Lord of Small Magics – 16

Somehow I completely missed the 16th. Here you go!


“I hope this isn’t a sign of how you take orders,” Anders said as soon as they were alone in the tent again.

Meck resisted the urge to sigh. He didn’t want to appear like he didn’t appreciate the general looking out for him but technically Meck was supposed to be the invisible support staff. Not the one being watched over. “I’m sorry but the magic really drained me and I needed food.”

Anders frowned and swept his gaze over the tent. “What sort of magic did you do?”

“Protection spells mostly.” Meck opened his mouth to go into details but Anders stepped into his personal space and evaporated his wish to say anything.

“I like a good protection spell as well as the next person but not enough to want you using up your reserve energy and needing food to recharge.”

“That’s my job,” Meck said. They were talking in circles and he wasn’t sure how to get off the spinning wheel.

“I’m not saying not to do your job. You could’ve had someone bring you food and kept you from the others,” Anders pointed out.

“Why?” Meck couldn’t decipher why Anders wanted him away from the others.

“Because you’re mine and I won’t share!” Anders roared.

Meck scowled at the possessive bastard. “Who’s asking you to share anything? Are you are worried about me trying to set up other people’s tents or warming their beds? Isn’t it a bit early to be worried about me sharing anything?”

And that was the curious thing. Anders’s possessive streak baffled Meck. No one had ever wanted to keep him exclusively for anything.

Anders scraped his fingers through his hair. “You need to be careful around here. There are a lot of rough soldiers who won’t care who you belong to. I don’t want you wandering around camp without a guard or at least your wizard friend. He’s a battle mage right?”

“Yes.” Meck tried not to be disheartened as one more person in his life stated his shortcomings. “Vedder can protect me.”

“Good.” Anders ran a hand over Meck’s head as if reassuring himself that he didn’t come to harm.

Meck tried to hold back his annoyance but his expression must’ve given him away.

“I don’t think you’re incompetent. I just think you have different skills,” Anders said. He continued sliding his hand down until he cupped the back of Meck’s head. “And I have better uses for you than battle.”

Some of Meck’s annoyance faded. He too could think of much better things to do with his energy. He allowed the general to pull him close melding his slimmer body to the general’s hard muscles. The kiss was not what he’d expected. Not hard, firm and commanding. Anders coaxed instead of commanded sliding his lips across Meck’s mouth in a lush invitation to passion. Never one to turn down a sweet request Meck opened enough to allow Anders tongue admittance.

A moan broke the silence. Meck couldn’t have held it back if an entire army of soldiers threatened him with swords. Anders slid his hand to Meck’s hips holding him tight so there could be no space between them. He gave into the instinct to lean into the embrace. Anders hot breath slid across Meck’s neck when he broke away and nipped at his skin.

“Oh, right there.” Chills rolled down Meck’s spine and his cock hardened at the gentle assault.

Stumbling, kissing, sucking they began a shaky movement toward Anders’s bed. Meck didn’t realize they were in motion until the back of his legs hit the mattress and only the general’s hands kept him on his feet.


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  1. Its getting interesting! 🙂 Can’t wait for more. Are we going to get two posts today since you missed the 16th?

  2. I am so happy that they are getting closer, though I bet that Meck is still not quite clued into how much Anders wants to keep him safe and all for himself.

  3. It will be interesting to see how Meck responds to Anders’ jealousy; somehow, I can’t envision him meekly obeying all the strictures Anders would probably give him.

  4. Whoa, is it getting hot in here?

    Just as an aside, I read ” if an entire army of soldiers threatened him with swords”, except I read it as words. That kind of stopped me in my tracks, I was like threatened him with words, what the hell. I had to go back and re-read it and my brain still wanted it to say words. ROFL.

  5. I waited all day kept checking finally went to bed with a heavy heart sure missed you and guest author story. Love this story.

  6. I too missed the story sorry about that I thought I checked, but was glad to see it this morning.

  7. I kept updating and checking your web site thinking my internet sucked and I wasn’t getting your story and guest author. Thank you for posting it I can’t get enough of Meck.

  8. Whew – fans self. Yesterday I missed getting to read the installment, but now I am glad I can just hop right to the next one.

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