25 Days of Holiday Cheer – Baiting Ben – Day 10


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After leaving his old pack in Alaska, Benjamin is looking for a man to call his own. His Alaskan pack hadn’t known what to do with a gay half wolf. The one man he’d hoped to bond with was missing on mate night which told Ben more than words that he needed to move on.

Unfortunately, just as he finds Thomas, his old love hunts Ben down to claim him. What is Ben going to do when two gorgeous werewolves both want him for their mate? Can he teach two alphas that sometimes it’s more fun to share? Or will Ben be forced to choose between a new love or an old flame?

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“What can I get you?” The bartender batted his long sable lashes over a pair of piercing sea green eyes. “Besides me.

Ben chuckled. “A rum and Coke, please.”

“Oooh, a polite one.” The bartender’s hands moved so fast the motion blurred. In seconds, he was presenting Ben’s drink with a flourish and a flirty wink. “Anything else?”

After giving the cute shifter a tip in the glass jar beside him, Ben flashed a grin of his own. “Not right now, but I’ll let you know if that changes.”

It wouldn’t. He was looking for one of his own kind. In his wilder days, the bartender would’ve been a prime hookup, but he was looking for something more permanent. Ben wanted a mate. He wouldn’t get it where he came from. At the Great Claiming, none of the werekin had stepped forward to choose him. Maybe if Dillon had been home, things would’ve been different.


An image of a tall, dark werewolf with forest green eyes flashed in his mind. Ben ruthlessly pushed it away along with his feelings of longing. It had hurt to leave the pack knowing he’d never see the handsome man again, but Dillon was part of his past and tonight was about securing his future.

“Hello there, cute stuff,” a rough voice spoke from behind him. He turned to see a huge man with cold black eyes looking him over like Ben was a prime piece of meat he wanted to devour.

“Um. Hi.” He gave a polite smile and shifted a bit to the side to look around the other man. A sniff proved the guy was werekin, but not one with any mate potential. He didn’t give off the right scent.
To Ben’s shock, the man settled a heavy arm around him. “What do you say you and I get to know each other better? I’m Ned, what’s your name?” It was more a statement than a question, as the other man was already lifting him off his barstool and guiding him toward the exit.

“B-Ben.” Panic rabbited in his chest. Great, his first time in the club and already he was in trouble. Why did things like this always happen to him? All he wanted to do was meet the werewolf of his dreams and settle down, not be kidnapped by a Neanderthal.

A deep voice broke into Ben’s panic. “There you are, honey. Ned, thank you for finding him for me.”

“Thomas.” Ned’s arm fell off his shoulders so quickly Ben lost his balance, causing him to stumble into the speaker. Firm arms wrapped around him, surrounding him in a comforting embrace. He had the oddest sensation of coming home.

“Hello, honey.” Ben’s quick glance up gave him an impression of laughing hazel eyes and a wide white smile before warm lips descended and kissed him to within an inch of his life. Heat burned through his body. Whimpering, he moved closer to the other man, rubbing his erection against the newcomer. The man called Thomas felt long, hard, and perfect against him. The smell of wet dew on a grassy meadow filled his senses. He fought back the urge to howl at the rightness of his scent.

The stranger pulled back. Ben snarled, his gums burning as his teeth elongated in preparation to bite. His wolf wanted to mark the other man so everyone could see. How dare he pull away? The man was his! He battled his instincts to take the larger man down like a lame deer. To bite him, fuck him, and make sure everyone knew he was claimed. Startled by the violence of his thoughts, Ben stepped back.
“I guess he is yours,” Ned said behind him. “You better keep an eye on him before some mate hunter steals him away.” The words trailed off as Ned walked back into the crowd, quickly swallowed by the waves of dancing people.

81 thoughts on “25 Days of Holiday Cheer – Baiting Ben – Day 10

  1. I am addicted to all the so-sweet-it-will-rot-your-teeth Christmas stories published over the years in the M/M world. I have no clear favourite because so many tick the right boxes.

  2. My favourite Christmas stories would have to be A Tri-Omega Christmas by Stormy Glenn, followed with A Very Holland Christmas by Toni Griffin, The Christmas Throwaway by Rj Scott and Amber’s Santa Wishes. I love all of these and read them over Christmas, well and not over Christmas too, lol. Sorry couldn’t pick just one. 🙂

  3. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.. Great memories associated with the story we readed it to the kids all 12 days of Christmas before bed.

  4. Love the Moon Pack series. Time to read them again from the beginning. Favourite holiday story is Christmas Carol.

  5. I wasn’t sure – but as I looked at other replies, the one that resonated most was The Christmas Throwaway

  6. Traditional Christmas story fave would be A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Although I like to watch non-traditional movies that I consider Christmasy like DIE HARD 1 and 2. Those are our “traditional” Christmas stories/movies.

  7. My favorite Christmas story is either A Very Holland Christmas or Wild R Christmas. They might not be known as classics to the world but they always bring a smile to my face.

  8. well… a classic…. A Christmas Carol.

    as for my favorite in MM..ahaha! That would be a HUGE tie between Christmas throwaway or Just Jack XD ahahaha~

  9. A true story from WWI where everyone stopped fighting and played soccer and shared their food and stuff on Christmas Day (or Eve-I have heard both). I have heard it called A Christmas Miracle.

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