Amber’s Birthday Contests #15

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Do you have a birthday tradition that you do every year? What is it?

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151 thoughts on “Amber’s Birthday Contests #15

  1. Although we missed this year (due to illness 😦 ) my sister and I always take each other out for lunch/dinner on our respective birthdays. It is a few hours of just us, no husbands or children to interrupt our catching up.

  2. My favorite birthday tradition was my grandma always making my birthday cakes. I always felt special.

  3. My husband brings me a cup of coffee in bed. I’m not much of a breakfast person when I first wake up so he brings me coffee. Nothing fancy but it makes my day.

  4. We call everyone on the family, some Skype some on phones, and we sing Happy birthday! So we have family from Panama, NC, TX, MO and Va , so much fun.

  5. I always take off my birthday, even if I don’t do anything. The last few years my hubby takes off work too and we go to the casino.

  6. When growing up my mom use to make us our favorite meal for our birthday, but we haven’t done that in over 10 years now

  7. Our traditions are pretty tame and normal for our cultural background, but a friend of mine told me it isn’t the norm here. We decorate the house the evening before with balloons and banners, the birthday girl’s chair will be decorated with ribbons and such. In the morning, during breakfast we will sing birthday songs in English and Dutch and depending on school or work we will do presents either then or in the afternoon. Oh, and family will Skype us in the morning, too. Like I said, nothing special, but important to us.

  8. I do! For breakfast, I always have toast with the egg in the middle of the whole…. It’s a little thing, but ever since I was a kid my mom made it for me on my birthday because it was my favorite and I continue that tradition.

  9. Nothing special. Usually my birthday falls on Thanksgiving and we celebrate then. othervise just a Happybirhday is what I get.

  10. We send roses.. I always send my daughter pink roses and she sends me a mix off all .. like a rainbow she always says. Its something we girls do in my family ..

  11. Pancake breakfast.
    Four-egg cake with orange peel icing.
    Occasionally those are combined for breakfast.

  12. My daughter n son brings me breakfast in bed every year it always bring a huge smile in my face

  13. family dinner – every birthday (our family, or mothers side, has a tradition of celebrating a 40th birthday as she’s 1 in 8 children and getting to 40 is a big deal)

  14. We don’t usually celebrate our birthdays. I suppose in recent years, we have started to eat out to celebrate but it’s not a given.

  15. The Rocky Mountains are an hours drive from where I live, so long as it is not overly cold (October), my bestfriend and I take a drive and spend the day out there.

  16. since early 2000 when the movie Pay It Forward came out.. i have tried to do something quietly to Pay It Forward on my birthday and now since 2011 i have very publicly done it as part of my FB posts. This year was the best.. had so many wonderful stories that came back to me by FB friends saying they Payed it Forward and told me how. it was wonderful! i am so blessed and this is so much fun.

  17. The closest thing to a tradition in our family is that the birthday person chooses the restaurant that we all to out to for dinner. Yum!

  18. My birthday tradition is taking the day off and going to used bookstores and eating at Red Lobster.

  19. Usually I bake my Son’s favourite cake for their birthdays…
    they had complained if I they get one that’s store bought…lol

  20. Every year my dad calls me in the morning to wish me a happy birthday and every year I don’t answer the phone because if I don’t answer then he sings me happy birthday on my voicemail and tells me he loves me. I save the voice mail so I can listen to it all year then delete after the new one.

    I’m sure he knows I purposely don’t answer but that’s okay.

  21. I’m sorry. I’ve never had birthday traditions myself.
    Just the one in my family that all first birthdays a small cake is given to the birthday baby to play in it or eat it after playing in it.

  22. Dad use to call me to wish me happy birthday. He is gone now so now I buy myself a book I have been wanting whether or not I can afford it.

  23. Each person in our family gets to pick the meals for the day on his/her birthday – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert – whether home cooked or restaurant food.

  24. No tradition really, except I greet everyone a happy birthday at 3am(if I remember) and since I’ve learnt to bake about almost 3 years ago, now I have to bake something (either they be sweets or the dreaded lasagna that takes so long to make) for relatives on their birthdays.

  25. My daughter’s birthday is two days before mine. We each have a separate party/dinner and then one together. We call it our birthweek.

  26. Since I met my honey we go away every year for our birthdays which are 10 days apart. No kids, no work issues, just us two hiking or going to great lakes for biking.

  27. Lately it’s been happening in my family but whenever we have a birthday we all go out to eat any buffet that the birthday girl/boy wishes, then we go over to their house and talk about random things.

  28. Every year on my birthday I have a meal by myself. Normally somewhere I like to eat that the rest of the family doesn’t.

  29. The only “tradition” I can think of are an abundance of snarky funny greeting cards. My grandson and I like to linger in the card aisle and read cards.

