Surprise Giveaway!


Hey Everyone, Sheri here, Β we’re going to have a giveaway today! I think we will keep this open until the end of the month. Today we are giving away a Kindle Paperwhite or 100 GC.

So I wanted to take a moment and say Happy Birthday to Amber. Amber you’re one of the coolest people I know, a great boss(even when you take back my praise), have an amazing writing talent, are always so nice to everyone, and I want to wish you a fabulous year! (Ps…we totally need to be at a convention at the same time at some point!)

To enter, share you favorite birthday memory.

167 thoughts on “Surprise Giveaway!

  1. My favorite Birthday Memory was for my 50th this last year. I was expecting my Mom and Stepfather to stop by since they were on vacation, but my Brother surprised me as well. Cried like a baby. (They all live in California, and I live in Ohio)

  2. My son was 12 I think and he made me breakfast in bed. The eggs were a little runny but it was the best birthday gift ever

  3. My first child was due on my 24th birthday! He didn’t come fir anther 3 days, but it still felt like his birth was my gift πŸ™‚

  4. My favourite birthday memory is my 21st birthday.

    My parents were the ones to get drunk and me and my fiancΓ© were the sober ones Lol

    My mum ended up doing the birdie song with my elderly next door neighbour in the middle of the living room, and my dad was telling everyone how wonderful they were and how much he loved them.

    It was hilarious and I never fail to bring it up every now and then, just for fun of course πŸ˜‰

  5. My favorite birthday was my 16th my Mother took me out for a shrimp dinner which is still my favorite meal. Happy Birthday Amber!!!!

  6. Went to a BD party for a friend who shares the same day and found it out it was a surprise party for me as well. Family and friends from out of town were there I never expected to see for my birthday.
    Great day.

  7. My favorite memory is going into labor. My daughter was not born until the next day, But I almost had a birthday baby 😊

  8. One of my favorite birthday memories is taking a balloon over western Va. (just a piece). It was in Nov and the tree colors were brilliant. We landed at a high school, skimming the football field while practice was going on. When we landed lots of kids came running and one interviewed us for the school paper. It was so much fun.

  9. My favorite birthday memory is celebrating my 50th at my very first book convention – Old City, New Blood which is now Coastal Magic.

  10. My favourite birthday memory is of my eighteenth birthday, when all my friends threw me a surprise party… It was completely unexpected and very beautiful.

  11. My favorite birthday memory was of my 22nd. I graduated college that same week, so we had a double celebration with two cakes, one for my birthday and the other for graduation. All my relatives showed up and friends. It was a blast and one of the last times in many years that all my extended family was together like that. Happy Birthday Amber!!! πŸŽ‚

  12. ~*~Happy Birthday Amber!~*~ My favorite memory was getting family tickets to Disneyland for my 40th birthday! I had never been and was so happy to be able to get to finally go! πŸ˜€

  13. I was once celebrated my birthday at the romantic times convention and my dear author friends planned to surprise me with a dance with the Ellora’s cave cover models. I saw what that is like on the night before my birthday. I am seriously shy, so I went into hiding. Lol

  14. My daughter came 2 days before my birthday so her party always occur during my birthday. We were having a birthday party for my daughter and my friends surprised me that night and took me out on my 40 th birthday.

  15. My favorite birthday memory is actually not for my bday.. when my mom turned 50 we planned a surprise party and had family from all over come in… she had no clue… it was awesome!!!

  16. My favorite memory was my 14th birthday. My family and me went to Denver and I got to celebrate my birthday for the first time with my older sister, her family and my brother. It was the only birthday we were all together for

  17. Happy birthday Amber!!! My favorite birthday memory is having my party at a roller rink (lol) I had all my friends and family there it was awesome!!

  18. Happy birthday Amber! My favorite memory as having my party at a roller rink with my friends and family it was a blast !

  19. My favorite Birthday moment was this year may daughter and grandkids Birthday are three day apart from each other’s. So this year he had a mega party for all three. We had a wonderful day granddaughter the 5 year old played so hard she fell asleep in great grandpa’s arms.

  20. So my favorite b-day memory I think it was my 18 birthday which mean I became legal in Israel.. my sisters took me to a bar for my first drink… It was just the perfect girls’ night out…

  21. My favorite birthday memory is my mom’s 60th bday. We gave her a surprise party. My sisters and I had such a hard time keeping the secret my mom knew we were hiding something and was so mad at us. When she walked into the restaurant for Sunday brunch ( our tradition after Church) and the whole family was there. It was priceless. She was speechless. Its such a happy memory. Thanks for reminding me.. πŸ™‚

  22. Happy Birthday, Amber!! My favorite birthday memories revolve around my best friend. Since I was 6 years old we’ve always made a point to celebrate for each other. She moved 45 minutes away when we were 14, but for my 16th birthday I got to spend a whole week with her and when we ‘went out’ one night to celebrate, she introduced me to my now husband. We still make a point to take each other out and give presents, but that was probably the best one ever.

