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Sorry I didn’t get this to you last week. I had to review the story since it had been so long since I’d written it. I’m still not sure where I’m going with this. Feel free to offer suggestions. LOL!!

Vin rubbed his eyes relishing the burn. If his eyes still hurt at least he knew he was awake. Teleporting every night to see his mate took more out of him than he thought it would. He still had a few years left at college he didn’t know if he could keep it up at this pace. His classes this term had become harder as the year progressed and once he went to see Loren, the vampire didn’t want him to study. It hadn’t take more than a few visits for Vin to realize Loren didn’t care if Vin did well in school or not. As far as Loren was concerned Vin’s job was to be Loren’s mate and anything else he wished to do was secondary. If he never finished school Loren would be fine with that.

He teleported from his dorm room into Loren’s bedroom. A soft pop followed his leaving.

“Evening my mate,” Loren said.

“Good evening.” Vin wrapped his arms around Loren and rested his head on Loren’s shoulder.



Loren rubbed Vin’s back. A long sighed slid out of him as tension fell away beneath his mate’s touch. As much as Loren was a difficult vampire with old-fashioned ideals Vin couldn’t say Loren didn’t try to show he cared. As the vampire leader Loren didn’t show much emotion outside their bedroom but he never held back a smile or the soft squeeze of his hand if he thought Vin needed a bit of affection.

“Maybe you should cut back on some of your classes. Your schedule appears to be wearing you down.”

Vin laughed as he stepped out of the shelter of Loren’s arms. “I don’t think it’s the schedule. If I got some sleep I’d be doing fine. Between my early morning classes and late nights with you I’m running on fumes.”

He ignored the fact he was taking a heavy load. If he took both non-magical and magical classes he would learn more. Only studying one half of the world’s population didn’t help anyone. If he was truly going to be a cop he needed to understand all people not just the ones he knew best. Paranormals were easier to understand than humans. Humans made no sense.

“Come. Let’s get you some food. We’ll have to readjust your schedule next semester so you have later classes.”

Vin dumped his backpack on the bed ignoring Loren’s wince. He followed Loren out of the room as he tried to explain how that wouldn’t work. “A lot of the classes I can get into only have morning options. Afternoon and evening classes are harder to get since a lot of working professionals snatch those up first.”

Loren rubbed Vin’s shoulder. “We’ll work it out. I know some people on the school board. If I have to I’ll have them override your class schedule.”

Vin opened his mouth to object then closed it. It was an ethically questionable way to get his schedule and he didn’t want special treatment. But then he had to consider how many more of his classmates had to deal with late nights with their vampire mate while taking twenty credits. “Fair enough.”

He tried not to resent how much Loren’s wide smile made him warm inside. It was almost disgusting how easily Loren manipulated him.


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  1. Hi Amber,

    Writing suggestion here. What if you fast forward over the education now that you have Lauren working with Vin on the schedule. You could do a several year later and have Lauren on the police force and a juicy case that some how endangers Lauren or his nephew (Vin’s friend) or brings them under suspicion of a major crime.

    1. That’s a good idea. I need to establish them more as a couple first but then maybe 🙂

      1. I agree with Amber student life can be very interesting especially if its magical school…. There can be many mysteries to be solved from murders to kidnapping. which can put some tension in hero’s relationship with his partner but it only makes their bond more stronger in the end. In crucial end time vin comes to know he is even more magically powerful then he thought he was. Then in next story, It can start with our hero as a trainee and a major case has just shaken the magical cop society. where his instructor and superiors come to notice he is one the strongest magical being born in several centuries.

  2. I love DLABBE’s idea. These were such wonderful characters and I think there is more to their story…But of course, you knew that, didn’t ya?! LOL
    Love Ya Amber!!

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