Surprise Contest!

Hi everyone!

If you follow Amber on social media then you know she is going in to get skin cancer removed on her hand today. So I’m going to run a contest for her fans, and hopefully you can share some messages to help her feel better!

Up for grabs is an audio copy of “Keys” and one complete set of “Moonpack” (A to N), what makes you feel better when you don’t feel well? Feel free to leave well wishes for Amber as well! 

Thank you all for being amazing fans!


123 thoughts on “Surprise Contest!

  1. If my mind is out of place, I like to rearrange my book shelves. They always need to be organized, as I’m a book blogger and keep fussing over the books to do posts and tags. If I don’t feel up to the physical task, I grab either a fairy tale book or something from Ava March and just read, curled up on my bed with my stuffed animals all over me ❤ It all only gets better if there is someone to pet my head while I do so, haha! 🙂

    I'm sending lots of positive thoughts for Amber and her family, together with some prayers. I hope she gets well in no time, she only deserves good things – and this is so not a good thing!

  2. When I don’t feel well, I drink chicken broth out of a mug. Which my mother would give me when I was a kid.

    Good luck with your hand skin removal! You are going to do great!

  3. Well Wishes to Amber (I’ll be thinking of her today).

    Usually, I curl up with a feel-good read, or TV show, sometimes Original Trek. Something about those old episodes from the ’60’s just make me smile.

  4. Get better Amber. My mother had skin cancer removed (I don’t remember if it was malignant or not) when I was kid. You’ll be fine. When I’m sick, I want to curl up with a good book and have someone make me some soup. 🙂

  5. Amber, hope everything goes well and you get better soon.

    I normally curl up and veg out with my favorite books or movies or play a videogame if I can concentrate for longer than a minute. 🙂

  6. Having my family close makes me feel better, and maybe a big mug of hot chocolate too if its cold out side. I am sending prayers to you Amber for a speedy recovery after the surgery and hope you have very little to no pain in your healing.

  7. Hope everything goes good! & what usually makes me feel better is my babys & binge watching tv shows on netflix or on demand.

  8. Amber, I hope all goes well with your hand surgery. My mom always made me rice and milk when we were sick or just not feeling well. Cooked rice, milk, butter, salt and pepper bring to a boil. Turn off heat let it sit for 5 mins then enjoy. Help settle an upset stomach too.

  9. Take it easy and all will be fine. That is a piece of cake and soon you will be healed and all better. Get well soon and feel great.

  10. My little dog Ru always seems to know when I’m not feeling so great. He curls up on my lap to keep me company. That always helps, knowing that my friend cares.
    I hope you feel better soon Amber. Think on the bright future, not the crappy now! 😊

  11. My favorite way to feel better is to pick one author’s books and read all of them, start to finish.

  12. Amber I am a nurse and noone hates being sick more than me. That said I also know that rest is a powerful weapon. Give your body lots of time to heal. Do what I do, turn on your favorite chill out music (mine is jazz), charge up the ebook and spend some quality time with your favorite fictional characters. Get well soon!

  13. Amber feel Better Soon! My favorite way to feel better is to curl up on the couch with a warm cozy throw and a good book!

  14. My feel-good/comfort item when I don’t feel good is wrapping up in the quilt that my grandma made me when I was 14. It looks “well loved”, but it always makes me feel better.

  15. Only one thing makes me feel better – reading, reading, reading. Had since I started to read at age 5. The music I like combined to reading comes a close second. Funny movie or old loved cartoon sometimes is a relaxation.

  16. My feel good comfort item is reading a great book and snuggling with it on the couch with a cup of tea!

    Feel better Amber! Hope everything goes smoothly

  17. Best wishes for a quick recovery, both my Dad and Sister had skin cancer removed from couple different places so I realize how hard it is for everyone. I wish you and your family the best. I love to curl up with a good book with something of my mom’s when I am sick

  18. I unfortunately have this down as I’ve been sick this last year! I love to snuggle in a bunch of pillows and blankets, put a good comfort movie on and start reading. If you set it up right you can nap and wake up and continue to read.

    Feel better soon Amber!! Lots of positive entertain going your way

  19. I like to read and be by myself.
    I hope everything went smoothly and you feel better and stress free soon.

  20. Heres to a speedy recovery,your books are just what i need after a hard shift and they go amazing with a glass of wine or hot chocolate whilst soaking in the bath. Get well soon 🤒🤒

  21. Fill better Amber.

    I always feel better when I call my kids and have them come over with the grand kids and I can snuggle up to all of them and just be me. I remember when my husband’s brother was diagnosed with lung cancer and I helped him find a good doctor with a good treatment program while he was going through chemo I would send little presents to him to cheer him up. I hope you have someone to do that for you. Snuggle up hun and remember you have lots of people praying for you.

