Amber’s Birthday Contest #7

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What gadget can you not live without, not including cell phone since everyone is addicted to theirs these days?

And in keeping with the gadget loving society, this one is for either a $10 ARe GC or three of Amber’s ebooks.

And donโ€™t forget there is a new contest every hour with all entries also going towards a Grand Prize of a Kindle Paperwhite at the end of the month

196 thoughts on “Amber’s Birthday Contest #7

  1. I have to say I am addicted to my tablet more then even my phone because it has everything I need games music and of course my books

  2. My tablet since i commute 3hrs a day and without it, to read and listen to music it would be a very tiresome thing to do

  3. My E Reader. I have always loved books and to have so many at my fingertips is addictive, I don’t want to go back to lugging books around in my bag again.

  4. Without a doubt my kindle fire. It is first and foremost my e-reader, and it is my Internet and note-keeper and much more. It is as much attached to me as my phone is. More so probably, because I can’t not read!

  5. I’m addicted to my ereader, which is worrying since it’s very old and I haven’t been able to find a replacement model I like.

  6. My Surface 360 goes with me whenever i travel. i connect to the world through it. My Kindle, email, Facebook, Skype, Audible books. I have not bought a hard cover book since 2011 and i love having the freedom to read anywhere. No big load of books going on vacation or trying to find a bookstore where ever i land.

    My second device would be my coffee maker.. gotta have it.

  7. My IPad, I bought it specifically to read my books, because I can make the letters bigger, and when my eyes are too tired, listen to audiobooks.

  8. I honestly can’t live without my Kindle. When I drive I put my earbuds in and listen to my ebooks. It goes everywhere with me.

  9. My kindle. It is completely full and I have to keep rotating the books etc out so I can get to the new ones.

  10. I don’t have a phone or an Ipad shock I know! But I do love my computer I would feel lost without it.

  11. My iPad – it is where I read all of my books. It is an old first generation and can’t do the new stuff but it has all my ebooks! I can’t stand to even accidentally leave it at work:)

  12. I would have to say it would be my Fitbit. I’ve halfway to work realized I didn’t have it and turned around to go back and get it.

  13. That would be my kindle I have 5 altogether 2 kindle keyboard 1 kindle touch and 2 kindle generation love them can’t live without my books ha ha

  14. I can not live without my kindle. I put in my earbuds and listen to my ebooks in the car. My kindle goes everywhere with me.

  15. My Kindle! I don’t buy cute little purses anymore because if the Kindle doesn’t fit, it won’t work for me!

  16. My kindle. I could not live with out it. When I thought it was broken. I cried…. I know sad. I also call my kindle my best friend

  17. Like almost everybody else in here, I think I couldn’t live without my tablet since I do most of my reading/studying using it. I also use it to contact my family through SKYPE, so it’s very handy. I can also switch from Android to Windows, so if I need to get something done that its Android OS can’t, I can easily switch to the other. Also, I feel incomplete when I go out without it. Like I’m always expecting it to magically pop up in my bag or hand when I forget it in my room.

  18. My laptop I do everything on it except listen to books that is what my kindle fire is for I can take it out in the yard while I’m working.

  19. My IPad and My Kindle I can’t live without.
    Well as you all know I drive a truck for a living. And I love to read, I used to carry a bag of books on the truck so I had something to read. They were anywhere from 10 to 25 books, it took up lots of room.
    So when the Ebooks came out it took up up a lot less room. Lol.

  20. Whoops! I didnโ€™t read the question right. Second place to my cellphone is my kindle. Without my books I’d be bored out of my mind! It’s the only other gadget I take with me wherever I go.

  21. Okay not sure if this counts, but I would have to say my Phablet. Yes it is a mobile phone too, however I really don’t use it for that. All my favourite books are on it and I use it as my main eReader. I play games, use FB, write emails and messages, just about anything you would do on a normal 6″ tablet. If that doesn’t count then my laptop would be the next option.

  22. My microwave is definitely a top two need the microwave popcorn!! a must but I have two laptops so that I don’t ever loose my books … I know crazy

  23. If I could only have one, it would be my laptop. I can read all my kindle books and books in pdf, plus my email and facebook

  24. If I had to pick between my coffee pot and my kindle I would pick the coffee pot. I have paperback books so still get my two favorite thing a cup of coffee and a book

  25. My Netbook Computer but especially my Ereader…I have it with me all the time…its how I read all of Amber’s books…and many others ….reading is my only vice besides movies…

  26. My favorite gadget would be my Rabbit bottle opener; it’s the best for easily opening bottles of wine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Currently, I can’t leave the house without my best friend’s Kindle paperwhite… Yes, it IS my friend’s… I’ll return it, eventually…

  28. My Nook. Decided to get a tablet to replace Nook, but that did not work out quite how I had envisioned. Now I carry both my Nook and my tablet to read. My husband can not understand how I switch back and forth between several stories….lol

  29. My ipad – it’s also my ereader, and I don’t know what I’d do without being able to read at odd times.

  30. My wifi, I can use it with the phone, laptop, tablet and tv, but when it went down for three days I almost lost my mind.

  31. Obviously my eReader or laptop but if I was going with a non electronic gadget I would pick my pineapple slicer, the perfect way to peel and slice fresh pineapples with a few turns of the hand ๐Ÿ˜€

  32. iPad. It has all my ebooks that I bought over the years from different sources, and I can read them all on one device.

  33. Since you said not my cell phone (which is soooo much more than a phone – who talks on cell phones anymore anyways?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

    Final answer: My Kindle keyboard – love e-ink & I have the last version that has speakers to text to speech so my Kindle will “read” to me when I’m out & about.

  34. My biggest gadget is my Kindle. I’m traveling so much and read a lot of books. It would be not possible to carry the amount of books I read on the trips as hard-or softcover. It’s a godsend for long plane trips as I’m not able to nap on them

  35. I honestly can’t live without my e-reader, it has been my companion for years and is on the brink of dying.

  36. Gotta be my tablet, it’s just too addicting to have unlimited books, audio books, music, internet, email, movies………all of it instantly at my fingertips…

  37. I’m a student and I use my note phone to take notes for class and my note tablet to read the text books. I also use my phone to read ebooks, watch Netflix and YouTube, listen to music, type my papers (Japanese is easier to type on the phone than the laptop), and Line or Skype my foreign friends. Honestly I don’t think I could exist without my phone. I forgot it in the car for a 50 minute class once…. I felt naked, afraid, and ashamed of not having it within reaching distance. (I am aware I’m addicted to my phone, and I don’t care.)

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