Lord of Small Magics – 7

Anders pulled on his sleep pants. He usually slept in the nude but he didn’t wish to scare the timid wizard. Meck didn’t appear to be a worldly individual. If he scared him off now he might not get a chance to try again.

Meck returned quickly with one bag.

“Are the guards bringing the rest of it?”

Meck frowned. “What rest? I’m in a battlefield not a castle. I only brought essentials with me.”

Approval poured through Anders. The last wizard had brought three cases of crap that he’d forced the staff to haul around for him. “No potions?”

“No.” Meck made a disgusted sound in the back of his throat. “I’m not that kind of wizard. I do transformative magic with energy. I don’t need bugs, botany or books.”

Anders laughed. When was the last time he laughed? “What do you do with the bath now?”

“This is where soldiers come in handy.”

Meck popped his head outside. Anders didn’t hear what the he said but the soldiers rushed inside and hauled away the tub.

“What did you tell them?”

“I told them it had five more good washes before it turned back into a bowl and they were welcome to it if they brought me back the bowl when they finished.” Meck grinned, transforming a pretty face into a stunning one.

“Clever.” He liked how Meck encouraged instead of ordered. He didn’t have the petulant demanding temperament so many of his colleagues had. Instead he had a sweet way about him. The soldiers popped in with a small cot and set it where Meck indicated.

Meck slid his hand across each of the soldier’s backs on their way past him.

“What did you do?” Anders asked, curious.

“I placed a temporary cleaning spell on their clothes. I know how hard it is to stay tidy while on the battle field.”

“How long will it last?” Meck’s magic fascinated Anders not only with the generosity with which he shared it but also his scope. The wizard’s he’d encountered only had a trick or two in them and did everything else by hand when they couldn’t convince the staff to do it for them. Meck not only did most things himself but rewarded those who helped him out.

Meck shrugged. “If I did it right a year or so?”

“And what do you expect for payment?”

“Payment? Nothing. It was just to help them for helping me. They are the ones who are going to be hauling a heavy tub around. It’s the least I could do.” Meck stared at Anders as if he were the one being unreasonable in his expectations. He decided to let it go. He refused to argue with the wizard he hoped to lure to his bed soon.

This powerful wizard had a sweet, sticky center, his wolf wished to lap up like canine candy. He grabbed a mental hold on his wolf. “Get ready for bed, Meck. We can talk more in the morning.”

“Yes, sir. Is there something in particular I should call you?”

Anders thought it over. Since Meck wasn’t in the military but the wizard corp he didn’t need to be so formal. “You can call me Dav. After all I am going to be your soldier.”

“Thank you, Dav.”

“Get some sleep.” Anders gave into temptation and ruffled Meck’s hair. He had to yank his hand back abruptly because the urge to grab the soft strands and haul Meck in for a kiss almost overwhelmed him.

Yes, he’d have to watch himself with this one if he didn’t want to be brought up on charges for harassment.

Meck slid between the covers of his cot.

“Feel free to transform that into anything you want. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.” The words were barely past his lips before the hard shell of the cot changed to a soft feather bed. Anders let out a shout of laughter. “You are amazing.”

Meck blushed. “Thank you.”

“You can change my mattress to a more comfortable one tomorrow night.” He tried to keep the whine out of his voice as he examined Meck’s bed from his own. A yelp left his lips when his hard bed changed to a soft but supportive bed. He’d heard of beds this soft but only in the palace’s royal rooms. For the first time Anders didn’t have a complaint about a wizard companion. This one could stay and he’d rip out the throat of anyone who dared to take him away. A soft sigh crossed his lip as he sank into his cloud soft bedding and fell into the first restful sleep he’d had in ages.

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  10. This powerful wizard had a sweet, sticky center, his wolf wished to lap up like canine candy. Love this great story so far

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