Welcome to My Birthday!


Finally, my birthday is here! I’ve always enjoyed my birthday maybe because I share it with my sister. I was born on my older sister’s 4th birthday so I’ve always considered it a fun day. My sister…not so much. LOL!

To celebrate today I am going to run a contest every hour. My wonderful assistant Sheri has come up with some fun contests for you to enter. Some of them you can enter to win a signed copy of End Street Vol 1 from RJ Scott and myself (yes international fans are welcome), or your choice of one of my ebooks. I will also be giving away ARe giftcards and Amazon gift cards and few prize packs.

All entries will be put in a big pot at the end of the month and one person will win a Kindle Paperwhite!




66 thoughts on “Welcome to My Birthday!

  1. Yay happy birthday!!! I almost had my son on my eldest son’s birthday this year & he’s 6….but luckily I had him the day after at 12:14 in the morning. Lol

  2. Happy Birthday Amber, and Happy Birthday to your sister too.
    I had my son on my Birthday, that is one Birthday I will never forget.
    Hope you both have a wonderful day….

  3. Happy Birthday Amber! I don’t share my birthday, but my oldest uncle shares his with his younger twin brothers.

  4. Happy Birthday Amber. I share my birthday with Julia Louise Dreyfus and Patrick Dempsy. He and I are the exact same age but I think he looks better as a man than I would..;) Have a great day Amber.

  5. Happy Birthday Amber. Hope you two have a wonderful time away for your birthday weekend. Hugs. 🙂

  6. Happiest of Birthdays Amber!!! I hope you are having a fantastic time!!! (My Brother and I are 4 years and one day apart. I guess December was the time to get the freak on) LOL

  7. Happy birthday to you! My daughter was born in June. Both my youngest siblings have June birthdays. My brother didn’t want to share his birthday and was relived when it didn’t happen. My sister desperately wanted to share and was so disappointed when it didn’t happen and my daughter was born on a day that’s all her own.

  8. Happy Birthday. My little sister was born a week exactly from my 10th birthday. I wasn’t the happiest camper but it has been awesome watching her grow and to be old enough to give her advice when she needs it.

  9. Happy Birthday, Amber
    Happy Birthday, Amber’s Big Sis

    I share my B-day with no one. It’s mine, all mine, MINE MINE MINE 🙂

  10. Happy Birthday to you and your sister! It really sounds like it is so much fun to share a birthday with a close family member (well I think so anyway).

  11. Happy Birthday Amber and to your sister too! That is so great – I’m surprised that she didn’t think that meant you belonged to her. Weren’t you her present? 🙂

  12. That is cool and happy birthday. While I do not share a birthday with anyone I know, my so does. He and his cousin. Share a birthday almost to the hour, but 3 years apart.

  13. Happy Birthday to you and your sister…..interestingly enough it’s my grandson Alex’s birthday to, which is why I’m so late reading your posts LOL.

  14. Happy birthday to you and your sister! That’s a fun coincidence (and now you can always tell her you gave her your presence as her birthday gift, lol).

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