Lord of Small Magics – 5

Anders stared at his slim handsome man standing in the middle of his tent and tried to keep his anger. It was difficult while being stared at with wide golden brown eyes. A quick glance around the tent showed the wizard had already begun to make changes.

After another look around he took a deep breath. The last wizard had left a magical stench on everything he touched until Anders could stand to have him do anything. This wizard left nothing but clean fresh air behind.

Dorn rushed into the tent carrying an old uniform and a basin of water.

“What are those for?” Anders frowned trying to figure out what those items could be used for.

“Oh thank you.” the wizard blushed. “They are for me.”

Anders didn’t ask any more questions more than happy to wait and see what the wizard planned to do next.

Meck felt the fabric with the tips of his fingers as if testing its weight. “Perfect.”

He would deny it under torture but Anders couldn’t wait to see what the small wizard planned to do. Although other wizard’s in the past had tried to take over his care none of them had ever done more than the basics. Meck appeared to be concerned about every aspect of his tent. Very strange. Despite wanting to toss him out, Anders had an odd compulsion to see this through and wait and see what Meck did next.

Luckily he didn’t have to give in to his curiosity Dorn asked the questions for him. “Wh-what are you going to do with the cloth?”

Meck carefully ripped the cloth in half then set one piece on the bed. He shook out the other piece until it became large enough to cover most of the ground. “Help me lay this out.”

Anders immediately stepped up to assist along with Dorn. Whoever Meck was he was used to not being questioned. They helped Meck spread the large gray cloth across the bottom of the tent.

Meck nodded when they put things where he wanted. “Thanks, now if you let go I can change it.”

Anders and Dorn released their hold then stepped out of the way. A quick flick of his wrist and Meck rippled the fabric. Only years of training stopped Anders from gasping from the sight of the plain fabric spreading, enlarging, then transforming into a thick plush gray carpet.

Curiosity had him remaining silent, waiting to see what else he would do.

Dorn wasn’t as quiet as his excitement bubbled over. “That’s a nice bit of magic. What’s the other piece for?”

Meck smiled as he grabbed the fabric off the bed. He clutched it in one fist and closed his eyes. Without any fancy words or wand waving the coarse fabric went from gray to red and from stiff to fluffy until a drying sheet appeared in Meck’s hands. Once it was large enough to dry a horse, Meck folded it and set it on bed.

Next Meck turned his attention to the basin of water Dorn had set on the floor while Meck transformed the bits of fabric.

Setting the bowl of water on the ground Meck crouched down beside it. His eyes glowed in the dim tent lighting then where his fingers touched the outside of the basin they began to glow also. Meck lifted his hands. The bowl spun in a complete circle without a single touch, then spun some more, with each revolution it became larger and larger until in the end the bowl had transformed into a bathtub filled with water. Meck placed his hand on the side of the new tub. Steam floated up.

“There, that should be good. Let me know if it isn’t hot enough.” Meck offered a shy smile to Anders and Dorn. “I’m really tired from my travel can we talk more tomorrow?”

Anders nodded. He really didn’t know what to say to the wizard right now. He’d never seen such magic before. How powerful was he? And why was he wasting it on domestic tasks?

“Dorn take him to his tent. I wake up early to work with the recruits.”

“Is sunrise early enough for us to meet?” Meck asked.

Anders nodded. “That will be fine.”

Normally he would take the time to put a new underling in his place but the lure of a hot bath and a soft bed overwhelmed his surly nature. His inner beast gave a happy yip as the wizard passed. At least half of him really liked this new addition to the war. “Dorn, take Meck to his tent. Feel free to change anything you’d like.”

Meck nodded. “Thank you.” When the wizard reached the tent flap he made a glowing sigil with his finger.

“What is that?” Anders nodded to the mark that still shone after Meck removed his touch.

“I temperature controlled your tent. It should be cooler in here now. Enjoy your bath.” Meck smiled before following Dorn out.

68 thoughts on “Lord of Small Magics – 5

  1. Wonderful…..my kind of wizard and can I say those other wizards must be blind if they don’t recognize Meck’s power just cause he’s a nurturer. Loving this 🙂

  2. This is fantastic. Can’t wait to read it all and then buy Meck’s oh so wonderful “polished” copy. The man could take care of my house any day. If only it was a reality.

  3. *Happy yip*. Me too!
    I love domestic magics. Don’t we all wish we could do the same?
    Minor fix: “..until Anders could stand.. ” -> “..until Anders couldn’t stand..”

  4. Ok no more I want to read the whole book it’s killing me to read a little at night. I save reading the book until my bed time. I enjoy can’t wait to buy book in full

  5. Love it! Now we know why the general disliked his last wizard. Somehow, I think this is going to be a pleasant surprise every day for him now.

  6. Sounds like he is off to a good start so far. Man, I wish I had someone to do “domestic magic” and clean & coke for me, especially on days when I don’t feel like cooking & want food (as I tell my sisters) to magically appear in front of me hehe.


  7. Domestic magic would be an awesome thing in the real world; too bad we have to do things the hard way!

  8. sooooooo i hate this, last year i hated it too, deeply and furiously bloody hate it ! (yes i am having a tantrum)
    SO i took a sip of coffee i read i`ve put my coffee down and it finished and i`m hooked and now i need my next fix and i have to wait until tmr morning AND i am so hooked i can`t even resist not to read it for 2-3 days so i can have a lil bit of a longer read

  9. I like the fact that Anders’ wolf likes Meck and that Meck got him to help set up the rug in his tent.

  10. I wish that was possible in our world to change a bowl into a bathtub and old fabric into nice new stuff, recycling made easy. Curious to see how this unfolds.

  11. Interesting, Anders appreciates the strength of Meck’s magic but the fact is domestic tasks are where his talent lies and he enjoys such tasks.

  12. I do love wizards I sure need one to do my dusting I live in a very dusty windy place a person can wish.

  13. Wonderful, thought the wizard was too timid at first but he can definitely stand his ground. I like that.

  14. Wow now I wish I had that kind of magic. Utility bills would have been real low these past several months. I must say that I am really enjoying this story. Can’t wait to read what happens next.

  15. How can Meck think his magic is less? He’s pretty amazing!!
    Happy Birthday Month, Amber!!

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