  23. Christmas of 1994. It was my dad’s first and last Christmas with my kids. He had cancer but as the saying goe a candle burns brighter at the end. What a wonderful time we had with a great dinner. Having him fully participate was a joy.

  24. Happy bithday Amber!!! One of my favorite birthday memories was when I was in middle school and planned and paid for (out of babysitting money) a hayride for me and my friends.

  25. my fav birthday memory is watching The Little Mermaid with my nieces while having a carpet picnic

  26. For my birthday party I was having at our skating rink, my grandma make me standing roller skate cakes with Pom pond. Everyone loved them.

  27. I would have to say my wife’s bday this year. We had plans to go to the beach and just relax but they fell through. Instead of getting upset she just looked at me and said “No big deal. I still get to be with you. ” And that is exactly what we did. We hung out all week and just chilled with each other. No running around. No stressing over things. Just us.

  28. My favorite birthday memory would be when I was 14 and my father took my birthday party away for no reason other than being a jerk and my Mom defied him and made me a cake, got me a present and took me to the movies. Just the two of us. It made us so much closer. It is something, that no matter how much time passes, I still remember it.

  29. My favorite birthday was when I was 11. My dad was an over the road truck driver and I had when with him for a week right before my birthday. I got to see quite a few state. We got back on my birthday and my mom had the bike I wanted there and I still think it was the best birthday.

  30. Happy birthday month, Amber!

    My favorite memory was on my 16th birthday. My dad was stationed in Germany in the 60s and we took the train to Berlin to visit family friends. We went to the Egyptian Museum on a weekday and it was practically empty. I remember staring transfixed at the bust of Nefertiti and lost all sense of time and place. We were on a tight schedule, otherwise who knows how long I’d have stood there, but our friends wanted us to see other tourist sights before our train departed later that night.

    That was my best birthday ever!

  31. happy birthday amber! my best b day memory was actually for my mom’s 50th. i took her to see the live production of ‘the phantom of the opera’. managed to get seats like in the orchestra section several rows from the front. my mom when she was alive was always big on getting my brother and i out to see LIVE plays/stage productions. she felt it encouraged the love of arts and gave us new experiences. and she totally enjoyed going. and even thou it will be six years next month since she passed that is one of my fondest memorires of her and i still enjoy live theater thanks to her

  32. My favourite birthday memory is the year all five of my children got together to buy me my first e-reader. I still have it, cracks and all but it’s still going strong after 7 years.

  33. Happy Birthday Amber!! I have to say my favorite birthday memory was when I turned 16. My dad, whose gone now helped me buy my first truck. We worked on that 51 together and it made us so close.

  34. Happy Birthday! My favorite birthday memory is the year I got my first Kindle, lol. Now I wont go anywhere without it.

  35. I was determined never to get married. My boyfriend had asked my 4-5 times (we disagree). On my birthday he brought me a little long haired wienie dog and she had this small wire loop tied to the middle of her back with a ribbon. Before he would let me take her her flipped the loop to her stomach and got down on one knee. He told me I kept saying no to the engagement ring (because it couldn’t be no to marriage) so he got a better ring. We made 25 years this past March.

  36. I have to say that my favorite birthday was my 14th birthday. I got home after school and there were too many cars at the house. I went inside and my eldest brother was there along with most of my family. He had been stationed over in Iraq for the previous year and he made a surprise trip home.
    Happy birthday, Amber!!

  37. one of my favorite memories is when i returned home from work and school, and there was a gift taped on my door from a friend. it was a sweet surprise.

  38. I think Deanna may have the best story so far! For me, it was technically my birthday, but something I did for my Mom, who had her birthday 8 days after mine. Due to some family drama, she was really sad the one year and I decided to throw her a surprise party at my apartment and if I told her the get together was for me, she’d never suspect. I invited some current and old neighborhood friends and had a couple my parents had not seen in years answer the door when Mom came to it (although I was not smart enough to get someone to get a picture of her face). We all had a great time and I was quite proud of the fact that I had a hand in getting the very big smile on her face! My Dad told me later that it was actually the first birthday party she’d had since they grew up in Scotland during WWII, rations for a birthday cake and such were not priorities. It was not a big birthday, she turned 56, but it did turn out to be her only one as she passed away 8 years later. So I was even happier to have been able to do that for her.

  39. My favorite birthday was when I was 12 to my sister’s 9. We are 11 days apart and had a joint party. My parents rented out a poolside bedroom at a hotel to host a pool party for us and a bunch of our friends. It was a long time ago, but I still remember and have fond memories.

  40. My favorite memory is my son’s birth he was born on my birthday the 10th September that is one birthday I will never forget..

