Amber’s Birthday Contests #2

Next question for a signed End Street Vol 1, signed by both RJ Scott and Amber!


If you could travel anywhere, all expenses paid, where would you go and who would you take with you?

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186 thoughts on “Amber’s Birthday Contests #2

  1. I’d love to take the whole family on a trip to America to see the largest book store in the world followed by all the major tourist attractions (like Grand Canyon etc.)

  2. This one is easy. I would eithe go back to Okinawa, Japan or to Germany to trace my roots. And my mother would be the first person I would pick to go with me.

  3. I would love to go to Australia. I have wanted to go since I did a project on it in grade 2, 58 years ago.

  4. I would go to America with nothing but empty suitcases and fill them up with all the books that never come here. I’d take my bestie with me, as she is as bookcrazed as me and as annoyed with the lack of them over here as me ^.^

  5. Canada 🙂 and I guess who ever wants to come with. Maybe my sis as I know my partner wouldn’t want to

  6. I would go to England as I’ve always wanted to see the old country. I would bring my sister as she is as passionate about the history as I am.

  7. I would go to New York , I would take my mom . She has stage four breast cancer and it’s on her bucket list

  8. I’d love to visit the US, anywhere there, I’m in Australia and I know I never will visit.
    I’d of course take my ereader with me (has all my Amber books in it) and my son, he’s 12 I’m sure he’s love it. 🙂

  9. OK, this is not easy at all… If I could I’d travel through Europe, visit all the castles over there from Ireland to Russia. With my friends Martin, Paula and Angelo.

  10. This is a hard one – I think I would pick Italy. I love history. To see all those historical buildings – I would love that! And to bring with me – my mom. She loves painting and wouldblove Italy

  11. I would love to take my husband and kids to Vietnam to see where I was born and raised for 12 years before I came to US…

  12. My bestfriend would be my travel buddy, she has never been outside North America so it would probably be the UK we would head to.

  13. I would go to England and look for the TARDIS. I would take my daughter, she loves The Doctor as much as I do.

  14. I would have to say I would love to go on a road trip across the US driving a Chevy Camero which is my dream car. I would have to take my Kindle, coffee and my pillow.

  15. I would goto either one of 2 places and to the second place I wold add a few more people. My first choice would be Australia and I would take my other half and our 3 kids. My 2nd choice would be Germany and I would take the same people but also add my younger sister, her hubby, and two kids. I would take them as her family has never been there but she was born in Berlin. So I would want them to be able to see where their mom was born.

  16. If I could go anywhere, I would go to Ireland and take my daughter with me. She and I have so much fun together and we have been planning our trip for years to all the different places that we both want to see and Ireland is at the top of that list.

  17. Wow, anywhere…excluding my gut reaction, which is ‘home’, it is either Africa for an awesome Safari trip with my kids (they LOVE animals), or Hawaii for the ultimate beach vacation, also with my family of four. Both sound like heaven to me.

  18. If I could go anywhere, I would go to Ireland and take my daughter with me. She and I have so much fun together and we have been planning our trip for years to all the different places that we both want to see, and Ireland is at the top of that list.

  19. I have always wanted to go to Africa it is the only place on earth that I would pack my bags and travel to. Would take the family.

  20. I would fly to Ireland all by myself to find a little village with the pub in it just to make new friends

  21. I’d say either an anime convention (which can get expensive), Japan, or England. For any of those trips I would take my friend Yolanda with me.

  22. I think it would be great to visit every state in the U.S. And all the seven wonders of the world with my mom.

  23. I would travel around the US and explore all the incredible sites and visit small towns and the big cities that i have not been to yet. As a young adult studying sociology i wanted to have a travel home and a grant that would allow me to travel and study different cultures and social interactions. I would take my adult daughter because she is also a soc major and would have such interesting perceptions of the journey and the people. we are the travelers in the family. I would fly my husband out for the weekend wherever we were.. but he really prefers to be home. so he would have a travel pass to join us.. but would not have to do the people interacting.

  24. This is hard two places 1 s cruise through Alaska with my kids, and the second I’ve wanted the longest its my bucket list to go to Ireland with my family..all of them cousin and all we’ve lost all out parents but we always talk about doing it!!

