25 Days of Cheer – My Shining Star – Day 6


For today’s $10 ARe GC, what is your favorite holiday tradition?


Augustus Griffin has never recovered from the desertion of his first love, Basilio Downs. Even though he’d gone on to get married and have children, his bittersweet memories followed him late into life.

Basilio left his love for reasons of his own. He didn’t want to drag his beloved into his new life as a vampire. Over the years he watched Augustus’ joy and devastation never going too far away.

When Augustus is attacked and transformed into a vampire he brings with him an entirely new outlook to vampire kind. Will he be able to adapt to his new life and forgive his old love or will outside forces tear them apart?




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Anger fueled Gus as he left his apartment and shuffled down two flights as quickly as he could, hoping to reach the screaming man before it was too late. If he’d had any sense, he’d have called the police, but he was tired of punks roughing up people in his neighborhood. This time, he would do something about it. Fury kept him going to the ground floor. He stopped, winded, at the base of the stairwell to catch his breath before he could continue.

Straightening his shoulders as much as he still could, Gus pushed open the heavy door that exited out to the alley. The punks had already left, and a man lay still as death on the ground.

“Poor kid,” Gus muttered. The victim didn’t so much as twitch when Gus approached. Damn, Gus hoped he wasn’t dead! The young man couldn’t have been much older than his mid-twenties.

Using his bat to balance himself, Gus kneeled beside the battered male, his arthritic knees screaming with pain as they hit the rough asphalt and bits of stone dug into his skin through his thin cotton pants.

Damn, he wished he’d grabbed his phone. In his hurry to rescue the guy, he had foolishly left his cell phone on his coffee table. Gus brushed the victim’s hair back from his face. To his surprise, the young man’s eyelids snapped open, and dark, liquid, pain-filled eyes stared back at him.

“Hey, buddy, you all right? Do you think you can stand?” Gus asked in his gentlest tone. He didn’t know if the man should be moved or not, but he couldn’t abandon an injured person in the middle of a filthy alley. What if the assailants returned? Unfortunately, he also wasn’t strong enough to lift the guy up the stairs either. Being old sucked.

“Help me,” the man whispered.

“I’m trying to, but I need to get you upstairs. I don’t have my phone,” Gus explained.

When the young man didn’t speak again, Gus crouched down to slide his right arm beneath the stranger’s shoulders while using his left hand to balance himself with the bat.

The man struck like a viper. Sharp teeth pierced Gus’s skin and sank into his jugular. With a cry, Gus dropped the bat. It hit the ground with a hollow thud, then rolled away.

Why did it never pay to be a Good Samaritan these days?

As he futilely tried to pull the man off him, Gus’s heart stuttered in his chest and the world went black.

84 thoughts on “25 Days of Cheer – My Shining Star – Day 6

  1. ooh, this book sounds interesting. My favourite holiday tradition, beside cooking, eating and being with family, is to rest in the aircon after our Christmas meal and read a book. I am an Aussie. For us Christmas is hot.

  2. Christmas Eve….we all get together and open presents, have yummy green chili and just have a great time.

  3. Spending Christmas day with my immediate family. We don’t go to others house, we just stay home and enjoy the day!

  4. My friend has a girls night in the first Saturday in December. This gives us a chance to relax and enjoy our friends before we our swamped with family obligations.

  5. Christmas Eve we have home made lasagna, then pay games until bedtime! Oh, we also have lots of eggnog!!

  6. Opening a new wrapped book for the 2 weeks before Christmas… gives him a gift to open so he doesnt bug me for more

  7. As I’ve gotten older,it’s the quite times after all the frenzy. To sit with a cup of coffee and talk to family I don’t get to see very often.

  8. I’ve been married 25 years and every year we watch It’s A Wonderful Life. It started out just us but we’ve grown to include 3 babies, a sin in-law, a daughter in-law and 2 granddaughters but this year will be the first time for the baby.

  9. We don’t really have a Christmas Traditions as such but we always have breakfast and dress up then we open our Christmas presents.

  10. We get up and open our presents than have a traditional eggs Benedict breakfast just the family before we see anyone else. Now the kids are adults they still come to my house for breakfast my favorite thing

  11. The Christmas elf left one piece of candy under each kid’s pillow every night, starting the first – still do this with my grown up kids, although now the elf leaves a bag of candy for each person, and they have hire their own elf!

  12. My favorite Christmas tradition is christmas breakfast. I always host it and cannot wait for it this year.

  13. Having a birthday cake for baby Jesus and getting together to sing “Happy birthday ” to him.

  14. I really enjoyed this book.
    Hubby and I people watch on Black Friday and the day after Christmas

  15. Loved the book. Will this be a series? or have a sequel?
    Don’t really have holiday traditions, but at least this year we setup the tree after Thanksgiving instead of Thanksgiving morning.

  16. It woukd have to be decorating the tree. It has always been something that me and my brother did together with our dad (his job being the branches that we could not reach), witle mom was baking cinemon cockies. Now that my brother and I both have grown up, we continue that tradition with his son, so dad and aunty help with the top and the cutest 3 year old in the world tries his best to get things to stick on the brances, which can be veeery difficult and needs a helpful hand from grand dad 😀

  17. We don’t really have any traditions, but we do always make stuffed french toast for Christmas morning 🙂

  18. Watching action “Christmas” movies and baking the Christmas cookies that my family has made for generations.

  19. Favorite holiday tradition is making the Holiday Party Mix (the original chex mix) and egg nog for my hubby.

  20. Didn’t we have this question in Day 3? Let me think of a different answer. One of the things my Dad and I liked to do the day after Christmas was go to his church (I usually went to a different one for Sunday school and children’s choir purposes) for a Messiash sing-along choir fundraiser. Imagine several hundred people singing the Messiash, with a small orchestra accompanying. With a food break/social gathering in the middle.

  21. Listening to holiday music, especially the radio station that plays nothing but holiday songs. 🙂

  22. Just looking at the decorations after they are all put up and thinking how grateful I am to have my family with me.

  23. Umm.. well I guess all the holiday songs that come through the stores. LOL.. or like… I guess I also like the wonderful decorations on houses and the Christmas tree decorations. 🙂

  24. I love how we all make the time to put up and decorate our tree together. It makes the holidays feel complete.

  25. For my actual favorite holiday my tradition is handing out candy (Halloween). For my favorite day off holiday (New Year’s Day) my favorite tradition is eating with friends before finding a random party be it steampunk, EDM, classy, or what have you.

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