Lord of Small Magics – 8

Meck woke early. A quick glance over at Anders bed reassured him he wouldn’t get in trouble for not rising before his assigned soldier. Nerves had him using magic to change his clothes not quite ready to expose Anders to his nakedness. Had the wizards previously bedded the general or had he kept them in their outside in the other tent.

Why had Anders brought him inside? Did he plan on having Meck in his bed next? He couldn’t say he would mind being in the gorgeous general’s bed but he certainly wouldn’t be the one who said anything.

Trying to keep silent Meck grabbed his sandals and put them on as he headed for the flap. He nodded to the soldier standing out front, only one this time. Following his nose he found the campfire area where food preparation was underway.

“Hey there, handsome, what can I help you with?” An older woman with strawberry blond hair grinned at him exuding too much joy so early in the morning.

“Can I get a tray for General Anders, please. I’m his new domestic wizard.” Meck kept his tone respectful. From his dealings with the staff at the academy he knew better than to insult anyone who prepared his food.

“Of course dear. I’m Delona you can come find me any time.” She grabbed a wooden platter then loaded it up with bread, potatoes, sausages and fluffy eggs.

“You eat well here,” Meck commented, looking over the food.

“We have a few wizards who do transport,” she grinned. “You are handy fellows. Don’t forget to eat yourself. I’m sure you’ll be burning off the fat with all your magic and you’re tiny enough.” She ended with a belly laugh.

Meck smiled back at her not offended in the least. There was always a maternal woman trying to fatten him up. “Thank you.”

He accepted the large tray and immediately applied magic to help carry the heavy food. A grunt burst from him before he could stop it. Delona laughed. “Enjoy dear.”

“I’m sure we will.” The smell alone had his stomach growling. He placed each step with care not wanting to stumble and drop his load. When he reached the tent the soldier outside rushed to open the flap for him.

“Thanks.” He smiled at the man suppressing his urge to offer food.

“There you are,” Anders rough voice sent shivers down Meck’s spine.

“I went to get you breakfast.”

“Did you bring me juice?”

Meck’s stomach sank. “No, sir. I’ll get some.”

Flaring out his magic he gripped a small table with his power and pulled it closer. Puffing out a breath he set down the tray. Even with his abilities it took quite a bit of strength to carry the food.

“Excuse me,” a high-pitched voice spoke. A small dark-haired boy peeked inside the tent.

“What do you want?” Anders growled.

“Delona sent me with juice. She forgot to add it to your tray.”

“I’ll take it,” Meck said, rushing to accept the pitcher and the stack of two cups. “Thanks.”

“I’m Jona, ask for me if you need something,” he said with a cheeky grin before running off again.

Meck turned back and offered both to Anders. The general sat up, sending the blanket pooling to his lap. Juice sloshed in the pitcher.

“Are you all right?” Anders asked.

“Um, yeah.” Meck tore his eyes from the expanse of bare skin, resisting the urge to see if the hair growing on Anders chest was as soft as it looked. Avoiding looking at Anders he poured a cup of juice. He set it on the table along with the food.

“What are you planning to do today?” Anders helped himself to the food while he waited for Meck’s response.

Meck forced his gaze to the floor. “I’d like to follow you around today if you don’t mind.”

“Look at me when you talk to me.” He waited until Meck met his eyes before continuing. “Why?”

“Why what?” Meck’s focus vanished as he examined Anders eyes. Could the general really turn into a wolf or did he only have the soul of one. Meck never quite knew when people referred to someone like an animal if it meant the person was a shifter or that was a nickname of sort. Maybe he should’ve asked.

“Why do you want to follow me around?” The impatient edge of Anders’ tone snapped Meck out of his musings.

“If I see how your day is when you aren’t at war then I’ll have a better idea of how I can help you,” Meck answered. He didn’t know why he received such a surprised look.

“You don’t plan to just stay here?” Anders waved a hand around the tent.

“Not really unless you want me to.” Meck backpedaled. He had no idea of how things really worked but he really believed in his idea. How could he know how to help Anders out if he didn’t see how the general spent his day?

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  1. I want to see what Anders day is like, too. Thanks for this installment – really needed it this morning.

  2. Thanks Amber, at least I woke up to this bright spot. Anders is a grumpy Gus in the morning, isn’t he? Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  3. Mmmmm food for thought and a lively view of a nice masculine chest. It seems the tension is mounting. If the sparks between them ever ignite then the tent would burn down.

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