Lord of Small Magics – 4

(I’m apologizing for the shortness of this one today. It ends the chapter so it was a natural break)

Opening his palms toward the floor Meck let magic seep through his hands. A whirlwind of power swirled the contents about. When the wind settled clothes were in a tidy pile on the floor, maps were stacked precisely on the table and the general’s large bed was made.

“Wow. That’s amazing.”

Meck spun on his heel. The soldiers behind him were gaping, mouths wide open.

“I’ve only started. I’d appreciate it if you could have someone bring me a plate of food, a bathtub and a proper rug.”

“This is a battlefield, mage, we don’t have tubs and rugs.” The blond soldier scowled at Meck as if he had grown a second head. Meck touched his shoulder to make sure. Yep, still only had one head. It had happened to his cousin Martin once. He’d walked around for a day before anyone had the guts to tell him.

Meck tapped his finger to his chin as he thought of alternatives. “I’ll take a metal bowl of water and a scrap of fabric then, surly you have those.”

“Yes, mage.” The solders disappeared and Meck continued on his task. With his abilities he could enhance things as long as he had a base. Unfortunately he didn’t have the ability to make things out of nothing like his mother.

Meck smoothed a hand over the general’s coarse sheets. Rough coarse fabric gave way beneath his magic, polishing and reshaping until it turned into a cloth worthy of a king. If Meck were to be responsible for the general’s care Anders wouldn’t be sleeping in blankets so rough Meck would hesitate to put them on a horse much less a man.

He continued his progress around the room. Splintered wood repaired and polished itself while Meck reweaved a chair and brightened the general’s clothes with a cleaning spell. They now smelled of fresh air and nature instead of sweat and blood. He set them in the general’s chest for wearing again. Meck didn’t know what to do with the armor until he spotted a stand shoved in the corner.

“Messy man,” he scolded the missing general.

“What are you doing here?”

Meck spun around at the deep voice. Meck could only guess this was his wayward general.

Oh gods.

He had never seen anyone who radiated sexual energy before or maybe it was just his long dry spell while he concentrated on classes. Wide, muscular shoulders were barely restrained by his thin shirt. Sweat dripped off the general’s wide forehead. The worn look, and lack of armor led Meck to assume Anders ahd been off training rather than in battle. The general’s grey eyes darkened as if he could smell Meck, and with his wolf blood perhaps he could.

“I’m Meck. Your new domestic.” He added a tentative smile; pleased his voice didn’t tremble beneath the officer’s scowl.

“Oh you are, are you? And who said I needed a personal wizard?” Anders’ tone didn’t become any more welcoming. He stepped forward, more a prowl than a step. Meck could almost see the wolf beneath the surface.

“Th-the board sent me.”

63 thoughts on “Lord of Small Magics – 4

  1. If Ander’s don’t want Meck I will have him. Could do with that power around my house.

    Love this story.

  2. oh I can’t wait to see what happens next lmao!

    an I had a good giggle at “surly you have those” yes I read it at ‘surly’ then realised it was supposed to be ‘surely’ *snickers* it definitely had different meaning the first time I read that word

  3. Oh that did not go well. Wonder what the general will say about his tub and rug. I can imagine he’ll blow his top. This is so much fun Amber.

  4. I love how the board threw him under the bus and left it all up to Meck to share the lovely ‘surprise’ that is having a domestic wizard in house. I wonder how the subject of bed warmer will be brought up?!

  5. I was right, the wolf didn’t like his territory being messed with. It’ll be interesting to see what he has to say about the board’s decision and if he likes what Meck has already done.

  6. Ooooh my, give me a meck my house would be a lot better.
    Grumpy general is prowling for his prey 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Oh boy! What a stopping point – can’t wait to find out how that resolves.

    Also, LOL at the image of Meck’s cousin walking around with two heads and no one telling him. 🙂

  8. Yay! Happy Birthday to us. Or to me today anyways.
    I always love your little throw away lines. Like the two-headed cousin, and the mom who can create things out of nothing. Makes me wonder about his lineage.
    Small note, you’ve go a ‘surly’ instead of a ‘surely’ in here.
    Thanks for the nibble.

  9. Oh yeah that’s the beauty oh waiting till the end of the week to read these. I know I have one more before I start biting my nails for the next parts ^^

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