25 Days of Holiday Cheer – Enticing Elliot – Day 21!

For today’s $10 ARe GC, do you bake goodies for the holiday and if you do, what is your favorite thing to bake?
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When his boss orders Elliott Samuels to come the Moon pack bar little does he know Anthony’s plans include handing him off to Parker, the pack security officer. Parker takes one look at the slim accountant and knows he’s found the submissive mate of his dreams. Will the two be a love match or will outside forces tear them apart?


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Elliott Samuels looked at the big metal door with the wolf-head knocker and balked. There was no sign on the outside or even darkened windows to indicate this was a nightclub, just a steel door. The lack of a line or roped-off area made him extremely nervous. He almost ran.


However, Anthony had asked him to come. Ordered him, really. He couldn’t say no to Anthony. He didn’t know anyone who could.

Something about the man made Elliott want to make Anthony happy, made him want to do whatever Anthony asked.

No matter how ridiculous.

Like wearing leather pants and a copper-colored mesh shirt. Hell, even the boots were an Anthony requirement. There was nothing so embarrassing as having your new boss take you shopping and then demand your attendance at a bar… club… whatever.

He wasn’t even sure it was legal for Anthony to do that. Of course, he wouldn’t be the one bringing it up.

He’d met the man’s mate.

Tentatively, he took the wolf knocker and banged it a few times.

Immediately, the door opened to reveal a tall, lean man with short black hair and massive shoulders. Cool grass-green eyes looked him up and down. “Yes?”

Nerves had Elliott shaking his head back and forth, more of a spasm than a voluntary movement. “Um, A-Anthony invited me.”


“Elliott Samuels.”

Those green eyes examined him intently. “Samuels?” He knew what the guy was implying, but he didn’t have a pack. He’d never had a pack.

“I’m half-wolf. No pack.” He wasn’t ashamed, no matter how piercing the bouncer’s gaze.

“Can you shift?”

Elliott didn’t know why it mattered, but he nodded. “Full independent change.”

Some half-wolves couldn’t. Couldn’t shift or involuntarily shifted under a full moon, their control not as refined as their full wolf counterparts, but not Elliott. His wolf was a quiet, submissive creature. It had to be coaxed out beneath the moon, but it could be coaxed.

“Excellent.” The man gave him a smile that could only be called… wolfish.

Elliott had the dizzying sensation he was the prey in this scenario, and he wasn’t entirely certain he disliked the idea.

The bouncer pulled a phone from the clip on his low riding black jeans. Elliott blinked at how low those jeans dipped. He discreetly turned his head so he wouldn’t be caught staring inappropriately.

“I need a replacement.” The bouncer’s voice, low and pleasant, slid through Elliott’s body like an aural aphrodisiac.

Damn, the bouncer flipped all of Elliott’s buttons and lit up the scoreboard. Elliott willed himself not to harden. The leather pants he’d squeezed his body into left nothing to the imagination. They might not ride as low as the hot bouncer’s jeans, but they were definitely a snug fit. If he became hard, his lack of underwear would be apparent to all. Damn Anthony. He’d convinced Elliott to do without his boxers, saying it would give him unattractive lines.

He might have to reconsider his current place of employment.

“Coming,” a scratchy female voice said over the speakerphone, pulling Elliott’s attention back to the bouncer instead of the condition of his cock.

The gorgeous wolf hung up and pinned Elliott with those stunning green eyes. “It will be just a moment.” He flashed a wicked smile.

“Like what you see?”

Elliott swallowed nervously. He’d seen guys beat up for less. He hoped Anthony’s name would at least provide some protection.

“Sorry, I-I didn’t mean to stare.” He could feel his cheeks burning with embarrassment, one of the problems with having pale skin. His mother always said he’d inherited his great-grandmother’s Irish complexion, but since the woman died before Elliott’s birth, he had to take her word for it. Elliott only had a few grainy photographs to support the theory.

The bouncer chuckled. “If I didn’t want people looking, I wouldn’t wear them so low. I’m Parker.” He held out one massive paw to Elliott, who cautiously took the hand offered. Elliott relaxed with relief when the larger man carefully shook with Elliott. Apparently, Parker wasn’t one of those men who felt manlier by crushing everyone’s hand to prove he was stronger.

“I’m here.” A pretty woman, who was even shorter than Elliott’s five-nine, walked up the stairs. She took one look at Elliott and gave a wide smile. “I’m Shara. Who are you?”