  30. We typically have a meal at whatever restaurant we want for our birthday or their favorite meal at home.

  31. Birthday person chooses kind of dessert they want. Then the family gathers at mom’s house and we all have supper, have dessert and ice cream, and open presents and cards.

  32. It’s not really my tradition, but my sister always calls me really early and sings Happy Birthday REALLY BADLY and REALLY LOUDLY!

  33. My Mom always makes a cake on the weekend closest to my birthday, plus I usually surprise myself with a box of Raffaellos.

  34. I ring my family every year on my birthday (or they ring me). We talk lots of other times, but birthdays is when you make sure you talk.

  35. Not really a tradition, but friends and I get together usually on my birthday weekend to celebrate all our birthdays because mine is Halloween and it’s always fun to see and wear costumes.

  36. It’s not a tradition but during the day I do whatever I feel like but during the night my family always takes me to special dinner and a customized cake

  37. I have 2 autistic kids so my birthday is my one weekend away from them every year. My sister keeps them and my mom and I go on a yard sale road trip, we gamble a little and just enjoy the whole weekend.

  38. My family and I take each other out to lunch or dinner. We have a lot of birthdays in Nov and Dec so for those months we just have one big pot luck and exchange presents.

  39. My mother always made me blueberry muffins for my birthday breakfast. After I got married, my husband took over and makes them for me every year.

  40. Nope not at all. It’s a couple weeks after Christmas and usually headed back to school so very busy.

  41. Normally my family and I will sit down for a quiet dinner, then celebrate with my favorite cheesecake. I don’t know if I would call it an official tradition, but it is a very special celebration to me.

  42. Well it started after my babies ( 27,22,& 16) were old enough to do it but they would race against each other and my hubby to be the first to wish me a happy birthday.

  43. Yes! I let my nieces and nephews pick what I should be doing. And since the oldest is 5 – our adventures are interesting;)

  44. Not as an adult. I am more of the I-am-denying-I-am-a-year-older mentality. My husband and I have birthdays two month apart, so we try to go out on a mutual birthday dinner sometime in the two month period. (We don’t eat out a lot). We do have a Valentine’s Day tradition though, which is to buy each other live plants – herbs, planter flowers, etc. since spring planting season where I live is just about that time.

  45. I haven’t had a birthday party since I turned 7 but every year we go to whatever restaurant I want to go to and my aunt (who has the same bday) exchange gifts of some kind. Usually I get a gift card to Amazon, Google or where ever my next years textbooks are cheapest. Sometimes it’s just something I need or could use like a printer, a electric blanket (bday is August, 2nd but winter eventually brings -20 F temps), and a full shodo (Japanese calligraphy) set. I typically make something for her like, a Sunday/church hat, a dress, or a winter coat. That’s pretty much the only thing close to a tradition.

  46. Usually my friends come over to my house to celebrate with me, the special thing about my birthday is that, because it is on May 1st, there’s no transport of any kind and they walk over to my place. I love them for it.

  47. My sons usually let me know what my favorite food is so I can fix my own birthday dinner and then we have cake which they help pick out. You know so I don’t get a boring one and I end up with a batman or lego birthday cake with icecream. My sons take such good care of me lol 😀

  48. Call each other and sing the birthday song(badly) to each other. Other traditions vary with need

  49. Each year, the person whose birthday it is picks what we will have to eat for dinner and then we open presents from the other memebers of the family that come on the birthday night.

  50. No specific tradition, except for presents and being able to place custom cake orders with my mom.

  51. I have a me day. I start with breakfast at my favorite restaurant, shopping, lunch then shopping the dinner with my husband

  52. Not much of anything….but I treat my grandchildren to pizza parties at Chucky Cheese….they love it.

  53. Every year my mother cooks me Cord on Blue and I spend half the day with my family and the other half everyone lets me be to read in peace unless there is an emergency.

  54. I play Volleyball with a bunch of nice guys and girls. And when someone had birthday we enjoy snacks and drinks in the changing rooms after training.

  55. Just a family dinner at a restaurant chosen by the birthday person. Then we gather to eat cake and ice cream and open gifts. 🙂

  56. Not really, my family (my mother really) don’t celebrate birthdays, so until I started dating my boyfriend birthdays were more or less like any other day.

  57. My mum make me a cake. And now that my dad has had to go in to a nursing home as he can’t walk. We go to him and spend the day. But that’s for all birthdays now not just mine.

  58. It used to be cakes… I guess, now, I just get a nice trickle of milk tea from the fams, and dinner if we can gather enough of us at one time

  59. We get 2 large pizzas and watch a movie together in the evenings… Before we used to get cake and balloons but everone is too old for that now apparently :p

  60. These days, we go out to dinner at the restaurant chosen by the B-Day girl. In the past, the cake was served at Grandma’s with the names of all the cousins for that month.

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