Graven – part two

Sorry this is my first post of the week. I’m still battling this horrible cold. Hubby blames the children for the infiltration of germs. LOL

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Steerl shrugged tossing the thought from his mind as he focused on his true purpose. “My sister here is concerned that a mate wouldn’t find her attractive. Perhaps you could set her at ease.” He whipped back her veil for the knight to get a good look at his attractive sibling.

The soldier’s smile had a kindness at odds to the huge sword strapped to his hip. “You would appeal to many, dear lady.” He said in a deep voice “Whether you’ll appeal to the prince I don’t know but if you’re still available after visiting his chambers I’d be happy to escort anywhere you wish to go.”

It would take a bigger person than Steerl to resist digging his elbow into his sister’s rib. “See baby girl I told you we’d find you a mate.”

“Shut up.” His sweet sister said kicking him with unladylike force. Wrapping a hand around his arm she repositioned her veil and dragged him off.. “I can’t believe you did that.”

Steer laughed. “Well at least we know you’re attractive to vamps and now you have a backup groom.”

Delilah giggled, poking him rudely in the ribs to let him know that she wasn’t mad at his interference. After all if a beloved brother can’t cause embarrassment where was the fun?

The line to the throne room was long but it went quickly since each person was only given a second with the prince. Apparently it some sort of karmic association let the prince know his mate when he found her. Since the prince was four-hundred years old and they did this ceremony every year Steerl thought it might be time for the man to try something new.

As soon as they entered the room all Steerl’s attention went to the man on the dais. Even sitting he looked huge. Ropy muscles strained the seams of the silvery shirt stretched across his chest, while black leather pants outlined the man’s thick muscular thighs.

A need so strong it almost buckled his knees hit Steerl like a boulder to the gut. He felt a compelling urge to run up there and lick his way across that muscular chest. It took more effort than it should to hold back from leaping up to the throne and throwing himself at the gorgeous prince.

Steerl wondered if others felt the same level of want and need currently pulsing through his body. Was this a long line of horny women waiting to fling themselves at the muscular feet of the stud on the throne?

Barely restraining a laugh, he followed his sister as they moved up the line. The veils prevented him from viewing other petitioner’s faces but he could almost see the pheromones drifting through the air.

“I’ll wait in the corner by the door. Come get me when you’re done.” There were more than enough guards to see to his sister’s safety. With all of the hormones rushing through his system it was a good idea to put more space between him and prince stud if he wanted to keep his dignity and not ruin his sister’s chances.

Delilah nodded her head before turning back towards the prince. “He’s really handsome isn’t he?”

“Sure if you like the gorgeous, green-eyed immortal type.” Steerl teased.

Exchanging a quick hug he left her to go hide in the corner out of the way of the stampeding herds.


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  1. This is a new to me book, and I’m loving it. Can’t wait until you publish it…this year maybe? For my birthday in early December? Pretty please with sprinkles?

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