Lord of Small Magics – 15

Meck had a good time sitting with Vedder and catching up. Not that a lot had happened since they had seen each other last. The journey to the camp had been taken separately but they took similar routes.

“Did you get completely swamped in that downpour last week?” Vedder asked, picking up a cob of corn from his plate.

“No we’d set up camp and I charmed the tents to be repellant.”

“Of course you did,” Vedder’s proud smile had Meck returning it.

“Got soaked didn’t you,” he teased.

“Well, it wasn’t like I could do any good with lightning or fire. Neither do well against water.” Vedder scowled making Meck laugh again.

Vedder had a great deal of power but definitely had some flaws in his magic. “Do you think you’ll like it here?” Meck asked.

“Maybe.” Vedder looked around the camp. “It seems well organized and you’re here so I’m good.”

“I’m glad you’re here too. I just hope you didn’t ruin your chances for a better assignment when you’re done with this one.”

Vedder ate a few bites of potatoes before speaking again. “Meck, once you finish here we’ll get you lined up at an old soldier’s home and I’ll move on to fame and glory. We’ll both get what we want.”

“Uh, huh.” Meck gave his friend a sideways glance. “And since when have you ever wanted fame and glory?” For all his flamboyant magic Vedder didn’t really crave attention. He got it anyway because of his amazing powers but he still wasn’t the type to hunger for fame.

“I thought everyone sought out fame and glory?” Vedder asked, grinning. He waved a hand to indicate their surroundings. “One day they will repeat my name throughout the land.”

“As the idiot who got trampled by a horse, no doubt.” Anders had snuck behind them while they talked. The general folded his arms over his chest and regarded them like their old schoolmaster used to when they were caught doing mischief.

“Hello general,” Vedder said, nodding his head respectfully.

“Did you finish up your meeting?” Meck could feel the heat on his cheeks as he remembers how their last conversation had gone.

“I did, then I came back and found my wizard missing.” Anders flashed a glare at Vedder before turning his total focus back on Meck.

“Sorry, I was really hungry. Your guard suggested I come and get food. I met Vedder here.” Why he was excusing his meeting with a friend, Meck didn’t know but the look in the general’s eyes insisted on an explanation.

“You didn’t plan to get together?” Some of the fire went out of Anders eyes.

“No.” Meck gave Vedder a confused look which was returned with a wicked grin.

“I was just keeping your pretty wizard safe for you,” Vedder winked at Meck before giving Anders an innocent look he completely failed to pull off. “It wouldn’t be good for someone to get their hands on him, well before you of course.”

Meck shoved Vedder off the lock and felt no remorse when his food went flying.

Anders laughed. “Come Meck, go gather some fresh food and we’ll dine in our tent.”

“I take it I’m not invited,” Vedder said, rubbing the back of his head where he’d impacted with the ground.

“No.” Anders offered Meck a hand up, then pulled him toward the food tents.

Meck waved to Vedder then went along with the general’s pointing as he collected the things Anders indicated he wanted. Anders insisted on carrying the tray with all the food stating Meck’s small stature wouldn’t allow him to carry it without spilling.

“I’m not completely helpless you know,” Meck grumbled. “I could’ve always used magic to help me.”

Anders paused mid stride. “I always forget you’re magical.”

Was that a compliment or not? Meck didn’t know how to take that confession. Did that mean Anders thought more of the attraction between them than his wizard status or did he just think Meck wasn’t much of a wizard?

He didn’t have time to ask before they were entering their tent. The soldier outside grinned at Meck as if he hadn’t just gotten him into trouble.

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  1. This story is getting good. What a way to end the day dinner with the General what is for desert I wonder.

  2. Lighthearted, friendly banter from the wizards, and a hint of jealousy from Anders; a fun interlude.

  3. I wonder if the guard is a wolf like the general and knew how the general would react to finding Meck missing against orders.

  4. This is such fun, I was impressed how restrained Anders was, I wonder how long it will last now he tracked down his wayward wizard LOL

  5. Ohhh how it’s Killing Me to read part of the book a day. But I can’t wait for the next

  6. What a great way to start the day! Thanks, Amber.
    Vedder and Meck are buddies that care deeply about each other–in a snarky sort of way. They’re such a hoot! Hope you write a sequel for Vedder and his prince.

  7. As always I am completely hooked on this story and so happy to see the sections appear every day.

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