Welcome Birthday Guest Jambrea Jo Jones!


Happy Birthday, Amber! Thank you for letting me share in your fun once again!

For my surprise, I am using the characters from Vegas Sin! I will also be giving away an eBook copy of the book! It will be open until the end of Amber’s party!



“Mom, are you sure this is the right spot?” Gabbi looked around.

“That’s what your uncle’s text said.” Susan stopped the car, unbuckled and turned toward her daughter.

“Did he tell you why?” Gabbi bit her lip.

“Nope. You know how he is. So mysterious.”

“I’m not in trouble am I?” Gabbi stated to chew on her finger.

It was a sure sign she was nervous and she shouldn’t be.

“Why on earth would you think that?” Susan frowned.

“We’re at the court house. Don’t they put people in jail there? Last week Uncle Owen said I was going a way for a long time for eating his candy bar.”

Susan laughed. “And you know he was just teasing you.”

“Yeah, but… here we are.” Gabbi opened her door and stepped outside.

Susan got out of the vehicle and moved around to take her daughters hand. She was wondering what it was all about too. Owen wouldn’t tell her no matter how much she asked, but she had hoped she could get it out of Harrison, but his lips were sealed too. They’d find out soon enough. After everything that had happened last year, she was hoping everything was okay, but she wasn’t going to make Gabbi more unsettled than she seemed to be, so she kept her thoughts to herself.

Harrison and Owen were waiting for them inside the building. They were both smiling. Susan took a deep breath and relaxed. It had to be something good. She squeezed Gabbi’s hand.

“Uncle Owen!” Gabbi tugged her hand away from Susan and ran to her uncle.

“Hey! I didn’t think you guys would ever get here.” Owen bent down to pick up Gabbi.

“He’s been pacing for the last five minutes. I told him we were early.” Harrison shook his head and grinned.

“Traffic was horrible.” Susan hugged Harrison.

“You aren’t arresting me, are you Uncle Owen?”

“Well you did eat my cand—”

“Owen!” Harrison and Susan shouted at the same time.

“Geez. I’m kidding.” Owen laughed. “Of course I’m not arresting you short stuff, but Harrison and I have a big surprise!”

“Oh. I like surprises.” Gabbi nodded, then wiggled out of Owen’s arms.

“Come on then.” Owen held out his hand for Gabbi’s.

Susan and Harrison followed. It didn’t take them long to reach a door that looked like it went to a court room. There was a judge sitting up front and a few other people at one of the tables. No one was in the other chairs. They kept going until they reached the table. There was a little girl sitting down in one of the seats. She was frowning down at the table.

“Uncle Owen, who is that?” Gabbi loudly whispered.

“That’s your new cousin, Mika.”

“What!” Gabbi put a hand to her mouth.

Owen crouched down to Gabbi’s level. “Well, it isn’t official yet. Right now we are going be foster parents until the adoption is finally. She lost both of her parents and they were friends of Harrison’s so it’s a sad and happy time. Today is her birthday so once we get all of this legal stuff out of the way, we’re going to go shopping, then back to the hotel for a full day of beauty.”

“Can I go talk to her?” Gabbi jumped up and down.

He stood back up. “Of course.”

Susan watched Gabbi race over to the other girl, her eyes welled up with tears. “Oh, Owen. How is she doing?”

How sad for the little girl. Susan couldn’t image losing both of her parents, but at least she would have Owen and Harrison there for her every step of the way.

“It’s still early times. She knows Harrison though, so that helps.”

“You two will be so good for her.” Susan hugged him.

“Surprise.” Owen winked.

“Now that is the kind of surprise I like!” Susan kissed his cheek.



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If you want to see more of the characters from Vegas Sin I have included the blurb and buy links!

Sex, weddings and gambling hold a back seat to kidnapping and murder in the city of sin…

Owen Carpenter sets aside one night each month to relax at the Totally Five Star, but a case has just landed on his desk that has those nights disappearing for the foreseeable future. Someone is kidnapping women in Las Vegas and Owen needs to stop them before the women end up dead.

Harrison Boone is head of security at the Totally Five Star. He notices a man who comes in once a month and he wants to know more about him. When Owen introduces himself, there’s an instant attraction between Harrison and Owen, but they are interrupted by a kidnapping—at his hotel. After Harrison leaves the military, the hotel becomes his life, so Harrison will do anything to keep the hotel out of the news and protect its reputation.

Can Owen and Harrison find love in Sin City, or will the case of the disappearing women crush what might be the best bet the men have ever placed?

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