White Christmas (my favorite Christmas movie). I can’t think of a “so bad it’s a favorite” though…

  11. I’m always up for Die Hard series (excluding #5) and I also love the Tremors series. the Feast series gravitates between good and evil for me however due to how ridiculous and gross it gets for horror movies.

  12. My favorite all time watch eveytime its on TV or have multiple copies of is Starwars or Star Trek. I even would say The Harry Potter movies and the Lord of the Rings series.

  13. When I’m on home time I get to catch up on movies I’ve recorded. My favorites are the silly SYFY movies, this one was so bad it got sequels. Sharknado. Lol.
    I love Volcano and Armegeddon too.

  14. I’m not much of a television watcher so I always prefer the book over the film version but I love What About Bob and my favorite movie that’s to terrible to hate is Office Space.

  15. Say Anything. If the movies comes on me, my mom, and my little sister are crammed on the sofa watching it and reciting it word for word.

  16. I have a few favourites….Singing In the Rain……Sixteen Candles……The Fifth Element and all the Die Hards with Bruce Willis…and the cheesy one is Cry Baby with Johnny Depp….

  17. I will always stop and re-watch any of the original 3 Star Wars films, but it depends on the time of the year which movie is my favorite. I love The Nightmare Before Christmas for the fall holiday seasons and White Christmas for December.

  18. I love Ten Angry Men. The original not the remade one. Just love the dialog. If going for bad and cheesy…then would be Eight Legged Freaks!

  19. Favorite movie is dirty dancing . And moving that is bad but good I would say for me is dude where is my car.

  20. While You Were Sleeping – total sap fest and there amnesia, which I usually hate. But somehow I love it.

  21. Too many to choose one so:
    Favorite recent movie- any of the Harry Potters, Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games or Divergent series
    Older Movies- Princess Bride, Dragon Heart, Stand By Me, Titanic, Armageddon, Green Mile
    Really Old- Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and all the holiday specials from when I was a kid.
    TV Movies- Tenth Kingdom and Dinotopia

  22. Accepted! I watched it every time I had an exam period so I would stress less. Looking back to my university years that movie is golden and very realistic: we truly learned so much stuff unnecessarily…

  23. As bad as this sounds…Spaceballs by Mel Brooks. My best friend, Jen, and I would sit and watch it all the time. We even knew all the lines and still cracked up.

  24. Ok this one is hard. There are so many
    Classic = Arsenic and Old Lace (Carey Grant) or Robin Hood (Erol Flynn).
    Older = Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Dirty Dancing or Ghost, Star Wars series, Indiana Jones
    Contemporary = Harry Potter series, Hunger Games series
    So bad it’s good = Con Air

  25. My favorite movies are ” Inkheart”and “Dogma”, and my favorite so bad they are must watch movies are “Tucker and Dale Vs Evil” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

  26. Toss up between Auntie Mame and The Women for favorite. Guilty pleasure movie… Bring It On.

    And every year I either read or watch Hogfather.

  27. I’ve always loved broadway musicals turned movies, especially Rent and Chicago. As for so bad I love it, I’d go for Con Air. My dad always watches it when its on tv. I’ve loved it as a child now I find it ridiculous yet endearing.

  28. I’m gonna go with Army of Darkness, every time I watch it I laugh until I cry. Second place would have to go to the Sharknado series…those movies are so deliciously bad that I just can’t help myself.

  29. For me its a three way tie for favorite movie between, star wars, the Princess Bride, and the Lord of the ring’s.

  30. I don’t watch much tv/movies, but occasionally i’ll watch a really bad horror b movie like The Fog. They’re really funny.

  31. 1776.
    For both categories.
    It gave me an appreciation for agitators. And you gotta love singing Founding Fathers.

  32. My favorite is a cross between “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” and “On Golden Pond”. And even though I can’t stand Adam Sandler, I really like “50 First Dates”

  33. Pearl Harbor is my favorite, and for the bad ones any of the old horror movies like Dr. Phibes, Night of the Lupus, Dracula, Frankenstein.

  34. Too many to list: But Brigadoon with Gene Kelly, Spanish Main with Tyrone Power, Star Wars – Harrison Ford, Die Hard -Bruce Willis, etc. So bad it’s good. Attack to the Killer Tomatoes.

  35. My favorite movie is the Princess Bride. (My favorite bad movie is Kingdom of the Spiders). My family owns about six different copies, and we can quote most of the movie scenes at the drop of a hat.

  36. Not counting Star Trek (because that’s in a classification all it’s own), it’s probably Serenity, because the characters and the dialog is so entertaining.

  37. I got to see the restored Lawrence of Arabia on the big screen not too long ago and I have to say it just reaffirmed my love of the film. Not to mention my life long love of Omar Sharif.
    I would like to comment on the surprising amount of ConAir love shown here…just Wow.

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