Moon Pack Monday


This is kind of short but I’m easing back into posting.


Silver strode through Anthony’s firm. Employees scooted out of the way as if sensing his mood. It wasn’t often he asserting his alpha tendencies with his powerful mate but today he had a mission. He ignored Anthony’s secretary striding past without his usual friendly greeting. His inner wolf rode him hard demanding his mate.

Opening the office door Silver entered without knocking.

Anthony’s eyes snapped toward the door a flare of magic flared around his pupils before settling. “Hello Silver, is there a problem?”

The three men sitting around the conference table stood up, made excuses, then left with flattering speed. Even vampires didn’t try and argue with a wolf alpha with a mission. The door slammed shut behind them.

“There is no problem unless you count not seeing my mate for two days.” His voice had a low gravelly tone, his wolf growling beneath his human form.

“I told you I was going to stay at the hotel last night because of a late meeting,” Anthony said. “It was a full moon. You were going to be running anyway.”

Silver took a deep breath before letting it out again. The dim memory of the conversation returned to Silver. Groaning he threw himself down on Anthony’s guest couch. “You know I don’t always process things before the full moon.”

Anthony’s scent wrapped around him as he sat beside Silver. Immediately Silver wrapped an arm around his mate and lay his head on Anthony’s shoulder before inhaling his scent. His wolf calmed, settling with the contact.

“Sorry babe, I thought you understood. I should’ve left you a note as a reminder.”

“Yeah, next time okay. I know you’re on a big project but I need mate time.” Silver didn’t even try to hide his desperation.

Anthony kissed his cheek and let him sit beside him. Silver’s wolf gave a happy wolf inside his mind. They didn’t speak, they didn’t move, and Anthony’s excellent secretary took one peek inside and cancelled all of her boss’s meetings for the rest of the day.

Sometimes Silver just needed time with his mate.

21 thoughts on “Moon Pack Monday

  1. I love these two and this series. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this sert

  2. Wonderful and so very true….sometimes you just need time with your special person….ahhhh

  3. Great to have you back Amber! Which book was this from please?…I know I have missed some of the Moon pack and am trying to fil in the gaps!

  4. Happy to hear you are back.
    Is this extract from an up and coming book as I have all the moon pack book and don’t remember reading this before ?
    If new book when will it be released ?
    I have read everything you have written a few times over as I love all your books no rush but need more new books 😘

    1. glad she’s back. do you know where to get Christmas tree magic (moon pack 11.5)? can’t find it anywhere. Thanks.

      1. I can be found at amberkellbooks.com for free. If you don’t have an account email me and I can send it to you.

  5. Loved this book so much!!! Must have reread it several times. Best couple ever written…to me anyway. 

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  6. It’s so wonderful that you’re back to writing! I’m glad you’re feeling better. This was perfect, I missed a Moon Pack Mondays.

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