Moon Pack Monday – Anthony


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People always assumed it was the wolf or vampire or fae partner in a relationship that had all the possessive urges. Anthony swirled his cognac a few more times as he watched another shifter sidle up to Silver with flirty eyes and a beguiling smile. He’d lost count of them since they’d walked into the statewide wolf shifter meeting. He resisted the urge to start a lightning storm in the middle of the ballroom…barely.

“Are you going to do anything about that?” Ben scooted closer to Anthony and nodded toward the group around Silver.

Anthony flashed a man sniffing too close to Ben a murderous look. The shifter must’ve sensed Anthony’s power, he spun around and rushed in the opposite direction. “Like what? If I challenged them I would look insecure. It’s not like Silver is suddenly going to decide he’d prefer a wolf mate.”

If he told himself that enough times he might even start to believe it. There were many shifters at the meeting who would give up a wolf paw if it meant a spot in Silver’s bed.

Ben laughed and almost spilled his beer. “I don’t know which would be more dangerous. Silver’s reaction to someone trying to take your spot by his side or your reaction. Just remember incinerating people doesn’t build positive connections with the other packs.”

“That’s why I’m over here,” Anthony said wryly. He couldn’t chance punching anyone who crowded him while trying to get closer to his mate. “I’m practicing my control.”

Ben eyed the tight grip Anthony had on his glass. “So far so good.”

“It’s only for another hour.” Anthony cast a longing glance toward the big clock on the wall. He could hold out.

“That woman is touching Silver’s chest. I might not be the most dominate wolf but I’d rip out the throat of anyone doing that to one of my mates.” Ben’s calm, casual tone held the low growl of his inner wolf.

Anthony smiled at Ben. Everyone underestimated the shy accountant. Ben might not be as big and bulky as an alpha or beta shifter but he had reserves of strength and he would protect his own.

“I promised myself I wouldn’t interfere with Silver talking to other wolves. It’s one of those things. You wolves are touchy feely. If she kisses him I’ll fry her where she stands.”

The brush of someone to his left had Anthony turning to face a handsome wolf shifter with striking blue eyes and an Alpha aura. “Excuse me beautiful but I hate to see a gorgeous man standing alone.”

Anthony raised an eyebrow before turning to Ben. “I had no idea you could turn invisible.”

Ben choked on his beer.

“I meant without a mate. You are obviously only friends,” the Alpha persisted.

Since Anthony didn’t recognize the wolf beside him he didn’t take offense at the stranger’s lack of knowledge. Most everyone knew Anthony and Silver were mates but if he were new to the territory this Alpha might be unaware. He decided to give the Alpha the benefit of the doubt. “My mate is over there.” Anthony pointed only to find Silver missing from where he stood before. “Well he was there.”

“Is there a problem, Mate?” Silver’s deep voice thrummed through Anthony, a familiar and welcome vibration.

“I was just telling this gentleman asking about my mate that you were over there,” Anthony said.

Silver smiled, his teeth gleaming white and sharp. “Don’t ever think because I’m not beside him that my mate is available for anything.”

The stranger’s face became three shades paler. “I meant no offense.”

“Good.” Silver stared at the newcomer until the blue-eyed man turned away then scurried off into the crowd.

“Huh, I didn’t even get a name,” Anthony said watching the strange Alpha disappear.

“You don’t need one,” Silver growled.

Ben’s sharp laughter drew Anthony’s gaze from the crowd. “What’s so funny?”

“You two. You honestly thought Silver wasn’t watching your every breath. As soon as you turned your attention away from him he ditched his fans and rushed over here.” Ben shook his head. “I’m going to go find my mates, you two are too funny.”

“I’m glad we can amuse him.” Anthony watched his friend walk away.

Silver gave him a sideways hug. “Never doubt my attention is always on you. If you aren’t in my sight, I focus on our link until I know you are fine. You are my entire world, sweet Anthony and no one and nothing is more important.”

Anthony tilted his head and grinned at his mate. “I know, that’s why I reserved the romantic getaway package at this hotel. Why don’t I remind you why you picked me as your mate.”

Silver’s low growl shivered across Anthony’s skin. “I don’t need a reminder but I never turn down time with you.”

“Call it what you want but there will be strawberries, chocolate and a lot of nakedness before the night is through. Go say goodbye to everyone and I’ll wait for you in the lobby,” Anthony said.

Silver turned toward the crowd. “Goodnight everyone, I’m going off to ravish my mate. I might be down for breakfast.”

Before Anthony could say anything else, Silver picked him up and tossed Anthony over his shoulder.


Silver smacked Anthony on his ass. “I should punish you for thinking I could ever consider anyone else for my mate. I see I have to reassure you of your place in my life.”

Anthony didn’t speak again until they made it to their room and even then he only communicated in whimpers and grunts. Sometimes even the closest mates needed a little time away.





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  1. I love Mondays even if it is almost Tuesday. I knew I was staying u late tonight for a reason. I love The Moon Pack

  2. What a cute insight to their world. I love the bond you created between those two men. And sometimes Monday can feel like 48 hours. So you are still on time babe.

  3. Love Anthony and Silver, lol. Can’t believe it’s been so long since the book was first released.

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