“This is Elliott,” Parker said, blocking Elliott with his larger frame before she could offer her hand. “Anthony invited him.”

“Hmm. And it takes a personal guard to escort him to Anthony?” Her eyes were brilliant blue, sparkling with mischief.

“Just give me fifteen minutes,” Parker growled before turning back to Elliott. “Come with me.”

Elliott resisted any possible smartass response that involved coming and the hot black-haired man leading the way with his tight, round ass. That didn’t stop him from looking, though.

86 thoughts on “25 Days of Holiday Cheer – Enticing Elliot – Day 21!

  1. not sure if things like cheesecake or egg pie count as baking (except the crust when I choose to make that from scratch), but I do like to bake choc. chip cookies even though that’s more of an every day/week thing.

  2. Not really. Tho my kids are baking cupcakes after they clean there room before Santa come … Does that count?!

  3. About the only things I bake are frozen pies. I do a mean main meal with side dishes, though. It can be turkey, ham or even this year’s enchiladas with beans and rice. I’m great with that, but baking- not my usual thing.

  4. My favorites are mini pecan tarts and pfferneuse(sp ?). May just make some of those tarts today because now I won’t be able to stop thinking about them.

  5. I usually make chocolate cupcakes and ginger cookies — not gingerbread men, ginger cookies…

    But if I still have some time I make some sugar cookies and apple cupcakes since I’m unable to buy equipment to make pie…

  6. Lots of baking and cooking. Biscuits, cupcakes, pies. All to be eaten cold. But my favourite is pavlova. Whipping up a pav is really easy and once it has cooled, I really enjoy smothering it in vanilla and passionfruit flavoured cream and then decorating the top with a rainbow of delicious fruits.

  7. Anything that has to do with cooking/baking is so not for me so no. I’ve actually been banned from the kitchen

  8. I bake shortbread each year, my Mom’s Scottish shortbread recipe, which I give away to a lot of people! I make gingerbread loaf, a few of which are given away and an apple pie for Christmas dinner. The only thing I make that is not shared are Xmas Mounds, those are for me since they have chocolate 😉

  9. Sometimes I bake and I think my favorite thing is to try something new:) An old favorite is a sweet potato baked dish that is scrumptious.

  10. I used to spend an entire week baking. Peanut butter cookies have always been my favorite and my recipe is the absolute best!!! xoxo

  11. I once did a Pumpkin pie from scratch. I mean I even got a pumpkin from the garden and cooked it down the old fashion way never again bought ready made pies after that. Still do.

  12. We do bake for the holidays. Just made one of our favorites over the weekend – shortbread mini-cups with chocolate/PB chips and a custard-like filling.

  13. Not lately, but I used to do Christmas cookies when I lived with my mom and after I moved out I usually made something from a mix either brownies or cake or banana bread from scratch.

  14. I used to do a lot of baking, but now I only do it if it’s required for some work function. mostly breads and muffins, sometimes a pie, and fudge, always fudge (but baking isn’t required for that).

  15. Like a lot of the others,I don’t bake as much now but I love homemade cookies. I’ve done more handmade candies the last few years.

  16. use to bake cookies but not for a few years now since no one seems to want sweets around (and i don’t need them all)

  17. We usually bake pies (pumpkin, pecan, lemon meringue, etc), rolls, sometimes sugar cookies, and sometimes cheesecakes.

  18. There are four or five cookies that I try to make every year. I actually managed it this year with some help. I love my family’s old fashioned cutout cookies.

  19. I love to bake, even though I have to have gluten/dairy free cakes I do make seasonal cookies, cupcakes, apple pie and other treats with normal flour, etc

  20. I love to make my pumpkin cupcakes that I fill with whipped cream, then top with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Yum!!!

  21. Lots of baking and candy making this time of year, my favorite is a pumpkin bundt cake with a cheesecake center and brown sugar cinnamon glaze. So yummy!

  22. Yes! I love holiday baking, especially cookies. The type of cookie doesn’t really matter, they’re all fun to make.

  23. We do pie for thanksgiving. For Christmas it is usually cookies or fudge or pumpkin squares. My favorite to bake is gingerbread cookies.

  24. Nope!
    But I do like the cookies from Ralphs that are round and have that yuuuuuuuuuummy!!!… white frosting and the other thing we eat or get is a slice or… slices of Pastel de Tres Leches 😉

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