127 thoughts on “Amber’s Birthday Contests #22

  1. I have already had the pleasure of naming a small character, a hellhound named Reaper. But I think I would name a Dragon shifted Craven

  2. Lucifer. I love the name and would love to see it on a character that is a complete opposite of what you think of when you hear the name.

  3. Enki, Lillik, Ryn, or Baka. The last one could make for some very funny jokes, as Baka translates somewhat as ‘you stupid idiot’ in Japanese.

  4. With all of your different worlds, I went for variety:

    For a fox shifter: Todd Reynard (both names mean fox)
    For a werewolf shifter: Lyall Marrok Hemming (shield wolf, werewolf, & shape shifter)
    For a Dragon: Raijin Drayce (thunder god/spirit, Dragon) English spelling is Raiden.
    For a Mercenary: Sloan Ragnor ( warrior, warrior from the gods)
    For a Wizard/Witch: Maksim Gwydion (enchanting, God of Magic)

  5. I’m not sure since I’ve not read all of her books and I don’t want to pick out one she’s already used. Maybe Shane.

  6. Connor, shortened to Con. Because it is closest to my husband (Constant) Boring and sentimental, I know..

  7. Actually I named Zephariel aka Zeph the Angel of Vengeance:) but if I got to choose another character’s name I would choose Raine or Winter with sexy bodies to match.

  8. One of my names was picked for naming the sea dragon shifter Proteus. And Amber has already had characters with several of my other favorite names. Thinking…thinking….ouch…Karl or Carlos.

  9. I really think it depends on the story, and that a character dictates his own name. I wouldn’t want to interfere with that!

  10. Zeke or maybe Trick. They sound like good mate material names. But I agree it depends on the character and the story. They tell you what they want

  11. It really does depend on which world the character is in, so if we get to name the character we can also determine the world. I’m going with a pack of wolves. His father was a very cruel man and named him and his twin Garfield and Morris.

  12. Maurice or Leonard after my dad. He’s been the most amazing father you could ever ask for. His was in a child’s home from birth till he was 16 and could work. He didn’t have any love shown to him at all until he met my mum. But you wouldn’t know it by how he raised us 3 kids. He made sure we know we were wanted and loved every day and still does.

  13. Giovanni or something that just rolls out of you tongue like that. ( And they would be really shy and geeky, because I love the dictomy between the sexy name and the shy personality, or the bland name and a really shinning star, overflowing sunshine kind of person.)

  14. When I was young the sweetest boy had a crush on me and was my mini stalker. He left me gifts, like his favorite Hawaiian shirt and such. His name was Clay and we have been married 30 years. All my other favorites are very archaic.

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