    1. We share a birthday. How wonderful to have your son born on yours. 3 of my kids are born in the same week, but none on my birthday. Go Virgos

  41. first I want to say Happy Birthday Amber!!!

    one of my favorite birthday memories was my 40th birthday. I had a party at a local Karaoke place and I had about 20 people there it was so much fun and they all got up and sang Happy Birthday to me. I felt so blessed to have such a wonderful bunch of friends and family around me to celebrate.

  42. Favorite bday memory hmmm I don’t remember a particular one, but I remember having costume parties and those were always fun and disastrous cos of the confetti and the like ^^

  43. My favorite birthday memory was when I was 7-8 I think. My parents took me to toys r us and let me pick out all these little mermaid barbies. Probably 4 or 5. It was when the movie had just come out and she was my favorite Disney princess. Was so excited at the time .

  44. My favorite birthday memory is when I turned 6. My cousin’s birthday is the day before mine and he was turning 9. My dad and his parents got a carvel number cake and sat us across from each other at the table. When he looked at it it was a 9 and when I looked it was a 6. We both got a kick out of it. Now many years later if we’re together on birthdays we make jokes like ” You’ll always be the 6 to my 9″ People are horrified and we laugh and explain it.

  45. Sweetest memory was that of the last birthday I shared with my best friend and my hubby. This was just after I had a heart attack and feeling a bit frail. They made me feel wonderful….I have lost both of them to illnesses and miss them both

  46. My 2 best friends kidnapped me for a weekend at the beach. We had a fun relaxing time watching movies, walking the beach and eating out.

  47. For me it was my 50th just last year. Hubby and kids took me out for dinner and they ended up with food poisoning. The rest of the day they left me alone and totally let me just be. I so appreciated that day. They even tried to look after themselves, but you know how sick men can be – reverting to such children.

  48. My favorite birthday was when my family traveled 6 hrs to find me and spend my birthday with me. Living on the streets at that time wasn’t easy for me or my family. They finally found me and I went home with them. Now I’m working and have built a new life for me.

  49. A favorite birthday memory was when I turned 40. I was still teaching. When I opened the door to my hallway, I was greeted with the whole hallway decorated with black streamers and black balloons by the other teachers on my hallway. LOL. And of course my room was clear on the other end. They’d even decorated my door and my desk, plus there were black cupcakes in the teacher lounge. It was a good day, lol.

  50. I don’t have one particular birthday that’s a favorite, more a favorite tradition. Every year for my birthday, my Dad takes me out for dinner just the two of us. It’s our focused time to connect and share.

  51. My favorite birthday memory isn’t mine it’s my dads’ birthday. My dad was in his 60s and I was having a hard time shopping for him as he didn’t really have hobbies and a lot of the things he used to like had changed. I had been talking to him about his past, desperate to find something he may have used to love and reintroduce him to it, and he ended up telling me about his best friend from when he was in the navy that he’d lost touch with when he and my mom moved to Montana. It took some questions to my mom and the help of his friends’ sister, but for his birthday I gave him a phone card and his number and told him that he was looking forward to his call. He said it was the best present he could have gotten and it made him so happy. He kept in contact with him every month until last year when the Alzheimer’s took his memory of his friend. So glad he had that time with him.

  52. My daughter was born a few weeks before my birthday, so my favorite birthday was the first one I had as a mom. I was tired, but very happy. πŸ™‚

  53. I left a really long post about finding my dads long lost best friend(from when he was in the navy 40+ years ago)for his birthday and how he said it was the best present he’d ever gotten and how that was my best birthday memory especially since he’s now in care for Alzheimer’s but when I went to post it I screwed up inputting the email address. So here is me saying that in a much less well rounded way.

  54. I still laugh when I think about my two brothers birthday long ago. Mom decided since they were born on the 9th and 11th of Oct, she would have their cake on the 10th. Each one swore it was for the other
    because it wasn’t his birthday. Mother wasn’t happy with the two of them but we all still get a laugh out of this when we remember it.

  55. I just celebrated the big 5-0 and a was thrilled to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to me at work from my wonderful sister. This was in addition to the bouquet my husband got me.

    Another memory-spending the day in Fussen, Germany with my family; beautiful city, wonderful trip, spectacular memory!

  56. Last year my husband was away for my birthday and my 10 year old son made me breakfast along with a cupcake with a candle and served it to me in bed. He decorated the plate with chocolate hearts and flowers. Best (and cutest) birthday breakfast ever!

  57. Happy Birthday, Amber!
    My favorite birthday memory is when I turned 4 years old. We had just moved into a new house and I had a new, big bedroom decorated in yellow since I definitely was NOT a “girly” girl. I was extremely excited when I opened one of my birthday presents and received a toy construction set. It had tracks and a variety of bright yellow construction vehicles that were just like the big ones my grandfather drove at work. The dump truck and bulldozer were my favorites, and I could spend hours just moving the plastic rocks around with them. It was a great gift for a tomboy like me. πŸ™‚

  58. Happy Happy Birthday Amber …..hope your day is as wonderful as your books. My happiest birthday memory is of my 40th which I had with my whole family, I had requested no over the hill because I loved turnibg 40 and they didn’t do it,lots of family and fun….thenvwhen I went to car to load in presents the surprise…..a car full of black balloons as in 40…..just a great birthday.