  22. Reading in front of the (fake) fireplace with hot cocoa and lots and lots of chocolate!!! Hope you heal fast Sugar!! xoxo

  23. I hope the surgery went well and your hand heals quickly. When I went through my surgery I cuddled with blankets and my body pillow with a ice pack on my scar and lots of hot tea and a few frappe’s. Its awful to know you can’t do anything to keep your mind off the pain and soreness.

  24. If I am not feeling well, I listen to books. I have my feel better books. They make me laugh. Or if one of the reasons I don’t feel good is because my head hurts, I listen to instrumental music. I hope your life gets more stress free after your appointment. Let your family take care of you. Milk it 🙂

  25. Feel better soon. Do everything your doctor says, including stretching of the affected area so the scars don’t set (I had a few cancerous lesions removed from my hand a few years ago). Then cuddle up with a good book or trashy novel to while a way the time.

  26. Hope all goes well and you get better soon. When I don’t feel well, I like to lose myself in a good book or a mindless tv show. I also love having my family around when I’m in need of a hug.

  27. Thinking of you, Amber!

    When I don’t feel well, I like medium cheddar cheese, 7-up, and hugs from my daughter. 🙂

  28. Hope all goes well and you heal up soon. Take care of yourself. A nice bath with scents and candles, soft music and a nice glass of wine.

  29. Good Luck with the procedure Amber. Hugs and kisses to you.

    A hug from my kids or a cuddle with my staffy works for me, or a nice bit of chocolate if those aren’t available.

  30. Hope everything goes well with your hand 🙂

    I always feel better with a good book and a comfy spot on the couch with my kitties.

  31. When I don’t feel well, I have to reread my favorite stories that made me feel good. I can’t read new ones, I have to trot out the oldies but goodies.

    Good wishes are flying your way Amber. Feel better soon.

  32. When I don’t fell well I just like to cuddly up in my comfy sofa and read a book.

    Hope you have a safe and fast recovery Amber!

  33. First of all I want to let Amber know she is in my thoughts and prayers as she deals with this. My Dad had to have several spots removed due to cancer and is a healthy, trouble making 84 yr old.:) As to what makes me feel better when I am sick..there are a few things. My cat Leona, seems to sense when I am not feeling good and will snuggle all day. My son, who is an R.N. tends to hover and check vitals etc along with doing whatever it is I need from meds to a hug .My husband gives freaking amazing back rubs and will drop whatever he is doing to either go buy me something I might be hungry for, or crawl in bed and snuggle til I fall asleep.

  34. Best wishers for a quick recovery. I hope they get it all the first time! To make me feel better, after surgery or the flu, I watch all the movies I have been missing! When I can’t lay on the couch anymore, I move to the rocking chair and read until I fall asleep. Then I start the process all over again! Lots of prayers your way and thanks for the chance!

  35. Feel better soon & please don’t rush your recovery, Amber. I love a great book, hot Earl Grey tea, & chicken corn chowder served with buttery, toasted English muffins when I ‘m under the weather.

  36. I hope that you recover quickly with no pain. When I don’t feel good I want my bed, and my furbabies. They are so comforting as long as they aren’t laying on the wrong part of me and causing me more pain.

  37. Good luck with the surgery, hope all goes well.
    When I am sick I like to read a good book and even more special is when my children fuss over me and make me cups of tea and keep checking to make sure if I need anything….xo

  38. Sending healing thoughts to you hope you have a speedy recovery.
    When I.m feeling low I do the same as most of your group I read or listen to books and pretty much veg out.

  39. Hope you feel better Amber and it is a quick and easy procedure. When I feel unwell my fuzzy babies give me cuddles while I sleep or watch TV. that always makes me feel better.

  40. A good book, a nice cup of tea and a snuggly cat in my lap always make me feel better. Sending you healing thoughts.

  41. Hope evereything did go well. I like to stay in bed read, sleep, let my kids spoil me – bring me tea, an apple, and everything everything I can think of or whatever comes to their mind. I just get up to go to the toilet and the move back to bed.

  42. I hope everything goes well for Amber. When I feel bad, just snuggling up in bed or on the couch and reading makes me feel better.

  43. I hope everything goes well today! I’m sure it will! Like so many others, a good book, something comforting to drink – tea, hot chocolate and a cozy space like my bed or wrapped in a favorite blanket, all make me feel better. And the occasional nap! I hope all your boys are set to spoil and take care of you – perhaps with a few sarcastic barbs, so you know you are in the right house!!!

