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This year, Amber asked the authors to interview characters about their favorite birthday memory, what is your favorite birthday memory?

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  1. my best birthday memory so far has been this years birthday when my brother took me to a nice Chinese food buffet and we went watch hunting because i was in need of a new watch and it was going to be a birthday present to myself.

  2. Probably my first birthday in the US; the fireworks and atmosphere were amazing (my birthday is July fourth).

  3. My best birthday memory was taking my little sister to Vegas for her birthday. Probably doesn’t make since for me to pick her birthday but her birthday is May 21 and mine is May 28. Exactly a week apart. She was born 1993 and my was born 1983. So we are almost 10 years apart. We didn’t do much together because of the age difference so I was nice to just take a trip just me and her and have so much fun. And being a stay at home mom with a toddler and a husband who is stationed out state from where we live it was nice to get a couple of adult time.

  4. My favourite birthday was my 21st I went out with friends and family we had a great meal and had loads of fun.

  5. My green birthday, green cake with green ice cream and a green dress. 63 years later and green is still my favorite color.

  6. My Brother and I were born 4 years and 1 day apart, so we would do the Disneyland every year, My Grandmother (Momo because she was too young to be a Grandma) had a friend who worked on Main Street in the candy shop who got us in for free, gave us books of tickets (yes I’m that old) and a bag each of candy (usually broken stuff she was going to have to throw away, but who cares, it was free candy!) Where I was going with this is we have a picture of Momo on the Merry Go Round with us kids and it was the only one of her. She passed not soon after that, but we had a wonderful day all together! (and I still stole some of my Brothers candy Bwahahaha)

  7. My favorite birthday memory was being told I would be induced with my oldest in 2 days. My birthday was the 23rd and I had her on the 26th ( her daddy’d birthday).

  8. I would have to say it was my 21st birthday. My mom makes the most beautiful and fun pop up cards and mine that year was hilarious.

  9. I guess when I turned 23, on the 23 and my brother got married so he would remember the date even though his was the 27th….hahaha

  10. When my husband surprised me by coming home a day before my birthday, after been deployed for 15 months in Afghanistan. Best birthday ever!

  11. I’m a halloween baby. so the year I dressed as Little red riding hood and my brother was the big bad wolf. We had a blast.

  12. My favorite birthday memory is my 25 birthday as a couple of friends and aunts went to Atlantic city on the weekend of my birthday!

  13. Probably my 40th, I was actually pretty happy about it and had a great celebration dinner with my closest friends.

  14. Favorite birthday memory was my boys party’s when they were little. It was a lot of work, but they all had such fun!

  15. This year’s (26th), because I got a job a month before that. I felt for the first time that I am on track with a job to do, a place to live and a home to go back to even if things go south.

  16. Since my birthday is always around Thanksgiving, like Amber’s, I don’t have many memories that are birthday-specific, but the one that does remain vivid was my 4th birthday. We had just moved into a new house and I got a cool construction set that had trucks and bull dozers, and excavators and structures that I could build and then use the vehicles on. Not a typical girl’s present for the 1970s, but I loved it. 😀

  17. When you get to be on the verge of 54 and you have had so many birthdays it is hard to remember which were favorites. I would have to say when My grandmother and pappy could be around to celebrate with us at the same time since we were always on one coast or the other as my father was in the Navy and my grandparents were in Pennsylvania.

  18. My favorite birthday memory is the year we were traveling through Europe and spend my birthday in Switzerland in the morning, then onto Germany. It was a great day, and a wonderful birthday memory!

  19. When in my 16th birthday my parents threw a party at my house and they coloured my pool in pink, all my friends where there and it was amazing.

  20. Just last week I celebrated with my family ad friends at a pub that featured a Friday night trivia conpetition…it was a blast!

  21. My family and I out for birthday dinner (Oct 2012) when mom was still alive and all the extended family was in attendance as well.

  22. I was 16 and we all know how important that birthday. Well mine falls in September about the time everything comes in from the garden. We went to help my grandparents with their. I had a date later that night but first was out to the garden which was mud because it had rained the night before I was covered in about a ton of mud when I came in. Was pulling up carrots and fell in the mud. My grandparents laughed their butts off and grandpa was going to charge me by the pound for the mud. Then after I got ready for my date my grandmother informed me that “that boy better not just pull up and hook because no granddaughter of hers was a hooky girl” her words in a southern accent. Lol lucky my date was a gentleman and grandma approved of him. To this day I still laugh about that my best birthday ever!! And I always hold my dates up to her standards.

  23. One of my most memorable birthdays was havong “snow” on that day. Mine is in April and we were outside in my parents garden. There was a breeze and cherry blossom petals were raining down on us. That tree has been never having before and after any blooming cherry blossoms

  24. That would be when my son was around 8. He had saved his allowance and to me to McDonald’s for dinner and he paid for my happy meal. 😀

  25. 4 years ago I was planning to retire at 55, so I was shocked by my work colleagues who had worked with my husband to Spring a surprise party. It was the best night out in a long while. I’m loving this retirement gig.

  26. One of my favorite birthday memories. My family in in a bowling league and a few years ago they bowled on my birthday. The man who runs the league brought me a birthday cake it was so sweet of him.

  27. My 6th birthday, 3 friends came over for dinner with my family and my mom made my favorite meal, paprika chicken.

  28. I don’t know if I’d say this is a /favorite/, but being an April Fool’s baby, there was the year that my dad played an April Fool joke on me even though he didn’t mean to because he didn’t know that it had happened.