  59. Happy Birthday Amber.
    My favorite birthday was when my daughter came back from Afghanistan (deployment)

  60. My last one with my father before he passed. It was right before he took a turn for the worst. He came to see me and we just spent the day together.

  61. happy birthday Amber! fave memory == one is involves a birthday cake my sister decided to make for me. when we were young mom would make a birthday cake and include a cooked icing (sorta marshmallowy & really good) that wasn’t easy to get just right so was only done for special occasions. as we became adults mom stopped making it because of the hassle and people moving away. a few years ago went to my sister’s and she made me a birthday cake. she had found a jiffy mix for the icing so used it for my cake as a special surprise. she made the 2 layer cake and used the icing in the morning so it would be ready when I arrived after lunch. before I arrived, they looked over at the counter and found the top layer of the cake sliding off. she tried fixing it but it was now a bit messy and she was all bummed thinking my surprise was ruined. it wasn’t, I was so surprised, not just by the cake but by the icing on it that I was absolutely tickled pink and giddy by the thoughtful & sweet jester. I jumped for joy and gave her a bunch of big hugs. it was such a wonderful “revisit” to the special moments of childhood. it was one of the best cakes I’ve had i years πŸ™‚ the memory still makes me giddy πŸ™‚

  62. My best birthday was my 35th. It started as a bunch of stuff gone wrong, but I got to have pictures taken with my (almost) 4-year old niece (her birthday is 3 days after mine). It was the first time that she was happy to have pictures with me. I have the photos hanging in my office at work so I can smile every time I see them.

  63. My favorite birthday memories are when I still lived in Florida and my mom was still alive. I would drive from where I lived in central Florida (Ocala) to where she lived in southern Florida (Hollywood) and then we would turn around and the next day drive to Orlando and spend the day at Epcot, at the end of the day I would take her home and the following day would go back home. We would do this for my birthday every year until the company I worked for moved me to Nevada. We did this the weekend after my birthday I would leave as soon as I got off work on Friday morning and be back in time to start back Sunday night.

  64. Happy Birthday Amber.
    I have to admit we don’t make much of birthdays in my family….but, I’m the big 60 in February so we are planning a winter break to the Bavaria to look at castles and stuff.

  65. One of my best burthday memories is flying up to Portland Oregon for the day. I was able to see an old friend and walk around the city talking about life and men until I flew home that night.

  66. Happy Birthday Amber.
    I have to say I don’t like my birthday. Always had bad memories or things happen. But I do have one that due to myself is my favorite. My 21st. I was in the Air Force and throw myself a party. Turned into a three keg plus party. Had the whole barracks a rocking.

  67. Happy Birthday, Amber!

    Birthday parties when I was younger often seemed forced and uncomfortable, so as an adult, I prefer low key birthdays. I did get a great compliment this year, though. I turned 40, proud of every year. When my boss teased me about turning 25…again, I told him I was proud of every year and would be40. He said, “No, you’re not!” then, “I hope I look as good at 40!”

  68. Happy Birthday Amber!
    My favourite birthday memory was when I was twenty one my family and friends came to a restuarant and we had a wonderful meal and lots of talking and having so much fun it was a great day.

  69. Happy Birthday Amber! You are very good to us. My birthday memory is not a great one. My youngest turned one year old. At the same time, we had to have stairs repaired and my middle one walked out the door and around the barrier and fell right out the door. The babysitter left the gate open. The dog ran out and got hit by a car. Fortunately she was fine. Then, in the middle of the little party, the birthday girl was sick. It was a memorable birthday.

  70. My favorite would have to be , I think ,was my 12th birthday.
    My Aunt Geneva and Uncle Ray came over with a birthday cake for me. My family had forgotten to get one for me. It may have been frozen and may not have been an actual birthday cake but the love that it came from made it the best one I ever had.

  71. One of my favorite birthdays was when i was around 12 and visiting my grandmother. I wanted her homemade swee pickles and she hadnt made any that year, and she made me my own personal jar of pickles. I still have the canning jar that she used.

  72. My favorite birthday was my 14th. My day always had a professional meeting the week of my birthday, so he was never around. That year, he took us all with him. It was in D.C. that year. My mom, my brother and I got to do all the touristy sight-seeing educational things while he was at his meeting, and we got to go to a variety of different restaurants at night. I think that may have been my first plane flight, too.

