Graven – part 3

Prince Graven smelled the hint of his mate and everything in his body seized. After all the fruitless years of searching, his mate was in the room. He could feel it in every pour of his body. Dormant hunting instincts surged into overdrive as the mating urge overtook him.

“Close the doors. Seal the room.” He roared, his deep voice echoing off the walls.

Damn it was hard to focus with his body vibrating like mad. Four hundred years old and he was as anxious as a guy on his first date.

Too impatient to wait for the procession to come to him, Graven leapt from the throne and worked his way down the line not even trying to hide that he was taking in their scents.


After Graven finished with each group he motioned for the guards to release them. Most were reluctant to go, eager to see who would be the prince’s new mate. However a show of arms from the stone-faced warriors kept them on the move.

Frustration gave way to anger when an hour passed and he was no closer to finding his mate. There were still too many people around and his mate remained hidden.

The elusive scent slapped him in the face again. Grabbing the arm of a tall figure he leaned in to sniff.

Disappointment speared through him when he felt the soft upper flesh of the arm.

A woman.

Somehow it was a man he always dreamed of when he thought of his mate. But if this was what fate decreed he would bow his head to a higher authority.

Leaning over he breathed in the woman and caught a scent of his mate.

Not her but someone close to her, someone who had touched her recently.

“Did you touch someone before coming to me?

“Just my brother. He gave me a hug.” Her voice had a go to hell tone that Graven appreciated. All the fawning got to him after a while. His heart slammed against his chest at the word brother.

“And where is this brother of yours?” Graven purred, pleased when he saw a shudder go through the woman. He might prefer men but it was always nice to know he had an affect on both sexes.

“Over in the corner.” The woman waved a hand towards the northern side of the room.

Not giving his prey time to move, Graven leapt through the air and landed in front of the only figure standing between a potted plant and an upholstered bench. “Hello beautiful.”

A warm, nervous laugh came from the veiled figure. “What makes you think I’m beautiful?”

The voice was smooth and sweet, a seductive siren song, luring the prince forward. Graven leaned closer inhaling the man’s scent, his cock hardening so fast he felt lightheaded.



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  1. I love this stiry please let us purchase the full book on Amazon !


    Phonesavanh Day

  2. 😍😍😍Ahhh!!! Cliff hanger. This is so good. I can’t wait for the next part. Is this a book? Where can I find more!?. Oh please, oh please tell me where can I find more

  3. Please, please tell us more. This is great. I know you said earlier that it’s to tide us over. But a full published story would be good.

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