25 Days of Holiday Cheer – Faerly Furry – Day 24!


For today’s $10 ARe GC, are you a last minute gift shopper or do you buy gifts months in advance?


All Gage wanted was to have the perfect dominant mate. Unfortunately his cat side hadn’t approved of any of the men who thought they were the one. Being tossed out of his own pride for having an inferior cat, Gage had problems finding a mate. Club SoulFinder promised him miracles and he planned to hold them to his high expectations.

Ellig came to Club SoulFinder after his friend Darwin found his mate. If Darwin could find a rare dark elf, surely Ellig could find a partner. Ellig liked to dominate his partner but the whole whips and chains scene didn’t appeal to him. For Ellig taking control was more important than props. Unfortunately he couldn’t find a submissive who shared his viewpoint.

Two men with matching tastes will have to overcome their personal biases in order to accept that maybe they’ve met the mate of their dreams even if he didn’t come in the expected package.


Gage approached the door, then froze. On the outside, it resembled every other door in the hall of Club SoulFinder. Inside lurked the mate of his dreams, if the matchmakers were to be believed. Using his cat senses, Gage sniffed at the ruby red wood. A faint smell of cleaning supplies and paint tickled his nose, but he couldn’t smell anything beyond the door.


Gage had the best nose in his family. Sadly, he’d never see them again. He couldn’t go back there—ever.

Ruthlessly, Gage shoved down his despair. Now wasn’t the time to become melancholy about his family’s inability to accept his sexual orientation. It wasn’t like he chose who he found attractive, and he bet if he hadn’t turned down the leader’s daughter, no one would’ve given a crap.

Still, some mistakes couldn’t be taken back, and he’d rip out his claws before he accepted a woman as his life partner. Deep down, he knew the perfect man for him existed somewhere in the world. The fates might mock him with his current situation, but he wasn’t going to let it ruin his life.

Swallowing the mountain-sized knot in his throat, Gage slid his key in the lock and opened the door.

Ellig watched the door with bated breath. He didn’t want to be there, but after Brin told him this was where he met the love of his life, what choice did he have? He’d never seen the captain of the guard so happy. Darwin might not be to Ellig’s taste, but there was no denying the two of them were blissfully in love. He wanted that for himself. If Brin could find a dark elf for a partner, surely Ellig could find someone who met his special needs. Because despite all the romance stories, it wasn’t so easy to find a strong man who liked to be tied down and overpowered.

The men Ellig kept running into were either assholes or in denial about their needs. He wanted neither. Was it too much to ask to have a big muscular man who liked the occasional spanking?

A noise at the door caused Ellig’s heart to speed up.

This was it!

The man who walked through the door was like an itemized list of Ellig’s most desired qualities in a man. Easily six foot four with bulging muscles and a strong, manly face, Ellig’s potential mate filled the doorway where he paused to look uncertainly around the darkened room. Ellig realized after a moment that his visitor didn’t know he was there. His dream man hadn’t looked toward the corner Ellig stood in.

“Come inside and join me,” Ellig said after clearing his throat. He caught a flash of gold in the newcomer’s eyes as they glowed faintly in the dim lighting.


The color always gave them away. No other species had metallic eyes.

In that moment, Ellig felt like prey, certain that the man coming inside could see him better than he could see the stranger.

Ellig enjoyed the shifter’s smooth movements, another part of having an animal spirit. They were all graceful and sexy; too bad most of them were alphas. From the size of the man before him, Ellig’s dream of an alluring submissive for a partner was going to remain just that—a dream.

Stepping forward, Ellig held out his hand. “Hello, I’m Ellig.”

His hand was taken in the firm, but careful grip of a man who knew his own strength, but didn’t feel the need to prove it to everyone else. “I’m Gage.”

The sound of Gage’s deep voice sent shivers up and down Ellig’s spine, even as his hopes of finding a submissive mate slipped through his fingers like water in a cupped hand.


Still holding Ellig’s hand, Gage stepped closer. Leaning down, he sniffed his way up Ellig’s neck, pleased when the other man shivered. He’d been worried his attraction might be one-sided.

The impossibly beautiful man standing before him had at least one fae parent. Ellig had the golden, elegant beauty of his race. There was also no mistaking that divine scent of flowers and musk coming off Ellig’s skin.

Unfortunately, there was no way this sleek man, who was at least a foot shorter than Gage, would be the dominant Gage sought.

“Pleasure to meet you,” Gage said. He held back a sigh. At a club, this man would’ve been the type Gage admired while he was waiting for a stronger man to take him home. Gage released Ellig’s hand then stepped back.

“What kind of shifter are you?” Ellig asked.

“Cat,” Gage responded. It was habit more than deception that prevented him from telling Ellig what type of cat he was. It didn’t matter since they weren’t exactly going to be planning a future together.

“Nice.” Ellig ran a finger down Gage’s arm. “I’m partial to kitties.”

“As long as you’re not partial to pussies, we won’t have any problems.”

Ellig’s laugh was bright and beautiful like the man himself.

Gage almost jumped when Ellig went onto his tiptoes and placed a kiss on his mouth.

Oh, so good.

The contrast of honey and heat slid across Gage’s tongue as he leaned into the embrace, eager for more. Just as Gage pushed deeper into the kiss, Ellig broke away.

