Throwback Thursday!

Book three in the A Wizard’s Touch series

When the world is on the line, will love be enough to save them all?

Farren Azar came to college to get his degree, but he couldn’t let anyone know about his djinn blood. The djinn had been exiled to a different plane, and if Farren’s heritage were discovered, he could be banished too. When a djinn and a fire god become involved in his life, he has to figure how to handle two powerful entities without losing himself.

Dan Stewartson knew Farren was the one. A glance between them had him hooked. When strange fires begin popping up around campus and fingers are pointed at Farren, Dan refuses to believe his lover could be responsible. Will he be able to save Farren’s reputation, or will secrets come between them and wreck their budding romance?

“Touch me!” Farren Azar growled at his lover.

Dan Stewartson flipped back his brown hair where it had fallen across his brow. His blue eyes glowed with lust and appreciation. “Now, babe, there’s no hurry. We have plenty of time.”

“Trust me—you’re running out of time. If you don’t do something soon, I will take over.”

Dan nipped at his neck and pleasure poured through Farren. His toes curled, and his breath stuttered. He struggled between the pain of too much sensation and the greedy urge to get more. Never had anyone explored his erogenous zones until he’d met Dan, who damn well owned the map to them and kept discovering unexplored areas.

Dan slid his cheek across Farren’s neck. The rough stubble sent shivers rippling across Farren’s skin. “Oh fuck!”

“Soon,” Dan promised. “Very soon. Hang in there, a little more.”

“Now!” Heat flushed through Farren. He clenched his fists and pushed the fire, burning inside him deep down where it couldn’t escape. He didn’t dare release his magic. He had to keep Dan safe.

I can’t lose control!

He took long, slow breaths and mentally shoved his magic into a box and secured it with triple industrial locks. If he burned Dan, even a blister’s worth, he would never forgive himself. It had been too long since he purged his magic. He should have cleared out his system before allowing Dan to lure him into bed, but he couldn’t resist his boyfriend’s sexy smile.

Dan grabbed Farren’s wrists and pinned them over his head. Farren sighed in relief. Dan’s brief show of dominance couldn’t have come at a better time. With his wrists pinned, Farren’s fingers wouldn’t singe Dan if any magic escaped.

“You like it when I take control?” Dan asked.

“Sometimes.” Especially when he was seconds from losing his grip on the tight leash he had on his powers.
Dan kissed Farren, nipping his bottom lip when he finished. “One day I’m going to tie you up and have my wicked way with you for hours.”

Farren’s heart skipped a beat at that promise—more so because the words indicated they would be doing this again than because he cared to be tied up. “We’ll see. Maybe I’ll tie you up instead.”

The image of Dan spread out and bound in place for Farren’s pleasure almost had him coming from the idea alone. He groaned.

“I might just let you.” Without warning, Dan bit Farren’s right nipple.
When he could regain his thoughts enough to form words, Farren gasped, “You’re a toothy guy, aren’t you?”

“Maybe I’ve been hanging around wolves for too long.” Dan’s sexy mouth tilted up at the corner.

Farren bit back a snide comment. Shifters were known to be more physical than the other magical types, and Dan and his brothers all but lived at the wolf pack house since their friends Jaynell and Kevin moved in. He had no idea what the triplets did there, but he would bet they weren’t playing go fish.

Farren quickly blanked that thought before jealousy spiked his magic. This was the first time they were going to go all the way, and Farren didn’t want to ruin it by setting the bed—or anything else—on fire.

“Let’s not talk about them.” Despite his best efforts, jealousy colored his words in a thick film of disapproval.

If he were dressed and not lying beneath Dan with their erections rubbing together, he might have been able to pull off nonchalance. By the change in Dan’s expression, Farren knew he’d failed.

“I’m not seeing anyone but you,” Dan promised. He kissed Farren, a silent vow he eagerly accepted.
Once Dan finished kissing him stupid, Farren said, “Good. Me either.”

“Excellent.” Dan released Farren’s hands to grab his hips. He slithered down to lap at Farren’s cock.
Despite Farren’s approval of Dan’s actions, he needed more. “Inside me, now!”

His gaze slid to the unused bed on the opposite side of the room. He’d never been happier that his roommate tended to spend the night elsewhere. Truth be told, Maddox was a complete slut. In the three months since they’d roomed together, Farren could count on one hand how many times Maddox had actually slept in his bed.

