Lord of Small Magics – 6

The warm bath beckoned him closer. Unable to resist, Anders stripped down before easing into the water. A moan slipped through his lips as he submerged himself into the perfect temperature.

“Fuck, that’s good.” He sighed. A light fragrance reached his nose, the aroma soothed his inner beast. If only he had scrub brush. Apparently his wizard hadn’t thought of everything. Considering his current level of bliss he decided to forgive the man. If Meck kept up this level of care he would be willing to overlook a lot of minor mistakes. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d even seen a bath much less soaked in one. It didn’t escape his notice that the tub easily accommodated his large body.

His tent flap opened and a small form stumbled through. “I’m sorry, sir, I forgot to bring you soap and a cleaning cloth.”

A wave of energy flowed across his exposed skin. Warm magic wrapped around him bringing with it a sense of home. His innocent eyes widened with surprise. “I guess I should’ve knocked, sorry.”

“No, that’s fine come in.” Anders held out his hands for whatever the wizard had brought with him.

Meck stepped closer and lay a cloth over the edge of the tub and handed over a bar of white soap.

With his enhanced senses Anders usually disliked all the perfumes they add to cleaning products but this one was smelled like honey. “Nice.”

Meck grinned showing an adorable pair of dimples. “Thanks. I brought some from home. A friend of mine makes it.”

“You didn’t just magic it up?”

Meck shook his head. “Transformed cleaning products never work as well as those made by hand.”

“I didn’t know that.” Anders sniffed at the soap. “

His pointed chin tilted up defying Anders to deny his skill. Fuck he was adorable.

“That’s all right.” Anders took the soap and inhaled. The scent of vanilla and something unidentifiable drifted through his nose. “Nice.”

“Oh good. I’m glad you like it.” Meck wore his gold hair tied at his nape with a silk cord in traditional wizard fashion. On some men it would’ve come off as girly. Anders thought him beautiful. His dick hardened beneath those clear blue eyes.

“It’s nice. Thank you for bringing it to me. “Why don’t you go and get some sleep. I’m sure I’ll need a lot of things done for me tomorrow.” He would think of things for Meck to do if it kept the pretty wizard nearby.

“Great. I’m happy to help.” Meck’s sincere smile sealed his position.

His last three wizards could barely light a campfire. They could only polish his armor every three days because of how much magic it took and they’d never produced a bath of any kind. Much less change the temperature of the tent so it was comfortable. “How long did it take you to do all this?”

Meck’s forehead wrinkled as he thought. “Maybe twenty minutes. Hopefully I can set some permanent spells to take care of themselves, that way if I get transferred you’ll still be able to keep some of the comfort I give you.”

“How long did they tell you, your assignment would last?” Anders sat up dipping his soap in the water. He didn’t like the idea of losing his pretty wizard. His wolf growled along with him.

Meck shrugged. “They didn’t. Most assignments tend to last two years but a first assignment can be changed at any time if you say we don’t suit. You’re my first.” Meck blushed after he said those words. “I m-mean…”

“I know what you mean.” As much as he would’ve enjoyed flustering the wizard he didn’t want Meck truly embarrassed. This being his first assignment would explain why he wasn’t with a king or something. No one knew of Meck’s true abilities yet. Anders would have to be careful with who he shared his information. A higher ranked general could petition for Meck if he wished. “We can talk more about your job duties in the morning.”

“Yes, sir.” Meck bowed and turned to leave.

Anders’ inner wolf snarled. “Where are you going?”

“My tent. They set it up for me.” Meck waved in the direction his tent probably lay.

The idea of the pretty wizard out there where any smooth talking soldier could take advantage of him enraged Anders’ wolf. “You will sleep here.”

“Oh, I thought you usually had wizards stay…never mind. Where would you like me?”

In my bed.

Anders shook his head to clear the thought out. He wouldn’t pounce on the man, he was trying to save him. “Go get your stuff. I’ll order you a cot. There’s enough room to set one right there. He pointed to the space between the bottom of his bed and the wall.

“Yes general.”

He shooed Meck out of the tent before doing a quick wash and climbing out of the tub. He grabbed the folded towel and groaned over the soft fabric against his skin. Damn after only a few hours he’d found the perfect wizard. He’d have to pull all the strings he could find to bind Meck to him as a permanent assignment. Even if the man never graced his bed, Anders had had little softness in his life. He bet Meck could provide him with that gentleness his world had been lacking.

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  1. I need a Meck too. I can’t wait to read more. This is great. Happy Birthday Month. Sorry I missed the first week – being sick will do that.

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    Thanks for this great story.

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    Happy Birthday Month!!!

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  12. Thank you, Amber! This is torture, it’s like a new season that you see only an episode each week…

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