  25. I would love to travel to Asia or Japan! I will take my best friend María since its our childhood dream 🙂

  26. So many choices…Ireland, Scotland, France….a World Cruise sound great and who to take with me…my cousin Hilda…as we live far apart but she is like the sister I never had…

  27. I would really like to visit Machu Picchu and bring my mother since she’s the one person I know would appreciate it in the same way I would. And the food of Chile would be a huge bonus!

  28. I’d go to Japan and take my family and my parents. I was born there and lived there off and on for 8 years. Haven’t been back in 24 years.

  29. I think I would go the Vegas with my little sister again. I took her for her 21st birthday but we didn’t get to stay long. It was nice to finally get to do something with her since we are 10 year apart in age.

  30. France, but not for me …for my husband, so would be taking him with me also. It is a place he has always wanted to visit.

  31. Ireland and i would take my mom and Grandparents. We have family they barley ever see so i think they would enjoy it.

  32. I would love world tour because I love experiencing all the different cultures, and I would take my bestie with me.

  33. Wow, that’s a hard one! I have a lot of places I want to visit one day, but New Zeland, Japan and Ireland the top ones. If all expenses were paid I would pick New Zeland as I think that would be the most expansive of all of them.

  34. My family has direct ties with Scotland and, although she’s gone now, I would have loved for my Grandmother to see it.

  35. My husband lived in Prague for a few years and I would love to take him back there to show me around and meet some of the people he still talks to! (and see all the GORGEOUS glass)

  36. I would take my parents on a trip to Alaska. My mother has always loved the idea of going there to see the beautiful nature. My parents deserve a quiet get away.

  37. I would take my family on a search for our ancestry. Scotland, Ireland, Poland, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Russia, Canada, and of course the USA

  38. One of the places on my list is New Zealand, I’ve seen so many beautiful pictures from their and I’d love to be able to see them in person.

  39. Tropical Island with lots of snorkeling. I would take anyone who could just be in the moment.
    Don’t want to rush around sight seeing and shopping etc.

  40. a nice tropical island with my husband, hammocks on the beach and a boat to go out on the water to relax.

  41. I would go on a multi stop trip to Japan, Ireland, Greece, and England followed by a rv trip across America

  42. Adelaide Cabaret Festival in Adelaide, Australia. I would want to take my friend Tanya Lundy McGibben because she is an amazing singer herself.

  43. I would have to choose Rome. I would love to see the history and try the food and I would have to go with my mom… Even though I know we would be hopelessly lost. lol

  44. British Isles are next on my list – England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales are all places I would love to visit. And traveling would not be the same without my husband!

  45. I would take a plane and make three stops. One in the swiss alps for skiing with hubby and extended family,second one in the US with friends and a road trip. Third one just with hubby in Patagonia

  46. I live in Spain so I would travel to anywhere in USA, but if I have to choose one place I’d say New York. And I would take with me my bestie, because we are always partners in crime 😜

  47. I would go to South Korea because I want to at least go to a Kpop Concert. I would take my Cousin who is in love with kpop!

  48. I would go to Australia. I have always wanted to go there and I would take my youngest daughter because she has always dreamed of going there, too. We also love getting in trouble together.

  49. Boy that would be hard to decide. Thinking driving to Alaska. Will take forever but would love to do a lot of exploring. Like 2 or more months.

  50. i would go to Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy and i would take me two sisters and my two best friends with me

  51. Would take my son to Egypt and travel on the Nike cruise and go to see the pyramids, we both love Egyptian history

  52. I would go to Europe with my family, with a special emphasis on Germany, since my brother and I were born there and my parents lived there for five years.

  53. Scotland and I would take my boys. I have seen so many pictures and I would love to see everything in peraon

  54. I would travel to Jerusalem, Isreal 😇 Follow Jesus’ steps in many of his bible stories! It would be a once in a lifetime trip. I live in New Mexico and all we are lucky to have are staycations!

  55. After the new park opens in Shanghai, I would love to take my sisters on an Around-the-World Disney style trip. Florida, California, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong & Paris. My idea of a great time.

  56. An Alaskan Cruise. See the natural sights. Enjoy the ports. And get there without driving. My husband and I have dreamed of it.

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