Lord of Small Magics – 14

Meck sat on his bed for a while trying to decide what to do next. With all his studies and tests before and then travel he’d never had much use for inactivity. Vedder could lay about all day napping and reading but Meck tended to like busy work maybe that’s why his magic leant itself to housekeeping and other duties.

Standing, Meck wandered around the tent. There wasn’t much to see. Two beds, a small table, the trunk Anders stored his things inside and his armor. The shiny, shiny armor.

What kind of protection could he add to it? Meck stopped in front of the stand holding the armor and gave it a close inspection. Although made of metal and leather there were places in between where a sharp blade or arrow could make its way to Anders skin.

“There has to be a way to counter that,” Meck mused tapping his cheek with his right index finger. Mentally sorting through the spells he knew, Meck circled the stand examining the armor links and backing. He absently cast a polishing spell to take off any residual grime, then a small mending spell fixed the one tear he spotted in the thick leather beneath. Something must’ve stabbed through during practice because he doubted the general would go into battle with such a big flaw.

Memories of protection spells to put on personal items had him charming the armor to repel anything it contacted. Even if Anders went through a mud puddle he would come out clean. It would save Meck and any apprentice hours of polishing. A quick spell to prevent anything from denting the metal took out the few pits he found in the breast plate.

“I hope he doesn’t mind me adding a few things,” Meck muttered as he cast a few more protection spells then grounded them in the shining surface. “Maybe he can blind them with the sparkle.”

Laughing Meck added a strengthening spell to the leather to help it last longer. With his index finger he drew a protection rune to repel magical attack. The armor glowed red, then blue. It would now be impossible for anyone to curse Anders armor either one him or off.

After he finished with every safety spell he could think of Meck moved on to Anders sword. A quick burst of ever sharp magic honed the blade before he cast the same cleaning spell he put on the armor. Even blood wouldn’t stick to the blade keeping warfare a mess proof endeavor.

“I hope he isn’t one of those men who likes to drip blood after his kill.” Meck knew some soldiers wanted to feel as if they went through a battle with all the blood and gore but maybe Anders wasn’t one of them. If so he could remove the protections later.

Somewhere in the camp a horn blew. Meck peeked his head out of the tent. “What’s going on?”

“Lunch. You should make your way to the kitchens and get some food,” the soldier said.

“Good idea.” Anders had told Meck to stay put but his rumbling stomach had other ideas. It wasn’t as if he could ask someone to fetch him food he was far down on the important people list and he could starve to death before it occurred to anyone to feed him.

Deciding to seek out food Meck left the tent following the scent of roasted meat.

“Meck!” Vedder grinned where he sat on a log by the fire. “Come sit with me after you’ve found your food.”

Meck nodded. The men sitting around Vedder gave him a questioning look as if trying to figure out his place in camp. Vedder already had a small following of people sitting and laughing around him but then he had always been the more outgoing of the pair of them. Vedder made the friends then introduced them to Meck. If Meck didn’t like them they tended to fall by the wayside and weren’t brought up again. Sometimes Meck worried that he oppressed his friend but Vedder always told him if they didn’t want to know Meck they weren’t worth knowing.

Meck accepted a bowl of stew and a hunk of bread before sitting beside his friend. Breakfast hadn’t been that long ago but all the spell work made him hungry. Few people understood the amount of energy needed to cast a spell and Meck had cast dozens upon Anders armor.

“Did you hear a prince is in camp?” Vedder asked, his eyes shining.

“Yes, Anders went to go meet him.” Meck smiled at Vedder. “What is it with you and royalty anyway.”

As far as he’d known him Vedder had always been fascinated with the royals.

“When I was a child a gypsy told me I’d marry a man with a crown,” Vedder said.

“Did they specify gold or was it daisies?” Meck teased.

Vedder shoved him with his shoulder. “Bastard.”

“Just asking,” Meck tried his best innocent look but Vedder’s expression told him it didn’t work.

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  1. Hmmm…Vedder and the prince? Anders isn’t going to like Meck out and above with Vedder either. I see fireworks coming.

  2. It would be truly awesome to have Meck’s type of magic. I hate cleaning as I have to clean at work and for my mom so my place is the last to get cleaned and I admit I procrastinate as long as decent. If I could just whip up a spell to do the hard work it would be very helpful.

  3. It would be just Meck’s luck Anders is probably heading to the tent right that moment, he is gonna go nuts that Meck is *missing*

  4. I bet that Anders has a different view of Mecks’ importance than he does and he won’t appreciate Vedder being anywhere near him.

  5. I Vedder maybe he is for the prince lol! I’m glad that Meck can joke with him and yeah Dav is going to be not happy

  6. Awwwww loving the interactions between those two!! Thank you Amber!!
    Happy Birthday Month to you!!!

  7. I’d love to see Vedder get his prince, either in this story or a sequel. Meck is settling in and feeling more relaxed and confident. And Anders is going lose his mind when Meck’s not in the tent.

    Great story, Amber, and can’t wait to read what else is in store for Meck, Anders, and Vedder.

  8. Meck is so thoughful and very very detailed…..nice to know he stands up for himself….loving it all 🙂

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