Feral Friday

Okay it was supposed to be Moon Pack Monday but I’ve had a rough week. LOL


Elliott scowled at the spreadsheet mocking him on the computer screen before him. No matter how many times he ran the numbers they didn’t quite match his estimated amount. He had to be missing a receipt or two.

The door to his office swung open but he didn’t look away from his computer until his chair was spun around and he found himself staring into the flashing eyes of his mate.

“What’s wrong?” Every instinct had him freezing in place. He’d never seen Parker look that enraged.

A low growl poured from Parker sending all of the hairs on Elliott’s arms on edge. When Parker finally spoke his words had a hard edge. “What’s wrong? You’ve worked late every day this month. I’ve hardly seen you and when I do you’re so exhausted you can barely hold a conversation before you fall asleep.”

Elliott sighed. “I know. I’m sorry. Once I get this all straightened out I’ll have more time. I probably have a couple more hours here then I’ll be home.” He tried to keep the exhaustion out of his voice. If Parker knew how tired he truly was his mate would drag him from the office. Frankly he couldn’t remember the last time he slept a full eight hours before getting back up and coming into work.

“No. You’re done now. We’re going to change your schedule to part time. I won’t have you wearing yourself down to nothing.” Parker’s tone didn’t leave room for argument.

Elliott opened his mouth to object but then shut it again. Why would he argue with Parker? It wouldn’t do any good. His dominant had been lecturing Elliott for weeks about his overworking and he’d obviously reached a breaking point. Nothing Elliott said would change Parker’s mind.

Secondly, it wasn’t as if Elliott was having such a great time. Along with the lack of sleep he’d been skipping meals to get more things done. “What about Anthony?” A spear of pain went through him over the thought of disappointing the pack’s alpha mate.

“He’s the one who contacted me.” Parker pressed a soft kiss to Elliott’s forehead. “We’re both worried about you. Anthony has said he’s offered you help before but you always turn him down. I told him to go ahead and hire you an assistant so we can cut your hours.”

Elliott nodded. “I didn’t want him to think I’m incapable of doing my job. He did me a big favor when he hired me.”

“A favor you’ve more than repaid over the last few years.” Parker squeezed Elliott’s shoulder. “And I’m sure Anthony isn’t sitting around counting what you owe him. He wants all the members of his pack to be happy.”

“True.” The two alpha mates were very protective of the health and welfare of their pack. If Anthony knew how many hours Elliott put in Anthony would be extremely unhappy with him. Elliott raked his fingers through his hair, tugging at the thick strands.

“Stop that.” Parker grabbed Elliott’s wrist in a gentle grip and pulled his fingers from his hair.

Elliot smiled. Even the least bit of self-harm wasn’t allowed. “I wasn’t going to yank any out.”

Parker slid his hand across Elliott’s hair as if trying to apologize to his scalp for Elliott’s actions. “Let’s go home and I’ll help you deal with your stress. I have new cuffs and some lemongrass massage oil I want to try out.”

Elliott stood up so fast Parker had to step back to avoid collision. “Why didn’t you say that before?” The thought of Parker’s strong hands kneading his body had Elliott more than eager to abandon everything and focus on his mate.

“I was hoping to rely on your common sense. I see I’ve taken the wrong approach.” Parker cupped the back of Elliott’s head and pulled him close for a kiss, melting any remaining arguments Elliott might have.

“You have a convincing argument.” Elliott said once Parker released him. He couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across his lips.

“I also have food and wine. How about a nice rare steak before your massage.”

Elliott sighed. “If I didn’t already love you I would fall all over again.”

Parker pulled him into his arms encasing Elliott in his warmth. His mate’s scent surrounded him and he let out a sigh.


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  1. Love the moon pack, looking forward to the next instalment,
    Is the above teaser part of a book ready for release ?

  2. Loved the look into Parker and Elliots life. Thought the newest Moon Pack and Dragon Mate books were to be out by now? Got any updates for us, please?

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