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Amber’s Birthday Contests #21

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For a $10 ARe GC or three of Amber’s ebooks!

Which of Amber’s worlds would you live in?

And don’t forget there is a new contest every hour with all entries also going towards a Grand Prize of a Kindle Paperwhite at the end of the month

140 thoughts on “Amber’s Birthday Contests #21

  1. I would like the Dragon world, since that’s the first of her worlds I was introduced to.

  2. I want to live in “Mercenary Love” world. More specifically in Sin’s world. I want him to cook for me.

  3. The Wizard’s Touch-world. But I would be okay in any one of them really if it would get me a hot, sexy mate of my own.

  4. Club Soulfinder, even there my gender would be an issue. Most of the others would be too dangerous for an old human.

  5. My initial response is Moon Pack because that was the first of Amber’s worlds I discovered, but the world of Matchmaker Matchmaker intrigues me too.

  6. The End Street Detective Agency world because it has all kinds of paranormals or the Moon Pack world for the same reasons (and it has a plus side in that Anthony will probably set you up hehe)


  7. dragon men but only if I could be a bad ass dragon shifter, ot a wizards touch but only if I could be a bad ass wizard like quientin is

  8. Either the Dragon world or the Thresl world. With a preferenc, I think, for the dragon world. It seems awesome to me…

  9. The Mate Hunt series – I love the idea of getting a magical tattoo of my mate, and of them getting mine.

  10. Omg that’s such a hard question. A Wizard’s Touch world I think….as I would have magic, dragons, wolfs and everything else…..but…I would have to nip in to keys and get me a rabbit. I so want one of them or a bird …hmm ok you forced me I will have them both but that’s it. I all ready have 9 cats, 3 dogs and 2 tortoise. But I have room for a bunny and a bird and if not I’m sure Jaynell or one of the guys can help me out with a spell or to 🙂

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