125 thoughts on “Amber’s Birthday Contests #11

  1. My favourite motivational quote is actually on a plaque in my house. It reads:-

    God gave us our relatives
    Thank God we can choose our friends.

    Alternatively I’d use:

    Families are like fudge…mostly sweet, with a few nuts.

  2. Remember the people that piss you off are crunchy and taste good with ketchup of course there would be a picture of a dragon ont the poster also

  3. Mine would be the following quotation from Robert Penn Warren:
    “What is love?/One name for it is knowledge.”

  4. I have a poster that’s been hanging on my wall for years. It’s a beautiful beach scene and there is an elephant balancing on a beach ball. “The key to life is balance.” It reminds me to look at the whole picture and not get stuck focusing on one small detail.

  5. good, better, best, may your good be better and your better be best. (borrowed from Pat Parelli with Natural Horsemanship)

  6. Life may be hard but we are never given more then we can handle. You just have to find the strength to keep going, don’t forget to look in the most unusual places.

  7. You’re great just the way you are, don’t try to change yourself to please others, please yourself.

  8. Come all those who feel unworthy. Read,watch and listen to my motivational books,cds and dvds. For the mere price of $99.99 you too can can have the world at your feet. And order in 15 minutes for a free vegetable peeler. (disclaimer: S&H extra)

  9. It’s my signature line on all of my email and a twist on my life’s philosophy of “everything happens for a reason.” I sign off with -Every day is a research day and no day is a bad day – just jot it down and use it later.

  10. I find the Demotivators more apropos; however, if I needed to be motivated, probably Reading Opens Minds and Builds New Worlds.

  11. Lately this has stuck in my mind,

    “Mankind must without a doubt be the most conceited race in the universe, for who else believes that God has nothing better to do than sit around all day and help him out of tight spots?”

    Excerpt From: Alan Dean Foster. “The Tar-aiym Krang.”

  12. Currently, I’ve got two wood prints of the same quote, so I’m going with.. “Oh, the places you’ll go.” from the one and only Theodore Geisel aka Dr. Seuss

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