  73. I decided years ago that a day being adored wasn’t enough, so I declared a week was Donna’s day. This way you get a present every day for 7 days instead of 1. Very materialistic I must sound, but I still haven’t managed to get 7 yet. The best memories of my birthday would be of my son giving me his time and attention for the day.

  74. My favourite birthday would have to my 30th as it was the last one I had with my mum we just sat and talk an remember what as important to us I still miss her have a happy birthday Amber

  75. My dad passed away this year so now all memories of him are precious to me even more than before. Both my parent are amazing. They would always have birthday party’s every year for my 2 brothers and I. So many wonderful times. My dad was very ill before he passed. We looked after him for years keeping him going but no matter how bad his felt he always put his amazing smile on and mad our birthday’s special. RIP dad. Love and miss u so much. Thanks for the amazing memories you gave me. Xxx

  76. For my sister’s 50th birthday this year all of my sisters stayed at a B&B together. It was awesome!

  77. My favorite birthday memory is when I was turning 50. It was the same year I suffered my TBI and was still pretty out of it. My middle daughter decided to plan a get together with a bunch of author friends I hadn’t seen in months because of the injury and planned it right in front of me (did I mention I was a bit out of it.) It was also a couple months before the big 50 and one of my friends was having a signing so the party was held under the guise of just going to the signing and getting me out of the house. They kept is low key with a dinner before, but it was so much fun and just what I needed. One of the best things was one of my friends and favorite authors – who didn’t have stuff on e-book yet, gave me a flash with all her books on ebook. Since the injury I haven’t been able to read paper – it’s a weird fluke, but ebook or computer for me know. That was 8 years ago and I just got back from visiting with these guys and they still make feel better whenever I see them. Happy Birthday Amber

  78. My favorite birthday memory is my son’s birthday’s once we moved to Maryland. We had a lot of children my sons ages and on their birthday after the bus dropped them off, I would take cake or cookies or brownies to the court across from our house and we would have an impromptu party.

  79. For my 40th birthday 2 years ago, my mom, sister and dh threw a surprise party after the year of medical issues caused so much upheaval in my life. I can honestly say it was one of the better birthdays I celebrated and DH really made it more special by making dang sure I never found out. lol

  80. My favorite birthday memory was spending the day with my son at a nearby town that was conducting a historical reenactment that happened to fall on my b-day that year. It commemorated a battle that fell right before Washington’s crossing of the Delaware and even though it was a footnote in the Revolutionary War it is said by historians that even though the Americans lost that battle it contributed to the British’s defeat at Trenton since the British troops celebrated their victory so hard they were too hungover to travel to Trenton to join the troops! The best part was when my son and I were following a Hessian reenactor after the final battle (that took place at the little league field..I know just go with me here) and the guy was wearing a tall pointed hat so my smart a** son kept saying “mawwaige is” like the priest in A Princess Bride. I wanted to kick him but I was laughing too hard. After we were done there we went home where he cooked me Pappardelle alla Contadina for dinner. He was 15. Now he is 20 and in the Air Force and stationed a few hundred miles away and I’m lucky to see him once or twice a year.

  81. my fav, so far, and what I can remember, my best memory would be from this years birthday where I went to Melbourne with my sister and got 2 presents I’d been wanting for, we’ll six months to a year

  82. Favorite birthday memory…I would have to say as a child the time my mom made me a barbie doll birthday cake. My brother still whines to this day about my “special” cake. As an adult, I would say my 50th getting dressed up and going out in costume for Halloween.

    Happy Birthday, Amber.

  83. My favorite birthday memory was a few years ago, when my entire family went to Disney World for my Birthday! It was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had, because I got special birthday deserts, and I got to go to the front of lines, it was Great!!!! But this experience might be surpassed this coming up year when I get to go to Los Vegas for my Birthday!!!

  84. My favourite birthday memories growing up have been dress up parties (the majority of my birthday parties) and a gingerbread house birthday “cake”. Mum would make my costume (one that could be altered with the addition of minor components) which I would use for my birthday party (and other dress ups through the year).

    She must have gotten a lot of practice making those gingerbread houses as they were mine & my sisters pick for our birthday “cake” for over ten years running.

  85. My favorite birthday memory is on my 16th birthday my parents threw me a sweet 16 birthday and invited all my friends. I had gone upstairs to get something and when I came down it was so loud that I couldn’t think . I stood on the stairs and was getting ready to tell Everyone to be quiet but what came out wasn’t what I intended. I shouted out “Shut up or I’ll eat you”. To this day my family and friends tease me about this and it has been over 34 years !!!

  86. My 21st. Surprise dress up party. Great night great friends great cake. I was visiting a friend out of state and a few friends travelled there as well without my knowledge to surprise me at the party. It was an awesome night

  87. For my 14th birthday my grandmother bought me a ring real gold real birthstone. It was my first piece of jewelry that wasn’t costume jewelry. I love it and still wear it.

