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Welcome Birthday Guest Bailey Bradford!

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Hi there! I’m Bailey, and today, in celebration of Amber’s birthday month, I’ll be interviewing Josh and Nick— can’t get just one of them alone—from What Matters Most, book 3 from the Love in Xxchange series. Josh has been a reader favorite since his introduction in Bend, book 2. Don’t worry, Nick gets lots of love, too 😀

Anyway! They’re also going to give away the complete e-book set of my Southern Spirits series, which you can check out here:



Why that series instead of theirs? Well, because the Southern Spirits just got a freshening up a couple of months ago, and I haven’t done a giveaway with them 🙂 One winner will get the complete set in either PDF or ePub format. Just let me know which you’d prefer in your comments, please.

All entrants must be 18+ to enter and win.


*Phew!* Now, on to the interview!


Nick: It’s about damn time.

Josh, *patting Nick’s hand*: Don’t be so cranky. It’s unappealing—to the readers. I mean, it turns me on sometimes, but this isn’t that kind of interview.

Nick: What d’you mean, this isn’t that kind of interview? We don’t do sex-talk-interviews.

Josh: You don’t. I’ll share about anything. Now, let Bailey get on with this.

Nick: You and I are gonna discuss that sharing business later. No one else needs to know about what we do in bed.

Josh: Or in the kitchen. Or living room. On the porch—

Nick: Josh!

Josh, laughing: You turn so red, it’s adorable.

Bailey: Um, if y’all are done?

Josh: Don’t stress, Nick. Bailey already put our sex life on display years ago. And for the Thanksgiving Day short she did at her blog.

Bailey, looking nervously at Nick: Don’t glare at me like that. I could have written y’all really boring sex scenes that took place entirely in the dark and were over in less than two minutes. Now, Josh, tell us about your favorite birthday memory, please.

Josh: Hm. But you said no talking about sex in this interview.

Nick: Something other than that part of your birthday. *taps fingers on the arm of the chair* For instance, on my last birthday, you had all the waitstaff at Joe’s Crab Shack sing Happy Birthday to me.

Josh: You hated that.

Nick: I was getting to the part I liked, though.

Josh: Oh. Carry on.

Nick: So, after that debacle, you sang Happy Birthday to me, when it was just us.

Josh: I did! And I was wearing—

Bailey: No, Josh. Not going there. Nick, what was so special to you about what Josh did?

Nick: Well, it was the…the look in his eyes, and the way he held my hand. I’m not the most romantic man, and I’m never gonna be a poet, but he made my heart feel like it was lighter than air. I felt loved, and appreciated. It was probably the best birthday memory that I can share.

Josh: Aw, you are so getting bonus points for that! You are my heart, you know that. *kisses Nick’s cheek* I plan on making certain that you have glorious birthdays for the rest of your life!

Bailey: You two are cute. Josh, what’s your favorite rated PG birthday memory?

Josh: Nick gave me a kitten! A kitten, can you believe that? He always griped about how he wasn’t a cat person when I’d mention maybe getting one, then he wakes me up on my birthday a couple of years ago, and handed me this fuzzy, sweet, adorable kitten with the biggest blue eyes! We named him Bomer, because—

Nick: You named him Tom, because you have a crush on Tom Hardy.

Josh: Um, you said he’s hot, too.

Nick: He—the human he—is. The cat’s just cute.

Josh: And practically lives on your lap when you’re home. Hm. You know, considering that—

Nick: Josh…

Josh: Niiiiiiiiiiick…

Nick, sighing: Fine. We’ll go by SA Pets Alive after this interview and see who we find.

Josh, leaping up: Yes! *mwah* We gotta go, sorry folks. Bailey, you’d better let me have another cat.

Bailey: By all means, I’ll write another short about it. *watches Josh and Nick skeedaddle* I can’t believe I just agreed to write them another short story.



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74 thoughts on “Welcome Birthday Guest Bailey Bradford!

  1. Cute! I do believe I need them in pdf for my beloved nook. Promise I will give them a good home and enjoy the heck out of them.

  2. I’ll look forward to reading their new short soon.

    Also thanks for the chance at winning…I have subtle breeze, but not the others yet, so, PDF please, thank you 😉

  3. That is just so cute. Thanks fr sharing, looking forward to the new short story!LOL. I don’t have the Southern Spirits series so thank you for the chance. PDF preferably.

  4. sounds like a really sweet couple. Thank you for the chance at the giveaway (it would be PDF for me)

  5. I havent gotten to read all the spirit books but the ones I did were amazing. I like the idea of a freshening up I have found that when authors do that we get some more interesting details. If I were lucky enough to win I would like epub

  6. I love Josh! He and Will are probably my two favorites in that series. (I also loved the Thanksgiving short on your blog. Thanks so much for that glimpse into their lives.) I would love epub if I win. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Bailey. Welcome to Amber’s birthday bash. Love your series and it’s great to read a moment for Nick and Josh
    If I win ePub please

  8. I love Josh and Nick!!! And Southern Shifters, Woohoo!!! I’m gonna have t check out the reboot. Would love to win them in pdf.

  9. I would love to read this series in epub…I have a couple books in the series but not all… Luv to win…

  10. Wonderful interview. Thank ypu for that and the giveaway! Pdf, please if I’m lucky enough to win.

  11. Thank you so very much for stopping by and sharing the interview. I’m going to check these guys out they sounds hilarious. Lol. I would love the ePub edition please. Thank you again.

  12. I love every single one of your books I have ever read, and I have a lot! I would love to have an ePub of this series. I have the series but not the new version. I didn’t even know there was a new version.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  13. Oh I love it. And you can never have to many cats. I have 9 now but did have 12. Looking forward to buying more of your books. Thanks for the chance to win some to. Pdf please if I did. But good luck to everyone. Happy reading x

  14. Oooh, that’s a good one! I’ve only read Zeke and Brendon’s story so far. If I am SO lucky ePub please. Thanks for the Josh and Nick, can’t wait to read their next short too.

  15. Awwww That was a GREAT Interview Bailey. I just love them!!! These interviews all make the characters come alive!!
    kindle format (mobi) if I win (crossing fingers!!!!)

  16. Thanks so much for the interview, loved it. You are definite one of my auto-buy authors! I know I will be going over my list of your books to see if I am missing any, but should I win a set I would love the e-pub version.

  17. I was going to individually thank everyone, but see that my comments have to be moderated, oops. So I just want to say, thank you so much to everyone who has commented. Y’all are made of awesome 😀 I’ll post the name of the winners– oh hey, yes, two people will win the complete e-book sets– Tuesday around 6 PM Central here, and on my blog. Thank you all again!

  18. Looks I’m too late. Nothing new there. Lol.
    Still thanks for the short. I love sweet. Yet another thing for my ‘to read’ list.

  19. I loved getting to meet Josh and Nick, thanks for the interview! And I would love a PDF copy of the set if I win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. I’m late too! I thought I’d posted that I’d announce winners Wednesday >.< My apologies. I used random.org to pick winners. Thank you to everyone who won, and congratulations to the winners:

    Blaine (ePub for Mobi, I think) and Terri Culverwell ePub… and what the heck, let's go for Three's a charm, also winning is:

    Donna Mayer PDF.

    All winners, please email me at itsbaileybradford@yahoo.com and verify that you're 18+ so I can email you your books!

    And thank you again, and thank YOU, Amber! ❤

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