The perfect roommate—or he would be if he weren’t so intent on getting into Dan’s pants. Although Dan hadn’t said anything, Farren wasn’t an idiot. He saw how Maddox watched him. From the glares Dan sent Maddox, Farren had no doubt his roommate had hit on his man and Dan had shot him down.

“You want to face me or roll over?” Dan asked.

Nerves jangling, Farren thought over his choices. He didn’t know how his magic would respond to Dan penetrating him. Worried about his eyes changing color or his hands becoming too hot, he rolled over. He’d had enough experience in the past to know he didn’t always look human when he came. Farren planned to hide his true nature from Dan until at least their five-year anniversary. Maybe then he could confess his magical roots without fear of rejection.

Farren bent his knees, tilting his ass up.

“Oh man, that’s a beautiful sight.” Dan groaned. He slapped Farren’s butt, the sound loud in the quiet room.

“Ow.” Farren turned his head to glare at Dan. “Stop that.”

Dan grinned, then reached around to slide his hand up and down Farren’s erection. “Doesn’t look like you minded too much.”

“My cock doesn’t know what’s good for it. Don’t take its advice.”

Dan laughed. He released Farren to grab the lube off the table. Farren sighed when seconds later Dan’s moist finger circled his hole. He scooted closer to Dan’s touch only to have his ass slapped again. “Will you stop that?”


Dan’s mild tone had Farren laughing. “Feeling Dommy today, are we?”


Farren’s shoulder blades received soft kisses. A bite to the back of his neck pulled a moan from him. “Damn, that feels good.”

“I’ve got something to make you feel even better.” Dan slid his erection between Farren’s ass cheeks, pressing the hard rod along his crease.

“In!” Farren demanded. He gritted his teeth as he fought to keep his magic trapped inside his body. He desperately needed Dan to wrap up their lovemaking before he lost it.

Dan slid a finger inside Farren, but only one.

Farren groaned. “More.”

“Don’t make me spank you again,” Dan warned.

“Bossy.” He would’ve complained more, but Dan took that moment to slide in another finger. Farren arched his back and pushed into Dan’s touch. His hands sweating as heat poured through his body. Farren sighed as Dan’s fingers grounded him. As long as he kept focused on his lover, he would be fine.

Dan took a few more minutes to prep Farren. Just as Farren was about to snap, Dan speared Farren’s hole with his cock, pressing and spreading Farren perfectly.

“Yesss,” Farren hissed at the burn and stretch.

“Relax, babe. Am I hurting you?”

“No.” Farren couldn’t gather enough syllables or gain enough breath to form longer words. Complex sentences were beyond him.

Dan pressed kisses across his shoulders and back, his hot breath bathing the back of Farren’s neck. Sweat dripped across his skin. In slow, controlled motions, Dan slid in and out, lingering unnecessarily, in Farren’s opinion.

“Harder!” Farren needed to feel Dan for days. If he didn’t survive his magical purging, he wanted this to be his last memory.

“You’ll take what I give you.”

“Remember, paybacks are a bitch,” Farren warned.

Dan patted Farren’s hip. “That’s what I’m counting on.”

Farren almost came from the image in his head, of him screwing Dan. “Oh fuck.”

Dan’s body shook with laughter. “Like that thought, do you?”


“Next time.” Dan wrapped his hand around Farren’s cock again, letting his gentle touch glide up and down Farren’s skin in a tantalizing tease. “I want to feel this inside me.”

Farren groaned.

“That’s it.” Dan tightened his hold and rubbed harder, giving Farren the friction he craved. Farren’s orgasm snapped whatever sway Dan had over his control. Growling, Dan pumped his hips, driving into Farren with a new ferocity that almost triggered another orgasm.

“Yes!” Farren might not be able to come again, but he still enjoyed the sensation of Dan sliding inside.
Dan grunted, the noise deep and guttural, then collapsed against Farren. “You melted my bones.”

For a second, Farren’s heart almost stopped until he realized Dan was speaking figuratively. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. Now get off me—you’re heavy.”

Dan laughed. He slid out of Farren, then off the bed. Still smiling, he stumbled to the small attached bath.

Farren rolled away from the wet spot, and mumbled a short spell. The mess quickly vanished.

“Nice,” Dan approved. “I love that spell.”

“Mm-hmm, come here.” It would be wiser to send Dan on his way, but Farren couldn’t just toss his lover out, and he craved their connection.

Dan immediately climbed back beside and snuggled close. “You’re always so warm.”

You have no idea.

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