Lord of Small Magics – 12

Once they returned to their tent Anders sat down at the small table someone had set in the corner. There were two chairs. Meck slid into the one Anders indicated while the general sat in the other. “I wanted to clear a few things up.”

Meck’s heart sank. Had he already done something wrong? He cleared his throat. “What kind of things?” He straightened in his chair when Anders narrowed his sharp eyes at him.

“What did they tell you when they gave you this assignment?”

Meck licked his lips as he tried to figure out what Anders was searching for. “Um, they told me to take care of all of your needs.” There that sounded vague enough.

All of my needs?” Anders asked crossing his arms over his chest.

“Yes.” Meck’s voice came out a bit squeakier than he expected.

“What about my personal desires?”

It took Meck a few minutes before he caught on to Anders insinuation. “If you mean sex than yes, they mentioned that.”

“And you didn’t have a problem with being sent off to do whatever I needed?”

Meck scratched lightly at his itchy arms. “It’s not like that. Assignments are a privilege not a duty. I’m not a slave. They can’t make me do anything. They can only recommend. If I found we didn’t suit I could refuse.”

A small smile curved the general’s mouth. “And did you?”

“Did I what?” For a commanding soldier Anders had a hard time getting to the point.

“Find anything objectionable about your assignment after we met?”

“No.” There let him work out what that meant.

Instead of further questions Anders relaxed. “Good.”

“General you have a visitor,” a voice said outside.

Meck didn’t recognize him so they must’ve changed guards. Meck would have to learn the different soldiers who might be watching over their tent.

Anders stood up. “Let them in.”

Meck let out a laugh when Vedder slipped in as gracefully as walking into a parlor. “Good afternoon General Anders. I’m Vedder Sparks a good friend of dear Meck and one of your new battle wizards.”

“I thought you were going some place else.” Meck rushed forward to give his friend a hug only to be held back by Anders placing a hand on his shoulder. He gave the general a curious look but Anders only had eyes for Vedder.

“And you thought you’d come by first thing and introduce yourself?” Anders asked. His polite, chilly tone had Meck glancing from one man to the other trying to figure out what was going on.

Vedder’s bland smile had all of Meck’s internal alarms ringing madly. “Of course. I’m always concerned about my friends. Especially the sweet ones who might have unwisely accepted a poor assignment.”

“What are you talking about Ved? I just started here.”

“Hmm, and how are you liking it?” Vedder tucked a strand of Meck’s hair behind his ear. “Having any problems? Made any friends?”

“I just started. Yesterday I got in and napped. Today the general was kind enough to give me a tour of the camp.” Meck didn’t know what was going on? Why were Anders and Vedder staring at each other like two dogs working out their territory lines?

“Well I wanted to let you know I was reassigned here to be a floating mage and I’ll see you around.”

Meck grinned. “At least you won’t be responsible for one soldier.” A floating mage went from battle to battle to help wherever they could and the stronger they were the better their changes of advancement.

“True. And I can look out for you better,” Vedder agreed.

“Tell me you didn’t change positions so you could watch my back,” Meck demanded. Vedder had always been protective but not obsessive.

Vedder smoothed out his flawless hair with one hand as he pretended to examine the inside of the tent. “Well now that I know where to find you I’ll come back later. Maybe we can have a chat about the suitability of your assignment.” He cast a glare at the general.

Anders grinned at Vedder before turning back to Med. “I was just discussing that very thing.”

If Meck died right then he would go happily.

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  1. Bahahahaha this had me chuckling out loud, which earned me some strange looks LOL, I can’t say I am surprised Vedders had his assignment changed to keep watch over Meck

  2. Why can I see Meck quietly yelling at his overprotective friend and Anders not being happy about him being within 5 feet of his friend.

  3. I liked how Vedder was sticking up for Meck’s abilities in the beginning but now I think he’s being meddlesome ><

  4. Oh oh I smell trouble brewing…..Wonder what’s going on with Meck’ friend Vedder.. is he going to be causing all kinds of problems for Meck or is he going to help.

  5. There is a conflict within me, I cannot decide who I would like for Meck. I just wondering if Vedder is really only a good friend to Meck or what? Guess only time will tell.

  6. Hmmmmm. Overprotective brother syndrome or is there more to it cant wait to find out. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I can’t believe you stop there!! Vedder sounds so jealous poor Meck has no idea why these guys are fighting. I can’t wait!!

  8. My, my, my oh! What a predicament. Can’t wait to see the gauntlet thrown, and pistols at high noon. 😉. Oh how I hope the three get together, after a pissing match, and maybe some damsel in distress heroic action😍😍😍. A girl can dream.

  9. So Vedder made sure Meck had no problems at school. I get the feeling that included any interested males as well, but did he do it because he is interested himself or for a different reason?

  10. Well now, can we say two “dogs” playing tug-a-war with a favorite chew toy??? And guess who the chew toy is. Love it!

  11. Just knew Vedder would show up. Now we have to wait to find out if he’s in protective brother mode or hands off my potential mate mode. Then there’s the looming battle. Poor Meck is confused and wondering what the heck is going on.

    When’s Anders going to pee a perimeter around Meck? That’s the real question of the day.

  12. Oh come on now. Bad Vedder. I know he’s worried about Meck but seriously!? How is he supposed to work on his relationship with Anderson now. Again, Bad Vedder!!!

  13. Hopefully Vedder and Anders don’t come to blows. Somehow I don’t see Meck being at all pleased with that…

  14. Awwww he is so adorable, and to have 2 guys arguing over him, should help with his self esteem!!
    Happy Birthday Month, Amber!!

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