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Amber’s Birthday Contests #19

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If you could pick one person in history to have dinner with, who would you choose?

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156 thoughts on “Amber’s Birthday Contests #19

  1. Tom Hiddleston. I just want to crawl inside his head and know his world and motivations. I want to know what keeps him going everyday. If not Tom though I would also be very happy with George Takei for slightly different motivations.

    1. Ask him about his damned cat for me, would ya? Damn confusing man made my life hell on Chemistry…

  2. Edgar Rice Burroughs this man had a fantastic imagination I read Tarzan of The Apes for the first time back in the 50s have reread often still love them and the John Carter of Mars series still has a place in my library. All of his books are wonderful I wish I could meet him.

  3. Agatha Christie, hers were the first mystery books I read and she made me love reading with her stories. I’d like to thank her, for the path she set me on.

  4. I think Mary Wollstonecraft is who I would love to talk to and have dinner with so we could talk about the amazing changes for women since her time and how in some ways many things have not changed as well.

  5. I’m not really all that deep so I’m gonna say Whitney Houston. Because it’s Whitney freaking Houston. She was amazing.

  6. I’m rubbish at this. Can I say my grandmother so I can see her again and also maybe get her to show me how to make biscuits and salmon patties.

  7. Easy question, as I thought about this often. I would love to sit down to dinner with Stonewall Jackson. He was such an interesting man, and so important to the Southern army. Although the final result of the Civil War is of course the right one, and the desired one, I have often felt that victory would have been a lot less easy if the foremost tactical mind of the Confederates had not been killed by friendly fire.

  8. Nikola Tesla. Now there is a mind I would love to pick. If nothing else, to find out which of the many, many stories about him were true.

  9. I have always been fascinated by baking in the 1800s so I would just want to sit down with a baker from that time

  10. Sojourner Truth; I loved reading Ain’t I a Woman in high school, and I would enjoy learning more about her.

  11. My mother-in law who was an amazing woman who me laugh I miss her so much to hear her tell me her story’s about her past again I miss that 😇

  12. The only person I would want to met is my grandfather Edward. He died before any of us kids were born. But we always got told what a great guy he was. Would love to hear his war story’s.

  13. My dad, he passed away in February, I wish I could have one last dinner to tell all the things I never had the chance to

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