  88. My favorite birthday memory is my 16th. My parents got a Barbie cake (the one that looks like her dress).

  89. For my 25th birthday my Mother gave me tickets to a dinner theater. My best friends and I were able to see Into the Woods .

  90. My favorite birthday was my 16th. Two friends and I went to a water park for the day. It was fun but the temperature was not all that warm. Lol.
    P S I would like the 100 GC. I have lots of electronics already. 😊

  91. My favorite memory happened recently- My 24th birthday. I had recently moved across the country to attend graduate school and didn’t know anyone all that well. I was attending classes and helping with our Global Initiatives department to welcome international students from South Korea. My roommate and some friends got together with the international students to plan a surprise birthday party for me at our apartment. That night we went to a cultural event on campus and while we were gone they decorated the apartment and got a cake and everything. It was the very first time I had had a surprise birthday party and it is one I think I will remember forever because a group of people who really didn’t know me all that well decided to get together to celebrate and I have never been more humbled by an act of kindness.

  92. My favorite birthday was my first in the US. My birthday is the Fourth of July, and I always joked that people in the US had fireworks for my birthday. So living in the US now, every year is a special day for my birthday. But the first time, with the fireworks and everybody having the day off to spend it with me was extra special.

  93. My favorite birthday was my 21st. I was super sick and all I wanted was my pj’s, apple juice and bed, but my loving parents took me to the casino instead where my dad bought my first alcoholic beverage for me. I only took one sip and he finished the rest. Even though I wasn’t feeling well my coworkers surprised me by showing up and I walked away that night with some extra cash. πŸ˜‰

  94. Happy birthday Amber! My favorite was a couple of years ago. Since my birthday is in the summer we usually do some kind of picnic/bbq where I do most of the work. Not this birthday, my adult kids took care of everything (except I still had to make my potato salad).


    Would have to be my cousin’s 18th this year, i remember how happy we were and how much of a surprise we made it. It was also to be out last big group photo together which turned into a bittersweet memory a few weeks later when my aunt passed away suddenly.

  96. I grew up in Vietnam in a farm and so we couldn’t really afford to celebrate birthdays and we never did until I came here and we celebrated my 12th birthday with nothing fancy but a cake and a fan dinner with my parents and sisters…it was my first birthday celebration in which I’ll never forget…

  97. Happy Birthday Amber

    It would be my 13th birthday, it was the first time i got to have a birthday party at our house for the first time. I just started middle school and got to invite 5 friends over i was so happy to have them come over. Well this story turned sad in the fact not one friend could come to it or had plans already. Did not find out till they did not show up. So i was crying and a storm came in my Mom took me out me out of the city in the back roads parked in a field and so watched the best lighting storm i every saw it was magic. One of the worst time of my young life turn to be the best memory with my Mom and now i love to see storms coming in.

  98. My 13th birthday when my daddy stopped his coal truck in a department store parking lot and went in and bought me a strawberry shortcake birthday card.

  99. My birthday in 2008. My present my granddaughter. A special connection because we share the same day.

  100. My favorite birthday was mine 40th I took my mom and kids to Salem MA during Halloween. We had a blast

  101. Have a great and very happy birthday. Just found The Changing Years on my Kindle and read them for the Halloween evening of answering phones for the local haunted house my daughter was working at.

  102. Currently celebrating my husband’s birthday (today) and my mom’s (last Saturday) came out to eat and my daughter sings happy birthday.

  103. To be honest, with all the negative things that have happened to me since childhood, my brain has employed a self-defence mechanism, not allowing me to remember much of my past. The things I’m aware now as an adult have been told to me by my mother or sister. The things I’ve ‘learned’ throughout my adult years have left me in awe. I don’t remember much and I’m glad I don’t after been told the many things that have happened to me. So, what can I tell you? Since becoming an older person my birthdays have been the normal ‘happy birthday, here’s your cake, blow out the candles’. This year I didn’t even get to do that. Sorry, I wish I could share something happy with you, but, I do hope yours is fabulous! Much love to you, Amber!

  104. My sisters through a surprise birthday party a month early and it was a surprise – they made me make most of the food telling me it was for a family picnic. Great party though.

  105. My mom took me to a Club Med in Mexico for my 18th birthday. Hooked up with a hunky hotty and just had a blast.

  106. My favorite birthday memory… When I was 7 or 8, my grandparents showed up for my birthday, but no one would let me go outside to see them. Turns out, they were trying to get a goat to keep her head down so I didn’t see her. That’s right, I got a GOAT who I named Sylvia.

    and… Happy Birthday!

  107. Happy Birthday Amber since I haven’t said it yet. My newest favorite birthday memory is actually my niece’s recent birthday. We were gathered around to sing the birthday song with her in front of her cake that had a candle and by the time we all got done singing the very first happy she had already blown out the candle. We all kept singing while trying not to laugh and she sat there and had this look of uh oh on her face. Her mom recorded it on her phone and showed it to her and we relit the candle and sang the last verse and let her blow it out again. It was cute and hilarious all at once.