“Are you purring?” he asked with a smile.

Gage looked down. “Um, sorry about that.” What could he say? Cats purred when something felt good.

“Don’t be sorry, that’s very hot. I’ve never made another man purr.”

Gage smirked. “Maybe you’ve been dating the wrong men?” Gage couldn’t resist sliding his fingers beneath Ellig’s shirt and stroking the smooth skin underneath. His cat knew the pleasure of being petted. A craving for physical contact rode Gage hard. It had been too long since his last skin-to-skin connection. Ellig’s eyes fluttered shut, and Gage felt a flash of pride from pleasing the other man.

Whoa, why was he flirting? Gage knew this wasn’t going anywhere, but he couldn’t regret his actions when Ellig opened his eyes and gave Gage a brilliant smile.

“Maybe I have,” he agreed.

Gage didn’t know how it happened. One minute, they were having a conversation, the next second, Ellig was yanking Gage’s shirt over his head.

91 thoughts on “25 Days of Holiday Cheer – Faerly Furry – Day 24!

  1. I mostly finished by October but did pick up a few small things at the last minute. I absolutely refuse to participate in the Black Friday madness, much prefer to shop online.

  2. In the past I’ve had everybody’s gifts bought and wrapped well before Christmas. This year however I have been making the gifts and am working on the last one still. Luckily it’s for my youngest son and he doesn’t mind waiting for his present if I don’t get it finished in time.

  3. I am a last minute shopper baja but here in Spain the gifs are for el día de reyes (6th January) so I have more time.

  4. I’m not done months in advance, but I do try to avoid malls by mid December and if I missed anything at that point, order online!

  5. I buy starting Dec 26. I can’t stand the being in the stores and being surrounded by crazed shoppers

  6. Not Last minute shopper but I’m not super early either. Usually start around October and try to be done by beginning of December.

  7. I buy throughout the year for my immediate family and my relatives. My partner leaves his relatives to Christmas eve. Having him shop for his side was meant to teach him how much effort I go through to obtain thoughtful gifts. We just had our exchanging of gifts at his parents’ house (even though it is still 4hrs before Christmas day starts) and all his family received gift vouchers from him.

  8. I used to start shopping the day after Christmas for presents for the next year. I don’t currently have the space to do that but I still shop early.

  9. I shop early, Months in advance. However, I have decided I need to wait till after Thanksgiving, because I forget what I bought for whom and wind up buying double. 🙂 I will try it next year and see how that works out. lol

  10. It changes year to year 🙂 Depends on if I see anything that I know someone would like or need. If I do, I get it and put it away for the holidays, If not, well, there’s always the black friday sales lol

  11. I try to be done earlier, but the way that our extended family does gifts and requires gift lists causes me to buy up until the last few days sometimes. It drives me nuts shopping so late.

  12. Not a last minute shopper but my dad’s birthday is 27th November so after his birthday it’s exactly a month to Christmas so we start the Christmas shopping then.

  13. I start every year with good intentions of starting the shopping early.. But end up every year spending all December frantically ordering stuff!

  14. Mostly last minute because I either forget to look early or need to change what I’m getting and then have to wait to buy it.

  15. Last minute or I should say last 6 weeks I hate going out the last 10 days people are really crazy by then.

  16. A bit of both – I do a lot of shopping throughout the year… But there’s always some to do really close to Christmas.

  17. I’m usually done by the first week in December. This year, I’m still finishing up (and it’s Christmas Eve, YIKES)

  18. Because I’m on a fixed income I don’t have the money to buy everything at once so I have to split the gift buying up into several months but I usually start in September.

  19. I am a last minute shopper! the worst part is i work in retail and I still shop late! I’ll be out shopping when I’m done working tonight.. Have a wonderful Christmas Eve Everyone!!! Happy Shoppibg

  20. I try not to be a last minute shopper, usually start buying several weeks ahead. But, it seems something always comes up last minute anyway.

  21. I start on the day after Christmas and then am finished by early December. This time I finished on this Tuesday. Everything was wrapped and ready to open by as of yesterday. Woo hoo!

  22. I don’t buy months in advance but I try to only need to get little things or last minute additions in December, since December is crazy at work

  23. I tend to do my Christmas shopping the month of until the last minute. Lottery tickets and candy (part of stocking stuffers) are bought the day before or morning of (7-11 run). We’ve tried that months ahead thing and we get screwed because either we can’t find the gifts when wrapping time comes or we forget about them.

  24. I usually have most presents bought by November at the latest, but there’s almost always one or two presents that wait until a week or so before Christmas.

  25. I am both. I did most of my shopping in November, but I have been out all day shopping. It was so much fun!

  26. I’m neither. I like to buy gifts a few weeks before the day. I don’t really like buying way in advance since there’s a chance the person might have lost interest in what I got them.

  27. Both. I pick up gifts year round, but sometimes forget where I stash them and have to pickup some things last minute.

  28. If I see a cool gift during the year for someone, I’ll buy it. The bulk of my shopping ends up last-minute, though…

  29. Not really either one. I might get something early if it’s something that would be perfect, but usually I shop early in Dec.

  30. Some of each. We try to get it all done early, but some stuff – such as our annual photo calendars and photo albums for our parents, always seem to be last minute.

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