Lord of Small Magics-13

Okay this isn’t the best section yet. I will probably end up rewriting it and add a bit more but it’s the end of the chapter so here it is.


Vedder left a few minute later as if he just realized he needed to be elsewhere and would be late if he didn’t run off right that minute. His friend had never been the subtle type.

After Vedder’s fast exit silence fell in their tent. Meck gave a great deal of attention to the dirt on the carpet he’d laid down last night. A few spells later had it looking as good as new and Meck trying to find something else to focus on that would prevent him from looking directly at the general.

“I’m not going to throw you on the bed and fuck you. It is completely up to you how far you take your responsibilities. I have never taken anyone unwilling to bed and I’m not going to start now.” Anders scowl indicated how much he meant that.

Meck nodded his understanding. “I appreciate that.” He didn’t know what else to say and from Anders faint smile he had botched up what he did.

“I’m sure you do. However, just so we’re clear you are a welcome in my bed whenever you wish.” Anders raised his hand as if to hold back whatever words Meck might say. “If you take that step I expect you to only warm my bed. I’d best not find you warming another.”

“Does that work both ways?”

Anders frowned. “Why wouldn’t it?”

“Just checking.” Meck tried to remember if Anders had been rumored to have a relationship with anyone past or present but no one came to mind.

“I will be as faithful as you could wish. I’m careful about who I invite into my bed, I don’t wish to have a knife slipped between my ribs or into my heart.”

The idea of a lover stabbing him to death struck Meck hard. Security in the campsite hadn’t even occurred to him. The concept of war still took a while to settle in and the idea of spies or murderers in the camp only made him more nervous. “I can weave extra protections around the tent to only allow in your weaponry if you’d like.” Meck’s mind raced as he mentally reviewed all of the warding books he’d read.

“I can’t let you do that,” Anders replied. “It will look bad if I invited someone for a truce meeting and their weapons vanished.”

“Hmm, fair point.” Maybe he could talk to Vedder about an exception spell.

“Don’t worry about it. The soldiers keep me safe and when I’m not paying attention to my surroundings, like when I have a gorgeous wizard in my tent.”

Meck blushed. He knew his cheeks were bright red, he could feel the heat as they burned. Damn his light skin. “Do they instinctively know when you don’t need help or do you have to call them.”

“They know, “Anders said.

Meck walked over to Anders in slow measured steps. “Then I think we should give them something to talk about.” Before he could change his mind or have his common sense kick in Meck kissed Anders.

Despite the general’s touch exterior his lips were the softest to ever touch Meck’s. With a soft groan he dived in a second time, then a third, he would’ve continued but a discrete cough interrupted the moment.

If Meck thought he was disappointed it was nothing compared to growl Anders gave the hapless soldier.

“S-sorry sir, general sir,” the soldier babbled. Prince Farlon is here. He wants a word.

Ander scowled. “I’ll be happy to give him more than a word. Stay here,” he ordered Meck before following the soldier out.

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  1. Wizards and Generals and Princes oh my….I’m hoping to here much more about all of these intriguing men.

  2. I loved that it was Meck that made the first move, and that Anders was like of course I wouldn’t be unfaithful either….. and of course they were interrupted LOL, though I did notice Anders didn’t want the Prince to see Meck.

  3. It’s going to be interesting how others react to Meck’s magic. Though it is going to be interesting when Meck snaps at Vedder for being over protective.

  4. Yey things are hitting up 🙂 I wonder if that prince will stir trouble for Meck… hmmm

  5. Prince, huh? Hmmmmm do I sense a triangle? Loving the book Amber!!!
    Happy Birthday Month!!

  6. Love’s first true kiss, how sweet! And well, Vedder sure left in a hurry…of course, now I’d like his story too.

  7. Aww, loved that Meck screwed up the courage to kiss Anders. And bless him, Anders doesn’t want to share and much to Meck’s delight, expects an exclusive relationship.

  8. Oooh Anders knows Meck’s worth and is going to keep him hidden from the Prince? But the Prince finds out somehow.

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