Amber’s Birthday Contests #17

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For a $10 ARe GC or three of Amber’s ebooks:

Which book of Amber’s would you give to a stranger to introduce Amber to them?

And don’t forget there is a new contest every hour with all entries also going towards a Grand Prize of a Kindle Paperwhite at the end of the month

156 thoughts on “Amber’s Birthday Contests #17

  1. I would have to say Keys. It’s such a great book and a great start of Amber’s longer stories.

  2. Funny you should ask that question, a coworker of mine was asking who is my favorite Author and of course I mentioned you, I told her to check out your blog first to see your writing style. So not so much a book first but more of a introduction to you as a writer.

  3. Soldier Mine The Thresl Chronicles. It’s the book I first read from Amber. Then I just had to read the next one then found Attracting Anthony. I was hooked!!!

  4. Depend on the person too, of course (e.g. there are some who shy away from long series or series in general), but I think I would start them off with A Wizard’s Touch 1- Jaynell’s Wolf. The description of the world, magic and the magical beings in that one swept me off my feet. And I loved the characters, how everyone had differences in powers, power-levels and personalities, but how they all found loved ones =)

  5. Trials of Tam because it was so funny. Soldier Mine because it’s good and To Have a Human because it starts a really good series.

  6. I’ve only read a few of her books, but I would say any one of the stories from any of the Unconventional books.

  7. Depending on what they like to read. Shapeshifter – Soldier mine. Contemporary – Tempting Sin and for Magic – William’s house, and I would tell them to get Attracting Anthony for free:))))

  8. I’m not sure, I think it would depend on if they like suspense, paranormal, sci-fi, after that it would be the first in the series in that genre.

  9. I would give Jaynell’s Wolf or Elijah’s Ghost. The first because it was the first book of Amber’s that I ever read. The sender o d one because I named to hellhound that’s in it.

  10. Trials of tam just because I love tam and his antics with everyone, especially his alpha wolf mate lol

  11. Depends on the person and if they like vampires, wizards, wolves, dragons, or something else. Since all the books are so much fun to read, I don’t think any would be a bad intro to Amber.

  12. tough one but I’d go with to have a human since its got a variety pack plus i like carey and his dad 🙂

  13. I would tell them to read Soldier Mine. It is one of her longer books and my all time favorite.

  14. Attracting Anthony. It was the perfect book for me to start out with and is part of a rather large series that would surely get them hooked.

  15. Since I was just reading this book early today I would give a stranger Tempting Sin since it is a romance with food and one of many I would recommend of Amber work!

  16. Any start of a series will do, quite frankly. But the Moon pack series, Dragon Men, and Banded Brothers would be first choice.

  17. It would depend a little on what they read and if they were open to MM. The Vampire King’s Husband would be my choice if they were new to MM.

  18. Saving Valor or My Man Declan or Vampire Wanted or Banded Brothers or … too many favs to pick from

  19. All of the above. Anyone of Amber books would make a fan for life. I started with Pack to Pride then Trials Of Tam and Moon pack. But I think I would give my mates keys. Only because it’s so new they will be like me wanting the next one that they keep looking for info on it and buy Ambers other books while they wait 🙂

  20. Probably a one shot… Matchmaker, Matchmaker or My Man Declan. Nothing to kinky to start with. 😉

  21. Either Attracting Anthony because who doesn’t love Anthony or the Trials of Tam because the desire for world domination is just so fun to watch!! LOL

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