193 thoughts on “Amber’s Birthday Contests #5

  1. My superhero power would be flying. Just think of it, no need to use a car, catch a bus or even use a plane, it would be so awesome to go anywhere without worrying about cost of travel.

  2. Not sure if it is a superpower, but I’d like to be able to remember everything I’ve seen or heard, so I’d know how to get out of anything AND find evidence to send the creep to jail

  3. Absorb knowledge… i’d love to be able to read something and then be able to do it. Like in the Matrix! Load me a floppy with driving, languages, martial arts etc =D

  4. I would like many powers – telekinesis and invisibility and teleportation. After all I am a superhero and should have many powers. Healing would be a nice one as well. Perfect recall and empathy should be added in.

  5. My superpower/name would be The Voice. It would be a cross between siren powers and Alpha voice. Sort of command and compel. I’ve obviously tthought about this before πŸ˜‰

  6. I think I’d like the power of teleportation, it’d give me the ability to attend all my kids functions which for some reason always overlap.

  7. The power to recognize others – that is to recognize when someone is a shapeshifter, super hero etc and to see what their power is. . .

  8. Teleportation for sure. I thought about this often. I would never be late again, and wouldn’t need airplanes to visit family in Europe. I’d just ‘pop’ over!

  9. I think I’d want either invincibility (Wolverine), telekinesis/mind control (Professor X), or control of the elements (Storm).

  10. I think that every Mom out there is already a super hero. I know people keep telling me I’m super mom because I’m a single mom of 4 with a set of 1 year old twins and doing it on my own. But like most moms I just feel like me and I do what ever it takes to take care of my kids.

  11. My superpower would be to be able to read faces and know the truth of what someone says. We could resolve so many conflicts if we understood the true motivations of the principals.

  12. The coolest to have the power over the elrments and send out peaceful thoughts to every human on earthfor all year. Not just during the holidays

  13. I like Storm’s power (her’s comes with a side benefit of flight), but honestly healing would probably serve me better as something that could also be a job when strapped for cash. In addition, with healing what you know how to put together you also know where and how to take apart when it comes to defensive needs.

  14. My superpower, cheesy as it may sound, would be the ability to alter conflict with understanding. Between world events, stuff I see played out at work and sometimes online, I wish people would seek to understand before reacting with anger/outrage/judgment.

  15. I would love the have ability to predict the future crimes to save lives…or have super power to end blood shed in the world…

  16. Invisablity would be my superpower, that way I could sneak into any situation ad take care of the bad guys.

  17. I would ask for a wizard or sorcerer’s magical arsenal that would be flexible enough to maneuver through any situation. Or Anthony’s demigod powers. It wouldn’t be as much fun if you only had one after all.

  18. I would love to be able to understand any language from anywhere or anytime, written and spoken. Also the matrix one sound’s cool, if you see it you can do it.

  19. I always wanted the incredibles violets super power of invisibility and force fields. . But I would love to be able to change into any animal more

  20. This might sound kind of dumb. It would be to build houses that had gardens in the back. Those would be for EVERYONE who didn’t have food or a roof over there heads.

  21. To know when someone is lying and be able to get them to tell the truth. Great question and lots of interesting answers.

  22. I’ve always thought having strong magical abilities would be awesome, like a witch or wizard, without the need for a wand though!

  23. To read the thoughts and emotions of others as I most often have no clue what others think or feel. Maybe then I wouldn’t feel and act that awkwardly…

  24. hypnosis through touch, I could change all the evil people to good. Not sure how long it would work though.

  25. With events of last month, i would say be able to eradicate hate and have everyone understand that while you may not agree with someone, you can live side by side. Hate seems to be the root of the world’s problems

  26. I would like to be able to heal any wound and dull pain. That way
    I could help those with both physical and mental injuries.

  27. To be able to make unbreakable force fields of any shape, texture, or size that I have complete control over.

  28. I would like to be able to understand and be able to control anything electronic. No More Geek Squad for me.

  29. over abundance of arrogance … (LOL i made a funny), uh, maybe invisibility .. tellipath .. empathy – never really been able to pin it down

  30. The ability to control the weather. Imagine all of the problems in the world you could fix. No more droughts, floods, or weather related disasters, that would be amazing!

  31. Well to be invisible would be really cool but to be truthful not sure if I woukd use it for good or bad…..so lets go with healing to be on the safe side πŸ™‚

  32. I would like to control the atom (it’s my most wanted power, but my boyfriend says is too OP), if something more low level I would choose imortality

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