Graven – part 4

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“Because you will always be beautiful to me.” He responded stepping closer.

The man tried to back away from the prince but unfortunately for his mate the wall stopped him from going further. “You were supposed to mate with my sister.”

Tilting his head, Graven took in the covered figure. “Why is that?”

“Our prophet said that the last one of my family would be your mate.”

“But the last one is you brother.” A familiar woman’s voice spoke behind him. A little startled that she got so close without him noticing, Graven moved away from her and nearer to the male. He only wanted one person close to him now. To inhale the scent of the one meant to be his. Excitement pulsed through his body at the thought of having someone all his own for the very first time.

“But you were supposed to be the one.” The smooth velvety voice said with a hint of a pout. “Father’s not going to like this.”

Damn, would the man’s lips be full and lush pursed in a sulky expression? Just the image in his mind was enough to make Graven hard.

Tinkling laughter came from the girl. “Father will have to adapt. The seer said the last of our line. If you take out the male/female quotient you are the last.”

Irritated with the lack of attention from the other man, the prince grabbed his mate’s arm.

“Come with me and we will discuss this in private.”

A sigh came from beneath the veil. “Is there any way to convince you this is all a big mistake?”

“No.” The prince made sure his voice was solid and firm he didn’t want any misunderstandings. This man would be his mate willing or no.

“Okay but could you have one of your men escort my sister to our hotel. I don’t want her out there alone.”

Pleased that his mate was so considerate of others Graven ordered two of his men to escort the woman.

He watched with simmering impatience as the pair exchanged hugs and the girl was sent on her way.

“Did you catch yourself a little mouse, cousin?” Dail’s voice was cold and hard but nothing could ruin this moment for Graven. His cousin yearned for Graven’s throne with an unseemly lust. Vampires couldn’t ascend the throne until they were mated. But now that he found his fated one nothing would keep Graven from his crown.

“No,” He said smugly, “I found my mate.”

“Well don’t hide her in the corner bring her on stage so we can all see. I’m sure the others want to meet your soulreen. You’ve waited so long after all.”

Damn. Visions of his family frightening off his mate filled Graven’s mind. He would kill them all if they harmed what was his.

“Sure let’s present him to the family.” He agreed with a smile as sincere as his cousin’s.

He felt a flash of pleasure when Dail missed a step. It was rare for a prince to find a male mate. In the vampire kingships’ long and rich history it had only occurred twice. Both times led to reigns still upheld as being the strongest ever.

The goddess did well by him and he hadn’t even seen his mate.

“Tell the others they can meet him later. We’ll do a presentation in an hour or so.”

After marking the man as his. No one was going to take this man away.

* * *


Steerl replayed the prophet’s words over and over in his head as he stood next to the prince. Delilah was right. The woman did say the youngest of them. The whole family just thought it was his sister since she was the last female.

That will teach them to assume anything.

Fire raced up his arm where the vampire prince touched him. He could feel the man’s warmth through the thin cloth. If the prince’s touch had this much affect on Steerl when there was fabric between them he was eager to find out what it would be like skin to skin.

The prince groaned. “You’re going to kill me if you don’t stop projecting. I’m holding on by a thread here.”

Images of fucking the vampire prince filled his head until a low growl brought an end to his fun. “I think you have things in the wrong order, my sweet.”

“No.” Steerl said. “If we’re mates and fated to be together you’re going to have to receive sometime. I’m not spending the rest of my life as your bottom boy.”

His father always said to start negotiations as you plan to go.

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  1. I love this! the back and forth…this is gonna be a great story. Maybe a book. Either way its great. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  2. What book are we talking about I’ve seen the post but am not able to figure out the name of the book and/or which series!?!?!?Please let me know. Very interested in reading more of this story…

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