  44. What makes me feel better is a when someone gives me genuine smile. Amber here is a smile for you. : )

  45. Good Luck, Amber! I like to curl up with a good book – chocolate helps too. This time of year a cup of rich hot chocolate goes well with a good book, LOL.

  46. Hope everything goes well Amber. Look after yourself hon. (I have all the books and audio so please don’t enter me.)

  47. I hope that everything goes well. Even when the worst is going on, things do get better. I have a sister who was diagnosed with breast cancer a bit more than a year ago. After surgery (twice) while she was going through radiation therapy they discovered something on her left arm. It was osteosarcoma, and very aggressive. She lost her left arm up to the elbow. She had chemo and throughout had a great attitude. She is a teacher, she even went back to school only a month after chemo was done. She has been well for a year, but I think one of the reasons she did so well was simply the way she approached all of it. I wish Amber the best, and dumb as it can sound sometimes, the outlook you have can make an immense difference

  48. Hope it all goes well. Honestly when I don’t feel well, all I want is to be left alone and sleep or read. Of course it is nice to be able to ring a bell and have what you need brought to you! Best of luck!

  49. Good luck with the surgery! I always go for some Zinger tea and a good book…and cats. Nothing makes me feel better than a cat snuggled up to me try to make me feel better. And if the reading makes my head hurt maybe I will tun on the BBC’s version of P&P.

  50. Good luck Amber!
    I’m beating breast cancers ass! You can beat this too!!
    I like to hide with a good book. To be left alone. Lol.

  51. Good luck Amber. Praying for your complete recovery. My comfort food is chicken and dumplings. That and a good book is a great recipe for relaxing as you recover. We went through skin cancer treatment with my husband. He had it in his lower right eye lid. They had to remove 70 percent of the lid. Fortunately it was not deep enough to warrant any other treatment. Praying yours goes as well!

  52. Depending what’s wrong a good book and to be left alone or a real dark room and again to be left alone, lol.

  53. Hope all goes well. I had a friend who had that and she is now 5 years free of cancer. For me, I like a nice cup of tea and a comfort book.

  54. I have been praying for her. I enjoy relaxing with a cup of tea and after I finish my tea then reading something to relax me even more while I snuggle under the covers.

  55. Hope everything goes well. I like to curl up with a good book (or ebook) and some snacks. There aren’t any calories when you’re sick. 🙂

  56. Hope you feel better soon Amber. Lying in bed with a hot cup of Tea and a one of my comfort books to read always helps when I don’t feel well.

  57. Today I had to go to the doctor instead of to work. After three hours all they could tell me was, “you’re sick”. NSS. They then tried to give me prescriptions that I was either allergic to, or already had.

    After that lovely fiasco, I treated myself to a nice hot chai, heavy on the chai and with nutmeg sprinkled on top. Sure, it does not cure the illness, but it does give me a moment to quietly drink my tea while thinking of nothing but the warmth flowing down my throat. My version of zen meditation. After which I could laugh at the insanity that was my doctors visit.

    Amber, I hope that they got all the cancer, and that after a bit of reflection you can treat this as just another story to tell.

  58. When I’m under the weather I love reading a book, preferably counter-season. Reading a book with a summer setting in the winter just makes me feel cozy.

    Best wishes and take care.

  59. when i am under the weather i stay in bed under my lovely warm duvets all day and watch tv whilst reading at the same time, lol and then i get my son to run around after me, when he not in school, which he is very good at, he will make me cups of tea and fill my hot water bottle if needed or make the tea for me so i don’t have to, even go down to the shops for stuff like milk if we run out, he a great lad. i went to an awards ceremony on monday where my son attends cadet, not expecting much but was really proud that he won the cadet’s cadet award, which is the award the other cadets choose, it is given to the cadet that the other cadets most want to be like, so you can imagine how proud of him i was for that.

  60. Oh, Amber I wish I could cuddle you and bake you some cupcakes while you recover. But I am most certainly wishing you a swift recovery. ❤

    And what I do when I'm not feeling well is pretty much cuddle my dog under my bed covers and just relax and read books. Then I usually listen to rain sounds on youtube and really just relax the day away. lol

  61. I hope you feel better soon, Amber!
    When I am not well I snuggle up with a few smexy guys (in ebooks) and nibble vegemite on toast with a hot cup of tea.

  62. What makes me feel better was cuddling with my Dog and my son, but since she passed away over a year ago I love to cuddle with my son and watch a movie with a hot cup of tea. Wish you well Amber

  63. I love to put in a movie and eat chocolate to a great cryer. That way I can get all my crying out and who doesn’t love a great movie. Hope everything goes well and you get well quickly.

  64. As much as we all love your stories (and we really really love them ) we love you as a person more. So you do what you need to so you get well. So wrap all of the love, hugs, prayers, well wishes and healing energy around yourself and get better.

