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Hello everyone,

I bet you thought I’d forgotten about you. This week is the first week I’m able to do some limited typing after my hand surgery so I thought I’d drop by and give you a Tuesday Teaser.

From my next dragon men book (hopefully coming out this month)

NOT EDITED – just a warning to read at your own grammatical risk.


An object punched through the atmosphere and hurtled toward the planet’s surface snagging King Zeir’s attention. He clawed at the stone ledge, increasing the depth of the grooves already there from previous moments of ire. As the flaming sky debris came closer Zeir realized it wasn’t just a random asteroid crashing down, but a ship.


From the speed they fell through the air the interlopers must be having ship trouble. Zeir snorted. They got what they deserved for trespassing in his kingdom.

His suppressed human half tried to surface, eager to investigate the newcomers, while his churlish dragon side wanted to be left the fuck alone. The object appeared to gain speed as gravity dragged it out of the air. Zeir hoped the ship would continue to head north and into one of the other kingdoms. Survivors took too much energy. Kill them or keep them, he’d have to decide what to do once they landed.

Too many people had been trying to enter his kingdom lately, some friendly, some not. Zeir didn’t care about their motivations he just wanted them gone. He didn’t like strangers on his land. Visitors and vacationers could head to more welcoming kingdoms. Zeir wasn’t running a holiday resort or an alien paradise; this was his home.

The object vanished in the trees. A faint booming sound filtered through the jungle noise as it impacted with the earth. From the smoke floating up through the canopy the damn thing hadn’t traveled far enough to leave Zeir’s kingdom.

His ears flicked forward. Maybe there wouldn’t be any survivors. No survivors. No problems. Deep down he probably should’ve felt shame over that hope, but his emotions had sunk beneath a deep freeze years ago and had shown no signs of stirring.

Zeir tipped his head back and roared, a bellowing call to his people. They needed to check out the crash. They needed to collect any survivors and bury any casualties before the jungle animals came to investigate. He might not like intruders but they didn’t deserve to be devoured and have their bones scattered across the jungle either. Dragonmen respected the dead even if they didn’t mourn for long.

“We’ll meet you at the crash site,” Viller Dragonworth said, his telepathic communication loud and clear in Zeir’s head.

After years of being in his dragon form Zeir’s mental communication with his people had grown stronger than any other king on the planet. He could contact any of his people through their mental link, and feel their presence anywhere on Dragait.

The sound of an unfamiliar dragon’s roar from the direction of the crash had Zeir snapping his head toward the noise.


He didn’t recognize the voice. A strange beast had landed on his planet. The plaintive dragon bellow sounded more scared then demanding. It called out its worries seeking help and reassurance. Had one of their own kind crashed to the surface while returning home?

Zeir jumped off the ledge eager to investigate this change of circumstances. If a dragonkin had been injured he’d make sure it was safe and sound before returning the citizen to his proper kingdom. From tone of the roar, Zeir knew he would find a male at the other end of the sound.

The largest of any of his people, Zeir’s powerful wings had him reaching the crash site well before anyone else had their scales in the air. “Activate ground crew.” He sent the thought to his second in command.

“Will do,” Viller replied.

Those who couldn’t transform would meet the dragon shifters there. Cleanup would be needed and that required hands instead of claws. Some of his best soldiers were non-shifters and they would join members of his elite dragon force on the ground to investigate any enemies.

The crumpled bit of metal lying forlornly against a tree caught his attention. It was a miracle anyone had survived such a landing. Even to Zeir’s unskilled eye, the escape pod didn’t look capable of handling a crash from that height. He glanced around for any other signs. If this came from a ship, there should be others.

A search didn’t reveal any pods other than the one before him.


Another loud roar pulled Zeir’s focus from searching for more metal carnage. The strange call still didn’t register as one he recognized from any of his people. Their kind didn’t often leave the planet. To find an unknown dragon shifter traversing the stars spiked Zeir’s latent curiosity.

A third roar frightened the remaining birds into fleeing. They knew flame often followed dragon roars and flew off to save their plumage. Luckily the damp jungle and spell-coated stone palace prevented things from catching fire. Zeir swooped lower to discover a rust-colored dragon crouched in the jungle foliage.



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  1. I have been waiting for this story forever and very patiently I might add wish it was out today. I’m rereading the Hidden Magic series I do love William’s House.

  2. So happy you’re starting to feel better. Any idea what date this will be out and where? Would be an awesome birthday present [3/11] for myself, lol. Also any idea yet on a time frame for the next Moon Pack. I know you haven’t been able to write, so happy to hear you’re getting better and hope the surgery took care of everything. Got to take care of yourself first before us, your impatient fans!

    1. I hope to finish dragon men this week but it will depend on my editor’s schedule when it will come out. I’m shooting for this month. The next moon pack end of March early april.

  3. I’m looking forward to this new story, I love this series along with all your others. Hope your hand heals fast, good luck. 🙂

  4. This sounds fantastic! Thank you for the sneak peek. I hope your hands heal soon, I’m so happy to hear about your improvement.

  5. yaaaahhh!!! Zeir has finally come out of his exile!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for letting him loose Amber!

  6. I am very you’re glad feeling better and coming back strong. Thank for choosing the Dragonmen to start the new year Happy dance yaahy!!!!

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