Amber’s Birthday Contests #16


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What would be your dream day?

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134 thoughts on “Amber’s Birthday Contests #16

  1. To get away for day with friends to have a girls day out. Stay at a hotel, eat, shop, and read the rest of the night.

  2. comfy clothes curled up inside with a book, when its freezing outside and you are free to just chill with nothing urgent waiting for your attention

  3. I’m getting my perfect day in April. A day out in London and an evening spent with the Fabulously talented Adam Lambert.

  4. My dream day would be at the beach (somewhere on the West coast) with a book I couldn’t put down and dinner at a fantastic seafood restaurant.

  5. Have a relaxing day reading my books of course, my food will be made and brought to me by a handsome chef!

  6. As you know I’m a truck driver I work anywhere from 21 to 35 days straight before I get 3 or 4 days off. My perfect day would be to get up in the morning put lounge wear on and sit down in the living room and put my feet up turn on the TV watch what I’ve recorded during my time out and be able to read with no interruptions
    But I very rarely get just a day to myself.

  7. On the FL bay. Sailing and anchor out for the night. Day filled with sailing, fishing, swimming, sunning and reading. Feeling the breeze and the sun on my skin. A couple of friends and my love and I am dreaming.

  8. MY Dream day would be to wake up without anyone waking me, spending the WHOLE day reading until way past midnight without hubby or the kids needing my attention. *sigh* never gonna happen.

  9. What I’d have wished yesterday was… No unwelcomed interruptions, a day spent in my room reading and doing crafts, best friend staying and doing said crafts with me and maybe some apple cupcakes with salted caramel on top.

  10. I’m retired so everyday is a deam day I do what I want work in the yard watch a movie red books or play on the internet. I’m so lucky.

  11. When I finally finish college and have a job to support my family, become an independent woman.

  12. One day spent relaxing with my hubby without any thoughts of my work or hubby’s medicines all day.

  13. Getting up late, maybe a little late morning nookie, read, coffee, walk, amazing dinner, & then home for more relaxing – & then repeat..

  14. I love winter. I love a day when it’s snowing outside and I can wear a pair of warm fleecy sweats and curl up with a good book.

  15. Waking up, getting my kids ready for school, waving at them as their nanny takes them to school, crashing on the couch with my e-reader until I’m meeting my hubby for a late lunch somewhere nice, and spending the afternoon with him until we go home where he will entertain the kids while (yes, again) I crash on the couch or my bed with my e-reader. Just a relaxed day with lots of reading, a bit of kids and a bit of husband. If we could throw in a beach somewhere it would be even more amazing, but then we wouldn’t have school… ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Rome, a trattoria with a view from the table outside. On that table a bowl of mussels, bread to dip in the broth and a side of deep fried artichokes. Don’t forget the bottle of wine. A handsome Italian man on the other side of the table would be the icing on that cake of a day.

  17. A lazy day where I don’t have to do anything other than read and someone making me excellent meals

  18. Spending the day at a ren faire or steampunk convention with my friends (who are scattered around the country. Oh, and being able to eat anything I wanted without having to worry about my many food allergies.

  19. When I didn’t have to run willy nilly around for my mother and would have a day to relax and rest.

  20. My dream day would be: knock on door.. ‘We are taking you out for a day of spa relaxation. While we are gone, we have a crew coming in to deep clean your house from top to bottom. ‘.
    Ahhhhh, truly a dream day!

  21. Being able to talk to the ones I’ve lost my grandma, aunt, and most of all my big brother its been almost a year since he passed and I miss him everyday

  22. A beautiful sunny day at the lake. Coffee on the deck, then boating, skiing, swimming and playing followed by a cookout and a bonfire with friends.

  23. A lazy Saturday: no need to get up at a set time, starting the day with pizza for lunch, staying in bed for the whole day and reading MM books.

  24. It would be the day where I’m not sick any more and my family isn’t worried about me. We spend it relaxing, playing, and my 8,10, and 11 year olds don’t have to worry that I won’t hear them tell me they love me.

  25. Probably just a great day with my kids and husband ending with a movie and some new books:) Easy and it would just be awesome

  26. Just a lazy day reading without having to think about cooking, laundry, groceries, work stuff or any real world problems. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. A surprise day off work…like a snow day where I could stay home warm and cozy and read my newest book and then do some quiliting.

  28. Nice cosy room. Storm outside. Fire inside. Good book. Unlimited hot tea. As much time as I wanted to read!

  29. A nice day with my true love, going to museums, record and bookstores, and a fun coffee place before going to a concert or a hockey game (where the Sharks win, of course).

  30. To be able to have my mother come down from heaven for the day and spent it just sitting and talking.

  31. A quiet day on the water with a loaded, fully charged Kindle and a bottle of good red wine.

  32. My dream day would be a shopping spree of books, clothes and electronics that I didn’t have to pay for.

  33. A perfect day of mine is Christmas day each opening gifts we got each over cooking together eating at the big table and then going to the movies. We do it each year pretty much the only traditional we have so its really special.

  34. A day spent with my favorite books, in comfy clothes, surrounded by the company of family and friends.

  35. snowing outside, me snuggled in a cabin sitting in front of a fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate and a dozen ebooks ready to be read.

  36. Tropical beach with extended family. Maybe a nice morning snorkeling excursion for those that want it. Comfortable lounging chairs and large beach umbrella if the sun is strong. Then quiet reading or napping (while enjoying the perfect gentle breeze) with colorful drinks and snack platters at hand. Family photograph at sunset. Then fresh local fish for dinner.

  37. A day finding all the secret passages in a castle, then dinner with my friends, a movie with my mom, a hug from my grandma…

  38. No one around me with all of the new books I want to read released that day. Phone off! Favorite pj’s and tea at the ready.

  39. I would love a day with my brain pre TBI. I would love a day without pain, be able to think clearly and best of all a day where I could drive again. I think I would really like a day where I could drive myself anywhere I want.

  40. A relaxing breakfast, followed by a visit to the beach(and lunch), then a second trip to Portland to book myself into a spa hotel for the night. After an excellent dinner I’d go to Powells for a couple of books to read and then kick back at my hotel and have a wine tasting followed by a soak with my book in the salt water soaking pool.

  41. Out on a boat on a calm day sitting back, relaxing, reading. Dock at a good restaurant for lunch/dinner then back out to the ocean.

  42. My dream day would be spending the entire day reading (or possibly being able to get as many books for free as I could order over the course of the day, including print, ebook, and out-of-print editions…that would be the greatest!).

  43. My dream day would be that I get to borrow a credit card with extremely much money on. And then I would go on a shopping spree and buy the presents for my family and friends for the next year. Then I would shop/order whatever I want. That will most likely include food๐Ÿ™‚

  44. A lazy day reading by a fire with hot chocolate and a cat who likes to cuddle, better would be a mate who would indulge me.

  45. Milk tea and random chitter chatter with a good friend, followed by some family time, and then just alone time with some (Amber Kell) books, haha

  46. Sitting on the porch swing with a hot cup of tea and a good book while its raining in April ๐Ÿ™‚

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