  108. A few years ago I had the opportunity of not working on my birthday or having commitments for the day, so I looked up all the birthday specials with the local restaurants and ate for free all day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Being cheap never felt so good. πŸ˜€

  109. Happy Birthday Amber! My favorite birthday was when I turned 16 years old. My best friend who lived in another state drove all the way to visit me and hang out for my birthday. I hadn’t seen her in almost 6 years!!!

  110. I used to get mad on my b-day because I could not have steak for dinner. I don’t know why I LOVE turkey,stuffing and all the rest. Nov. 25 falls on turkey day alot lol

  111. The year I turned thirty, my hubby went to our local store and picked out a dozen roses. He is color blind so he had never picked out flowers himself before. He then hand delivered them with a teddy bear shaped bank to the bank I worked at.

  112. About 10 years ago, I came home from work, tried to get out of car but my husband told me not to get out. He had two overnight bags with him. He told me to drive to the coast and he surprised me with a weekend away. He told me it counts for my birthday only. We were married on my 21st birthday.

    He had sometime different for our anniversy. That was the last time we did anything for my birthday.

  113. My favorite birthday memory is when my niece took me out to eat and gave me a beautiful card.

  114. My favorite birthday was my 30th. I drove to New York to stay the weekend with a friend and we went to the casino for my birthday. I won $400.00 on the first machine i sat down at.

  115. My favourite birthday memory was my 21st when my brother surprised me by coming and throwing me a party. (He lives 5 hours away)
    At the end of the night a couple of my cousins got so drunk that they decided to do a nudie run down the street to see who was the fastest.

  116. My favorite is my 30th, this year, when my husband told my kids to tell me happy birthday as we were relaxing my six year old son goes “Mom, you’re officially old now.”

  117. One of my funniest birthday memories was was the year before a big ()0 birthday. Since it wasn’t a big birthday, I wasn’t expecting anything special. Well, several of my friends got together and planned a big surprise birthday party for me! When I asked why that year, they said everyone expects it on a big birthday, so it’s not a surprise. Doing it a year early certainly managed to surprise me! and still makes me smile when I think of it and my kooky friends.

  118. One of my favorite birthday memories/gifts was a drawing for a train that my son drew for me. He allowed me to watch him draw it which he normally does not let me do. Anyway, that drawing was so detailed that you could see and count the rivets on the engines and cars. He even drew us in the lead engine as the engineers. It took him all day to do it and it sits in a frame on my beside table. I am so proud of his accomplishments.

    Another one of my favorite memories of the same day was that my son made a birthday supper for me. He made scrambled eggs and toast. The eggs were super salty and runny but ate them anyway. He tried so hard to make sure everything was perfect.

  119. I don’t have a favorite birthday that stands out but I enjoy my family getting together for each of our birthdays

  120. My favorite birthday memory is the birth of my nephew. He was born a day before Christmas and it felt like such an awesome gift.

  121. I celebrated my twelfth birthday while on a family trip to Prague in the Czech Republic. It was an outstanding experience.

  122. My favorite birthday was my 16th and I went down to my grandparents house to help harvest the garden and grape vines my grandfather had. And came in side with about 10lbs of mud on me. And I had a date that night and my grandmother was very admit that if he honked his horn I could go ou with him. He needed to come in and introduce himself like a gentleman.

  123. Happy birthday. My favorite birthday memory: my mother in law attempted to make sapin sapin for my birthday cake. It is a 3 layer coconut, purple yam, and jackfruit cake. It wound up taking 3x the time it was supposed to and sunk in the center but the fact she was willing to try to make it from scratch was what counted.

  124. My birthday is in November near thanksgiving. My favorite memory was one year my whole filly was fighting. I don’t remember over what. What I do remember is that I came home from school on the day before my birthday Andy disregarded a cake for me. My mom and my older sister staggered teamed to make my favorite dinner. The rest of the family came around the dinner table and ate. They didn’t fight for the whole evening, and we even went out to see a movie together. Best birthday ever.

  125. Happy Birthday Amber. Birthday in July so favorite memory is going to Lake Powell and just relaxing. Spend a lot of vacations running around trying to have fun and return exhausted. But this one we just spent the time laying on the beach and boating.

  126. I think it was this last birthday. 3 days ago. It was simple and yet the best birthday ever. I was with friends. But it might be the best birthday ever. Plus. Since u started doing birthday month all of November seems like a present to me as well as you. Happy b-day to all November birthdays.