  65. Best wishes to Amber. I hope everything goes well and she has a quick recovery.

    I liked to curl up in bed with a good book when I’m not feeling well or not having a good day.

  66. Best wishes for a quick and complete recovery!
    Tea, meds and a snuggly blanket with a good book to read.

  67. I like to re-read my favorite books, even the weepy ones…by the end of the book I am usually in a good place – emotionally if not physically.

  68. Hope everything goes well, and you feel better. I like Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup and buttered toast.

  69. Amber, you have made me go in and get a few moles looked at that I’m not happy with the way they look. Thank you for reminding us all that we should be careful about the sun. I hope you heal fast and with minimal pain.

    When I don’t feel well, instead of chicken noodle soup, I like egg drop soup. As well, I have a wonderful fuzzy blanket I like to curl up in. I do try to get plenty of sleep since I usually get viruses when I am run down.

  70. A good book and some light music with homemade chicken soup makes me feel better. Hope you recovery goes smoothly.

  71. Hope all is going according to plan, and get well soon!!

    And on what I do when I feel sick? Two things; music and vegging out in my bed with my kindle. And just being kid-free. That is heaven to me when I don’t feel well.

  72. When I am not well I like to read to take my mind of it if that does not work curl up in a blanket with a film on low . Hope today goes well and u start to feel well soon

  73. a cup of hot tea and a good book while wrapped in a warm soft blanket with the phone close by for friends to check in often. i had the same done a year ago so i wish her well and offer the thought that it works more often than not

  74. I enjoy making some rice with vegetable soup to calm me and eating it curled up on the couch with my dogs and a good book. I hope Ambers surgery goes well and wish her the very best in her recovery.

  75. I’m a big fan of reading and snuggling with the wee doggie when not feeling well. Sending good thoughts your way Amber.

  76. Hope the procedure went well. A good book, some great music on the stereo, a purring cat and a good cup of tea all help make me feel righter in the world.

  77. Please sent Amber my best on her operation. Good vibes coming her way.

    Sent from my Samsung GALAXY S5™, a Cricket 4G LTE smartphone

  78. Family being there for me and a good book.

    Hope Amber’s procedure goes well and she recovers without issues.

  79. Her inscision looks painful. Sending healing thoughts her way. What makes me feel better is watching some of my favorite movies.i If I’m sick i tend to sleep alo t so reading comes in spurts. With movies if I fall asleep I can wake up and be comforted by what’s playing.

  80. Her incision looks painful. sending healing thoughts her way.
    My favorite movies make me feel better. When Im’ sick I sleep a lot so with the movies on I can drift in and out without missing anything.

  81. Amber wishing you great success with your recovery. All your fans are praying for you. Take it easy and relax with your favorite author (s) in bed. You helped me keep my sanity from 9/16/14 through 5/1/15, bed bound with a repaired torn Achilles heel and ACL repair. Stay strong I’ll see you in your stories soon. Peace

  82. Maintain your calm and drink plenty of water. A stress free body heals faster. My thoughts are with you. When I feel bad my husband lays with me and hums or sings softly. If I can’t handle noise he rubs my lower back and butt. I think it’s the contact. He swears by the butt rub.

  83. Good luck on your operation and I hope everything goes well. I like burrowing inside a blanket and not move.

  84. I think I’ve missed this comp. But would still like to wish Amber a speedy recovery. Hope you feel better soon , keep taking the meds. Let your family wait on you. It’s good for them. I’m in pain all the time, so i like to read when ever I can to keep my mind off it. That’s why I love your books. Your world’s are amazing to see. Best holidays ever. Keep strong. All the best xxx

  85. Hope you get better soon.
    Usually when I’m feeling unwell, I like to have soup with toast, tastes so good. I also like hot chocolate. I like to believe that hot chocolate can cure all, or at least make you feel better. Reading a good book while hot chocolate gives me somewhat a Christmassy feeling. Reminder of the great times

  86. Hope you feel less yucky soon. I’d say well, but that usually takes longer. I don’t know if it would help you feel better but I find curling up in my comfy soot with my cat, a good book and my favorite food and drink to be the way to go(that and sleeping through the hurt).

  87. I hope everything goes well Amber 🙂 when I don’t feel well I like to reread some of my favorite stories and ask my mom to make me ome soup.

  88. Hoping everything goes smoothly. When I don’t feel well i like to get cozy in my pj’s with a blanket and book. Best wishes.

  89. I love hot tea and sleep (sans kids) when I am sick.

    I do hope you feel better soon. I had to get skin cancer removed on my back. Other than a scar, I am a-okay 🙂 I hope yours turns out positive as well!

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