    My dad gave me a digital camera for my birthday. I opened the box to find it was empty. I looked at him and asked, “Is this a joke?”

    He said, “What?” and I related that the box was empty.

    He thought that /I/ was playing an April Fool joke on /him/. Once we established that I wasn’t joking and that he fully expected the box to have the camera he bought, we deducted that the camera must have been pulled from the box as a display.

    Eventually, he went back to the store with the empty box and got my birthday gift, making sure that the box wasn’t empty that time. 😉

  29. My husband, about 15 years ago, gave me a very special off track thoroughbred quater horse. He was for me to ride.. just me.. not the family and we had so much fun! Cajun and i did endurance rides from the Biltmore to the sandy flats of FL.. we had so much fun.. he always wanted to go just around the next bend.

  30. When I was 16 some friends and I went to the local water park and even though it was barely 75 degrees we still had fun.

  31. My birthday after my daughter was born. She was only a few weeks old and I was so happy to be a new mom. 🙂

  32. My 18th(even though the stuff happened the day after since my birthday was a Thursday), when I had my bestfriends from both college and high school over at home. We ate food, sang karaoke with bad Backstreet Boys dancing mixed into it and some stayed overnight

  33. I don’t have a specific memory but I do know I had a party for my 21st.. the only time I ever had one, so in that regard it was significant LOL

  34. Last year. Snatching a shrimp out of midair, while celebrating my birthday at Kabuki, a Japanese steakhouse. It was impressive because it was thrown to my husband and I had had several green dragons. Also I’m not known for my hand eye coordination.

  35. When my dh surprised me with a weekend away the first year we were together on my birthday. He made arrangements for the kids to go to gram’s and everything. He completely surprised me with it and now it’s a tradition we do every year.

  36. Best birthday memory was when we went to CA to visit my Grandmother and then precoded to go to six flags and sea world!

  37. Favorite birthday memory was college graduation on my birthday. We had two cakes and a huge party. It was a blast.

  38. My best present/surprise was 30. My sister wouldn’t tell me what we were doing, but had me clear the day. She and some friends wouldn’t tell me where we were going, we just got on the highway and headed south. As we were nearing Boston (from Maine) they told me we were going to shop and play for the day. That would have been awesome, but then we went to Fenway for a Red Sox v. Yankees game! It was amazing, best surprise ever!

  39. Just a few years ago right after my youngest was born. She was a month old, so we all stayed home. My husband made me my favorite dinner, got me my favorite cake, and we watched movies with the kids and cuddled.

  40. My parents took me out of town and I went into a Barnes and noble for the first time ever and got a bunch of books:). It was amazing

  41. The year when friends drove through a snowstorm to celebrate with me since I was alone and far from home.

  42. This last one was good, but from my childhood the year I got the doll cake. I loved getting that decorated cake with doll in the center of it.

  43. Haha I can laugh about it now was 12 and my uncle get me a book with so many kids and I being the oldest was left out all the time.

  44. My best friend threw me a surprise party when I was 16. I have quite had a few good birthdays since then but I have to admit that one will always hold a special place in my heart.

  45. My dad drove a coal truck when I was growing up and on my 13th birthday he pulled into a department store and went in and picked me out a Strawberry Shortcake birthday card and filled it out for me.

  46. One of my favorite birthdays was when I turned 14. My dad had to attend a professional meeting every year, and it was always the week of my birthday. EVERY YEAR. So when I was 14, all I asked was that he be there on my birthday. Instead of skipping the meeting, my mom, my brother, and I got to go with him to the meeting. (And my brother and I got to take a week off school, even though we had makeup work). The meeting was in D.C. that year, so we got to do all the traditional tourist stuff, like the Monuments and Memorials and Ford Theatre and the Smithsonian (more than once for that) and the National Zoo. We practically memorized the subway system! The only thing I remember missing was the Folger Shakespeare Library, which was closed that week for some reason. Anyhow, I had a great time, learned a lot, and got to be with my dad on my birthday. So it was my most memorable birthday present/week ever.

  47. The kneeling unicorn cake my grandmother made me. The head kept trying to fall and she and my aunt were holding it up with toothpicks! She was cussing that cake! One of my best memories.

  48. A few years ago when my daughter made me a birthday cake with her ez bake oven. It was burnt in some places and not cooked in other and the best thing I have ever been given to this day.

  49. Having my 12th birthday in the Czech Republic, while my mom was on a choir trip there. I got to examine all of Prague’s historical sites for my birthday.

  50. Probably the year my family gave me a piece of jewelry made from my grandmother’s wedding ring. While that was heartwarming and memorable in and of itself, what made it really memorable was my niece. She said something smart and my cousin told her “you’re so smart” (she was around 5 or 6 at the time btw) and she said (without missing a beat) “no I’m not, I’m pretty!”. When the adults got control of themselves, my cousin then said “you can be smart and pretty). I still get a smile on my face when thinking about it more than 6 years later.


  51. I loved the old days. Up to about 16. Only because my aunts and uncles use to come round each year and we would have a big party to celebrate everyone’s birthday. But one by one we lost them so cant do that. But the memory of it is wonderful. All the lady’s in the kitchen getting everything ready and all the men talking about cr….sorry important stuff…lol… use to make me fill grown up cooking with them.

  52. My first memory, peering over the edge of the kitchen table while my mother was making a cake. I slipped and broke my front tooth.

  53. in a foreign country and coming home to find that my fellow dormmate who later became a very good friend had put a present on my door; one of the good memories, for the surprise factor

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