Lord of Small Magics – 11

Meck nodded. He understood Anders viewpoint. As a general it was his duty to look out for his people.

The archer finished his shooting. Catching sight of the general he approached them. He bowed his head toward Anders. “General.” His grin widened when he caught sight of Meck. “And who is this?”

Anders stepped slightly in front of him. “My new wizard.”

“Cute.” Pramoor flashed Meck a wide grin. His smile widened when he caught sight of Meck’s arm band. “Feeling possessive are we?”

“I don’t know what you mean.” Anders sniffed. “Your practice is going well.”

“Yes. The new arrows fly a bit to the left but otherwise they’re fine.”

“May I see one?” Meck asked.

Pramoor shrugged. “Sure.” The archer walked over and plucked one from the target before returning with it clutching in his hand. He gave it over to Meck.

Meck examined the metal tip for any flaws before tapping it with his finger and muttering a spell. The arrow glowed blue for a minute before turning back to its natural color.

“What did you do?” Anders asked.

“I charmed it to fly straight. The magic should compensate for any impurities in the design.”

“Nice!” Pramoor snatched back the arrow.

Before Meck could say anything else Pramoor had notched it in the bow then shot it at the target. It hit directly dead center.

Pramoor raced over and removed all the arrows from the target and raced back to Meck. “Can you do the rest of them?”

“Of course.” Meck reached over to grab them only to be pulled back by Anders.

“What will you give him for it?” Anders asked.

“What?” Both Meck and Pramoor stared at Anders in surprise.

“If he’s using his personal magic for your weapons it should be a fair trade,” Anders said.

“I will use the arrows in his defense,” Pramoor protested.

“As will everyone else here. That’s your job. It is only Meck’s job to take care of me.” Anders narrowed his eyes at the archer, apparently not willing to give up on this point.

“What do you want?” Pramoor asked Meck.

“Um.” Meck helplessly looked at Anders. He’d never been offered something for his magic. He’d always been willing to share whatever he head. Maybe Vedder had been right when he said Meck was too generous with his gifts. Anders seemed to think so.

“Pramoor is also good at carving,” Anders offered.

“Really?” Meck didn’t bother hiding his happiness over that. “Can you carve a horse?”

“Yes.” Pramoor gave him a strange look.

“It’s for the general. If you can carve his horse I can use sympathetic magic to keep him safe in the battlefield,” Meck explained.

“I don’t think you understand this barter thing. It’s supposed to be something for you,” Anders said.

“It will make my job easier to it will be for me. I’m a horrible carver.” The best Meck could do was trace out runes and only if he drew them first. He’d almost failed the class because of his poor carving skills.

“I’ll carve you a horse. If you charm all of my arrows.” Pramoor said.

Meck almost agreed but Anders put a hand on his shoulder and spoke for him. “He’ll do two dozen.”

Pramoor hesitated only a minute before sticking out his hand. “Deal.”

Meck clasped it in agreement. Anders pulled him back as soon as the handshake was over as if he were worried Pramoor would snatch him away.

“You can bring them by my tent tonight after dinner,” Anders said. He kept hold of Meck’s arm and dragged him back toward their tent.

“Not going to invite me to eat?” Pramoor asked.

“No.” Anders’ voice took on a low growl as if his wolf wanted to surface. The question of whether Anders was a shifter or not was answered in that one word. Humans didn’t use vowels with that many teeth.

Meck didn’t bother objecting. He worked for Anders, if the general wanted Meck to charm the arrows tonight he would. Meck had nothing else to do at night as far as he knew.

“All right,” Pramoor gave in good-naturedly. If Anders behavior bothered him he hid it well.

With a final nod Anders led Meck away from the archery area and back to their tent.

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  1. I think Brandi is right! I can see the line of hopeful soldiers lined up to the edge of camp and beyond! Meck is indeed too generous, but that’s what’s endearing about him. Anders is bound and determined no one takes advantage of his wizard. Love the dance these two are doing as they get to know one another. When they finally get together, I expect fireworks.

  2. I’m really loving these installments wish they were longer and more often. Your birthday books are always wonderful thank you so much.

  3. Better watch out, do to many things like that and he will be wanted by someone higher up. Then the wolf will really come out.
    Love the story and can’t wait to see what happens.

  4. I think Pramoor is going to be an itch to Ander’s side. I hope he doesn’t go for Merk and get bodily harm 🙂

  5. Yay Anders for ensuring Meck isn’t taken advantage of, though I bet if Anders thought he could get away with it, he wouldn’t want Meck doing anything for anyone other than him LOL

  6. I love how Anders is watching out for Meck so that his men don’t take advantage of his generosity and willingness to help everyone.

  7. Meck is such a sweet wizard it nice that the general doesn’t let him be taken advantage if. Can’t wait for next installment.

  8. I like that Anders is watching out for Meck. I think having the barter system set up for his skills and letting people be aware of the fact that the general is backing him will be a good thing. From what was said Meck would have been taken advantage of otherwise. I bet that his friend in school was the only thing that kept others from using his skills for free.

  9. Reading this story makes everything right in my world. Thank you for writing it. I can’t wait for the next post

  10. It just gets better and better!! Thank you Amber. It might be your birthday month, but we’re getting the best gift ever!!
    Happy Birthday Month!!

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