  127. My best birthday was when i was 10. It was the first time i knew my dad. I was so happy because i also had what other kids had, a dad😊😊😊😊

  128. Happy birthday month Amber! Hmm, I spent my 30th birthday nine months pregnant and had my now 14-year-old daughter 2 days later. I love to tell people that she was my 30th birthday present. Of course, my 33rd birthday present was getting my tubes tied 4 months after her sister was born. Do I know how to party, or what? πŸ™‚

  129. We went out for my thirtieth birthday (lord that was a long time ago) unfortunately mother nature decided to put on a show so half way to the restaurant we had to pull under a bridge to get out of heavy hail. So we sit there for half an hour hoping we didn’t miss our reservation. We chatted and laughed at all the idiots that kept actually driving in the weather while we waited. Finally the hail stopped and the rain slowed enough for us to continue our drive. We arrived at the restaurant two minutes before our reservation. Unfortunatly they had lost power in the storm. So we sat on the balcony and they gave us free drinks while we waited for the sun to set so we could see what parts of the city had power that we might be able to head for dinner. It was a night full of disasters but it was fun and yes we did eventually find a perfectly lovely place to eat.

  130. My favourite birthday would have to be my 26th birthday, my mom and dad drove into the city to have dinner with me and my mom got tipsy. It was a great night, but the reason it is my favourite is because it was the last one I got to spend together with the both of them. My dad died just over a month later due to a heart attack. I will always remember and appreciate that birthday.

  131. I don’t have a particularly memorable birthday, but I guess the one that stands out, is the first one I had once I had moved out of my parents house, I was able to relax and just be.

  132. My favorite birthday memory was when I turned 11. My mom woke me up early with a small cake with a candle on top, and a present. Afterwards we had a great breakfast before mom had to drive me and my siblings to school and kindergarten.

  133. Getting an iPad (the first model) from my father for my birthday. I just knew he’d be getting one for himself.

  134. I don’t particularly have a memorable birthday, although my 18th does stand out in my memory as it was the only one that my parents allowed me to have a party. I remember having friends from school over, but that’s about all I can remember about it.

  135. My favorite birthday memory was when my twin and I turned 16 and we celebrated with a Quinceanera. I will never forget how hard our family worked so that we could have special memories.

  136. my favorite birthday memory is the year I turned 50.i had had a kidney transplant and on my 50th I received word that my body was not going to reject it and that every thing was going well. 8 years latter I count myself lucky every day.

  137. My favorite birthday memory is of the lat birthday I spent with my favorite aunt before she passed away. I was turning 12 and she prepared a surprise party for me, she invited all my friends she could get in touch with, put on my favorite musics, got my favorite foods and just let me be myself, like she always did. But the reason this is my favorite memory isn’t because of all the things she got me, it’s because I truly didn’t expect a party (my mom isn’t the type of person who really celebrates birthdays). This birthday really stuck with me as my favorite because it wasn’t supposed to be a surprise party, it was right on the yard and no one was stopping from walking around, but I reeeeeally didn’t expect anyone to celebrate my birthday, so when they told me that what was going on was really a party for me, it made me really happy. And it was the last birthday I spent with her, since she died less than six months after that.
    Besides, it’s really funny to remember how I really didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary that day, since the weren’t trying to hide it or anything.

  138. My favourite birthday memory would have to be my 21st birthday. My Mum threw me a big party, I had a light up tiara and my partner let me have a photo of us together (that was miracle – he doesn’t get in photos. ever.) πŸ™‚

  139. Happy Birthday Amber! My favorite memory is about my granddaughter. She is in the Navy and always deployed on her birthday 😦 So the year she turned 25 I sent a birthday box that had cake in a jar, streamers, confetti, all kinds of little games, and a decorating kit so she could decorate her office on the ship! Presents for her and goody bags for the others in the shop! They all loved it!

  140. Several years ago, the girls at my work stayed late the night before to decorate my office. Then on my birthday, one of the girls brought in a strawberry and cream cheese cake and later, they took me to lunch, complete with song and sombrero. I topped it off with a fantastic dinner out with close family later that night. I felt very loved that day.

  141. Unknown to me, my sisters told everyone at Animal Kingdom Lodge in Disney World that it was my birthday. I was given a birthday button, and everywhere we went in the parks, I was being wished ‘Happy Birthday’ by all the cast members. There was also a surprise gift waiting in our room that evening. Love my Redheads!

  142. My 16th birthday. My mom and I lived on a college campus in family housing. she was going to college in her 40’s at the same time I was in high school. She worked so hard full time with school and a part time job with grants to try to keep up with the bills, boy was money tight. I was also working part time to help pay the bills. On my birthday she said to pack a bag and we would be staying at a nice hotel a few hours away for a little weekend get away. 3 hours later we parked at the airport and she said oh by the way we are flying to San Diego for 4 days. Many tears were shed that day. What a surprise!

  143. My favorite birthday memory is of receiving an english saddle for my lovely horse and I to enjoy. It was such a surprise!

  144. My favorite birthday memory… hmm, I don’t know anymore. They’re all fuzzy now. But I just have to say it’s any in which I was able to celebrate it with my dad.

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